James Preston Rogers: Unveiling the Enigmatic Actor

James Preston Rogers, a dynamic and versatile actor, hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Born on August 2, 1972, to parents Sandra and Robert Rogers, he had an innate talent for captivating audiences, thus transforming into a larger-than-life presence within the entertainment industry.

Throughout his extensive career, Rogers has amassed an impressive array of roles in both film and television productions. Some of his notable appearances include Outlander, Defendor, Pixels, Regression, Frontier, Mayans M.C., The Righteous Gemstones, and Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. With each character portrayal, he showcases his remarkable talent and dedication to his craft.

As a Canadian actor, James Preston Rogers has solidified his reputation within the world of entertainment. His undeniable prowess and dedication to his profession continue to captivate audiences and elevate his status within the industry.

Early Life and Education

James Preston Rogers was born on August 2, 1972, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to Sandra Doreen Mary (Preston) Rogers and Robert Rogers. Growing up in a family that encouraged performing and creativity, James developed a natural talent for acting and wrestling.

Throughout his high school years, Rogers was actively involved in various extracurricular activities, such as sports and drama. His passion for performing arts led him to pursue further education in this field. After completing high school, he enrolled in college, where he continued to hone his skills in acting and wrestling.

While attending college, James Preston Rogers managed to maintain a balance between his academics and passion for performing. His dedication and commitment to his craft played a significant role in shaping the talent he has become.

Acting Career

James Preston Rogers, born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to parents Sandra and Robert Rogers, began his acting career with a small role in the 2006 film “The Benchwarmers.” This opportunity opened the door to Hollywood, and Rogers has since appeared in numerous films and television shows.

One notable role for Rogers was playing Bjorn in the 2007 film “Outlander,” acting alongside stars Ron Perlman and Jim Caviezel. His performance in “Outlander” garnered attention and led to a role in “Sea Change” (2007), where he shared the screen with Tom Selleck. Rogers then appeared in Adam Sandler’s movie “Pixels” and other well-known productions, such as “Jesse Stone: Sea Change,” “Max Payne,” and “My Daughter Must Live.”

Over the years, Rogers has worked with many famous actors and actresses, including Jason Momoa, Aidan Devine, John Goodman, and Eddie Murphy. One of Rogers’ more recent roles is in the HBO comedy series “The Righteous Gemstones,” which gained a dedicated fan base and received positive critical reception.

Aside from working in the film industry, Rogers has also been involved in various television projects. He has appeared in episodes of popular shows like “The Mentalist,” “NCIS,” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” In addition, Rogers is slated to appear in the upcoming Lionsgate project “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story,” a biopic about Al Yankovic starring Daniel Radcliffe.

In summary, James Preston Rogers has had an impressive acting career, spanning from his early beginnings in “The Benchwarmers” to his recent work in prominent films and television series. With a diverse range of roles and performances, Rogers’ talent continues to make an impact in the entertainment industry.

Major Appearances


James Preston Rogers has made several notable television appearances throughout his career. He starred in the Netflix critically acclaimed series Frontier, acting alongside Jason Momoa and Alun Armstrong. Rogers also played a role in popular television series such as Reign, where he portrayed a fierce warrior, and Mayans MC, an American crime drama. He showcased his strength and physical prowess, with his involvement in WWE.

Another highlight of his television career is his appearance in the anthology series Love, Death & Robots. Furthermore, Rogers took part in lighter, entertainment-based shows like Live with Regis & Kelly, displaying a diverse range of acting skills in various television genres.


Along with his television roles, James Preston Rogers has also made significant contributions to the film industry. One of his major film appearances is in Poker Nights, where he portrays a competitive and tough character in this thrilling movie. In addition to this, Rogers can also be seen in the action-packed film, Ring, showcasing his affinity for taking on physically demanding roles.


Though James Preston Rogers is predominantly known for his screen appearances, he has also graced the stage in various theater productions. While further details about specific productions are not readily available, it’s evident that Rogers has showcased his acting prowess in multiple mediums, thus broadening his overall artistic range.

Characters and Roles

James Preston Rogers is a versatile actor known for his roles in various movies and television series. With his strong presence and acting skills, he has played a wide range of characters alongside popular actors, such as Jim Caviesel, Tom Selleck, Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Patrick, Kevin James, Alun Armstrong, and Donnie Wahlberg.

In the hit series Mayans MC, Rogers showcased his talent by playing a recurring character opposite Robert Patrick. He also appeared in the HBO series The Righteous Gemstones, where he shared screen time with the esteemed John Goodman. Additionally, Rogers has guest-starred in the action-packed series Leverage and provided his talent to the animated adult series Love, Death, & Robots.

Rogers’ movie career includes notable works, such as playing a role in the comedy Pixels, where he starred alongside Adam Sandler and Kevin James. Moreover, James has had significant roles in television dramas like Crash & Burn and comedy series like Walk the Prank. He has also guest-starred on the historical fiction series Reign.

One of Rogers’ critically acclaimed performances was in the Netflix series Frontier, where he shared the screen with Jason Momoa and Alun Armstrong. This series further solidified his reputation as a skilled actor capable of handling diverse roles and genres.

Throughout his acting career, Rogers has also worked in various shooting locations, including Houston and Atlanta. This showcases his adaptability and willingness to take on challenging roles that take him all over the United States.

In conclusion, James Preston Rogers possesses a wide range of acting skills that enable him to tackle diverse characters and roles. He has collaborated with high-profile actors and regularly delivers outstanding performances in both movies and television series.

Commercial and Indie Films

James Preston Rogers has an impressive resume in both commercial and indie films. From his early roles in the independent film scene to major blockbusters, Rogers continues to showcase his acting prowess.

In the world of independent films, Rogers has appeared in projects such as “The Blackening,” a horror-comedy that demonstrates his ability to tackle various genres. He has also been involved in productions like “Crash & Burn” and “Walk the Prank,” further illustrating his versatility as an actor. Additionally, Rogers has taken part in “Training Camp: Day 1,” a thrilling thriller set in a dystopian future.

On the commercial side, James Preston Rogers has made his mark in Hollywood with appearances in big-budget films. One of his notable roles is in the 2015 science fiction comedy film “Pixels,” where he shared the screen with notable actors such as Adam Sandler and Kevin James. As his career progressed, he landed roles in other commercial projects, earning a reputation for bringing his unique flair to various characters.

Aside from his work in commercial and indie films, Rogers has a strong background in television, having appeared in popular shows like “Henry Danger,” “Lost Girl,” and “Flashpoint.” His headshot and biography showcase his distinctive look and vast experience in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, James Preston Rogers’s resume demonstrates a solid career in both commercial and indie film projects. With a unique look and a diverse range of roles under his belt, Rogers remains a talented and adaptable actor in the industry.

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