“James Bond 25” Moves to London

The new James Bond movie recent moved its filming location to London. The site is appropriate considering the iconic character remains a member of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. At least fans can assume as much since details about the plot are sparse. Unfortunately, many fans do know that the presently untitled “James Bond 25” suffers from incredible production problems.

The film represents star Daniel Craig’s swan song as 007. Craig had no interest in returning to the role, but a $50 million payoff led him to reconsider. Craig also received creative control on the project, which some suggest led to the problematic production.

Daniel Craig found the filming of the previous Bond film, Specter, to be grueling. The new film hasn’t been easy on the actor, either. Craig injured his foot during filming and underwent ankle surgery. Photographs revealed Craig hobbling around in a walking cast.

A more serious mishap occurred at Pinewoods Studios. The explosion injured a crew member and also caused damage to the soundstage. Mercifully, the blast didn’t cause more damage or harm. Some harm, however, likely impacted the film’s budget. At present, the budget for the new spy movie is already out of control. A similar problem plagued Specter. Perhaps the new Bond entry may top the excessive cost of the prior movie.

Hopefully, the London location won’t present any difficulties for the cast and crew. Filming in London will likely be brief. Shooting exteriors and capturing landmarks may be the primary purpose. One scene does have Bond dancing in a popular local nightclub.

The feature previously filmed in Jamaica and at Pinewood. Jamaica was the location for the first James Bond film Dr. No. Pinewood Studios served as the home for many famous films including several entries in the James Bond series. Details about how the locations fit into the plot are still unknown.

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