Jake Cuban – Like Father Like Son

Real Name:Jake Cuban
Birthday:May 2010
Net WorthN./A
Occupation:Son of Mark Cuban

Can you imagine a teenage entrepreneur? Well, that is exactly what Jake Cuban is. The son of the well-known American entrepreneur Mike Cuban is following in his father’s footsteps. Born in May 2010, he has already dipped his feet into the entrepreneurship waters.

As the son of Mark Cuban, he inherited the talent to become a rising corporate star. His parents are Mark and Tiffany Stewart, while his uncle is Brian Cuban. His grandparents are Norton Cuban and Shirley Cuban.

Who Is His Celebrity Father?

As we said before, Jake has some entrepreneurship genes inherited from his father, Mark Cuban. Born in July 1958, Mark is an American businessman, film producer, investor, philanthropist, television personality, and writer. His net worth is estimated at $5.1 billion according to Forbes magazine, ranking in the top 200 list.

Mark is nowadays famous as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks team in the National Basketball Association. But he rose to popularity as one of the many sharks in the ABC reality television series Shark Tank.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, his father Norton was an automobile upholsterer. Speaking about his mother, Mark says, “She is someone with a different job or different career goal every other week”.

He grew up in a Jewish working-class family in Mount Lebanon, a suburb of Pittsburgh. His paternal grandfather changed the surname from Chabenisky to Cuban after they emigrated from Russia through Ellis Island.

When he was only 12 years of age, Mark ventured into the business world by selling garbage bags to pay for a pair of expensive tennis shoes. And when he was 16, he took advantage of a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette strike by running newspapers from Cleveland to Pittsburgh.

Unlike most young people, instead of his senior high school year, he enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Pittsburgh. There, he joined the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity. One year later, he transferred to Indiana University, where he graduated from the Kelley School of Business in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree in management.

Following graduation, he took a job with Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh. It wasn’t until 1982 that he moved to Dallas, Texas. There, he began as a bartender for a Greenville Avenue bar, and then as a salesperson for Your Business Software. It was one of the earliest PC software retailers in Dallas. Fun fact: Cuban was fired less than a year later following a meeting with a client to procure new business.

With help from his previous customers, he opened his company MicroSolutions, a system integrator and software reseller. The company grew to more than $30 million in revenue. In 1990, he sold the company to CompuServe for $6 million and made $2 million after taxes.

In February 2004, he began working with ABC for the first time. Together, they produced a reality television series called The Benefactor. The premise involved 16 contestants trying to win $1 million by participating in various contests. Cuban was the judge of their performance. In September 2004, the series was canceled due to poor ratings.

But his biggest popularity came in the early 2010s when the American investor joined the reality program Shark Tank. He joined from season 2 in 2011, and as of May 2015, he has invested in 85 deals across 11 episodes, for a total of $19.9 million. The ratings of the show soared after he joined. Shark Tank has won four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Structured Reality Program from 2014 to 2017.

A lot of people also recognize him as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA. He purchased a majority stake in the team for $285 million in 2000. He owns 85% of the team which is worth $3.3 billion as of 2023. During his tenure, the team won its only NBA Championship title.

Mark has two brothers, Brian Cuban, and Jeff Cuban. In September 2002, he got married to Tiffany Stewart in a private ceremony in Barbados. They have two daughters, born in 2003 and 2006, and their son Jake born in 2010. Cuban is a vegetarian.

Quick Bio

Now let’s go back to Jake Cuban, the famous celebrity son of Mark. He is now a teenager, but already began a career like his father. Truth be told, his father was a young entrepreneur as well.

Born in May 2010, Jake Cuban is 13 years old as of 2023. He inherited the talent to become a rising corporate star from his father.

There is no information about his education. He is not present on any social media platform. But Mark is the one to spin the beans on Jake’s professional career.

It is obvious that his father has had a growing influence on Jake and his view of commerce.

Does He Have Any Siblings?

He has two older sisters, Alexis Sofia Cuban and Alyssa Cuban.

Mark and his wife Tiffany got married in 2002 in Barbados. The two initially planned to get married in Jamaica, but hurricane season derailed their plans. Mark and Tiffany met at a gym in Dallas in 1997. Five years later the two tied the knot.

Jake is the youngest member of the family. He has two older sisters, Alexis born in 2003, and Alyssa born in 2006.

His older sister Alexis is no longer a teenager.

Relationship With His Father

Here is a fun fact: Mark and his wife Tiffany are hands-on parents who prepare their children’s meals and put them to bed. You would think with such a big fortune, they would have nannies and other employees for that.

But they have a nanny only during the working week and on weekends, and no private chefs or butlers. Jake has an amazing relationship with his father. And the influence of Mark is obvious.

Starting A Professional Career Early On

Jake is just entering his teenage years, but he is already one of the youngest entrepreneurs. At the age of 11, he became one of the youngest traders. Jake invested in companies such as GameStop following a Reddit storm. The young boy is already making some money.

Mark took to Twitter to announce that his 11-year-old Jake was getting an edge and making some decent money from stock trading.

Mark wrote, “I got to say I LOVE LOVE what is going on with #wallstreetbets. All of those years of High-Frequency Traders front running retailer traders, now speed and density of information and retail trading is giving the little guy an edge. Even my 11-year-old traded w them and made $”.

Jake might still be in high school, but he is already making noise in the business world. There is no information about which school he attends. His parents try to protect him as much as possible. The only information Mark shares is about business ventures.

Is She On Social Media?

The young trader is not present on any social media platform. Truth be told, up until last year, he was legally not able to have a profile. Instagram and Facebook have an age limit of 12 years for new users.

On the other hand, his father is among the most active celebrities on social media. Mark has a Twitter profile with almost 9 million followers. There, the Shark Tank investor shares his thoughts and ideas about everything from stocks to recipes.

Mark also has a profile on Instagram with 2 million followers.

Net Worth

Jake Cuban is making some money in the business world. He is one of the youngest traders. But there is no true information about his earnings, salary, or net worth.

What we do know is that his father has a net worth of more than $5.1 billion. He is among the top 200 wealthiest people according to Forbes Magazine.

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