Joseph Frontiera – What Happened To The Guy From Counting Cars?

Real Name:Joseph Frontera
Birthday:July 1, 1988
Net Worth:$2 million
Occupation:Artist, Designer, Television Personality

For a lot of people, old and used cars have no value. But when Joseph Frontiera and his team at Counting Cars would get their hand on that car, they brought it back to life. It felt almost like a new vehicle.

Now, he is no longer with his team of mechanics. That is why people often ask what happened to the guy from Counting Cars.

Joseph Frontiera was a TV personality born in the United States. He remained silent about his educational background, early life, and family. But what made him famous was his skills in the garage. How much do you know about him? Let’s see.

Quick Bio

Born in July 1988, Joe Frontiera is an American TV personality and somewhat of TV actor. He was part of the popular reality show Counting Cars from 2013 to 2017. Joseph specialized in repairing automobiles, but his job on the show was in a different section. He handled the accounting department as well.

There are little to no details on his early life. What we do know is that his father worked as a mechanic as well. That is probably where he got his automobile skills.

Born in July 1988 in the United States of America, Joseph helped his father repair vehicles as a child. His mother was responsible for taking care of the household. While his role in Counting Cars was not big, it was important and notable.

He was recruited for Count’s Kustoms through a company called Randstad USA. The company originating in The Netherlands is a multinational human resource consulting firm. They specialize in services for temporary and permanent jobs.

And there was another division focusing on managers, supervisors, and other high-positioned staff. The firm usually deployed people in temporary positions. The company was present in many countries and was the sponsor of the English Williams F1 Formula 1 team from 2006 to 2017.

This company helped Joseph Frontiera make his way to Count’s Kustoms. This helped him make his way to reality television, namely appearing in Counting Cars.

The show is the third spin-off of Pawn Stars, filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show chronicled the daily activities of the company owned by Danny Koker, specializing in automobile customization and restoration.

Joseph, or Joe, started his career as an auto mechanic after he left school. But he rose to fame when he joined Counting Cars and was featured in it alongside Danny Koker, Rick Harrison, Mike Henry, and Roli Szabo.

Because of his conservative and secretive nature, not many people could find out more about his personal life. There is no info about his romantic life and family.

What Is Counting Cars?

Counting Cars is a rip-off show of the popular series Pawn Stars. Danny Koker was the man who worked on Pawn Stars. He was summoned when there was a product requiring expert advice on automobiles.

Danny owns Count’s Kustoms, on which the show is based. The American reality television series was produced by Leftfield Pictures and it was shown on the History Channel.

It was the third spinoff of Pawn Stars, filmed in Nevada, Las Vegas. There, the show chronicled the daily activities of the automobile restoration and customization company. The format of the show is similar to American Restoration, another Pawn Stars spin-off.

The TV series debuted on August 13, 2012, after Pawn Stars before assuming its regular Tuesday time slot.

Initially, Zachary Behr and Julian Hobbs from the History Channel served as executive producers, alongside Brent Montgomery, David George, and Shawn Witt from Leftfield Pictures. By 2014, Tom Romita and Jonathan Wyche joined the show.


Joseph was a good mechanic, but he had a minimal role in the Counting Cars show. He was rarely on screen. Instead, he handled the accounting department.

But he was involved in a huge controversy. In 2017, Count’s Kustoms filed a lawsuit against him, claiming he misused the company’s money. What happened? Was he guilty?

As it turned out, Joseph used the money from the company for his personal expenses. From 2013 to 2017, he used the money the company made to pay for his Airplane tickets. Being that he was in the accounting department, he could make this without people finding out.

The reality star lived far from his hometown, so he occasionally made trips back and forth. In total, he used $75,000 for his personal expenses.

He also used the money from Count’s Kustoms to make down payments for his Range Rover. The company didn’t figure it out until 2017.

The IRS charged the company $18,000 because Joseph did not pay the taxes on time. As it turned out, Frontiera was more of a liability than an asset on the show. Danny fired him from the show and filed a lawsuit against him.

Joseph ended up paying $18,000 and he never appeared on the show again.

But Count’s Kustoms didn’t limit the lawsuit against Joseph only. They sued RANDSTAD as well, the human resources consulting company, stating they did not provide information about Joseph’s past allegations.

As it turns out, Joseph was previously involved in theft and other offenses. He stole $3,500 from a previous employer. And RANDSTAD knew all of that. But the attorneys at the company provided proof of the agreement that stated not to include Joseph in any monetary transactions. It prohibited Joseph from being part of the account and finance department. On this basis, RANDSTAD sued Count’s Kustoms.

Is He Active On Social Media?

Following the 2017 controversy, Joseph Frontiera vanished from this world. He was fired from the show and didn’t make any public announcement or anything like that. Media outlets are still publishing information about him so that people know and use his experience as a lesson.

This guy has no social media presence. He is not active on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. There is no information about his past or current relationships.

Net Worth

When you think about Joseph Frontiera, you think of someone who managed to use the company’s money for his personal expenses. But what is his net worth? How much money has he earned?

According to some sources, Joseph has a net worth of $2 million. It is unclear whether he earned that amount or managed to steal it from companies.

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