Jorge Masvidal Defeats Nate Diaz at UFC 244

One of the biggest mixed martial arts fights of the year took place when Nate Diaz took on Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244. This fight had been very heavily anticipated. Both fighters had engaged in a war of words in the media. Nate had called out Jorge after his most recent fight. Jorge accepted the challenge and it was decided that the fight would headline UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden. The bad news is that the fight was stopped by a doctor who determined that Nate had a cut that was too big to continue. The crowd was not pleased by the decision to stop the fight.

UFC president Dana White was also upset about the stoppage when it happened. However, he admitted that the doctor made the right decision to stop the fight during his press conference after the event. Dana said that the cut was very nasty and that it would have been a big mistake to let the fight go on any longer. Dana praised Jorge for his great performance during the fight. Once the doctor had stopped the fight, Jorge grabbed a microphone and called out Conor McGregor. This was not surprising to anyone. A fight against McGregor would mean a very large amount of money for Jorge. However, the UFC has already confirmed that a fight between Conor and Donald Cerrone is in the works.

UFC 244 was a historic event because it marked the first time that a sitting US president has attended a mixed martial arts event. President Trump has a long history with the UFC that dates back around 15 years. He allowed the UFC to put on several of their shows at his Taj Mahal hotel and casino in Atlantic City, NJ. These shows helped to put the UFC on the map during a very important period in their history. It can be said that the UFC might not exist without the help of Donald Trump all those years ago.

Diaz and Masvidal put on a show for the crowd. There is no question that Diaz is one of the most popular fighters in the UFC. He has connected with a very broad fan base because he is very honest and real. The same can be said for Masvidal. However, Diaz is the one that moves the needle the most. It will be interesting to see who Masvidal fights after this win.

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