Justin Tesa: The Story Behind Elle King’s Step-father

Real Name:Justin Tesa
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:American Businessman, Husband of London King, Step-father of Elle King

Justin Tesa may not be a household name, but his influence in the music world has been quietly substantial.

Stepfather to the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Elle King, Tesa has played a pivotal role in shaping her artistic journey.

His support and encouragement were instrumental in Elle’s decision to pursue music, and he even helped her hone her skills on the guitar.

Tesa’s love for music and his family is evident in the way he has guided Elle towards a successful career in the industry, blending rock, country, and bluegrass influences into a unique sound that Elle has made her own.

Beyond his role as a nurturing stepfather, Tesa’s personal ventures include a former career in modeling and owning a t-shirt printing business.

His entrepreneurial spirit and creative flair have surely contributed to the artistic environment that surrounded Elle during her formative years.

Tesa’s passion for his ventures and his commitment to family life weave together a story of love, dedication, and the impact one can have behind the scenes in the music industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Justin Tesa is a significant figure in Elle King’s life, fostering her musical talent.
  • His background includes modeling and entrepreneurship, enhancing his creative family environment.
  • Tesa exemplifies dedication to music and family through his support and personal pursuits.

Early Life and Family

Diving into the roots of familial bonds and early influences, we explore how they shaped the life of Justin Tesa.

Integral parts of his narrative include his role as a stepfather and the parental figures that influenced him.

Parental Influence

The early life details of Justin Tesa remain largely private, but it’s clear that parents play a pivotal role in shaping the individuals we become.

The personal values and characteristics that we come to admire in individuals like Tesa are often a tapestry woven from the guidance and influence of their parents.

Stepfather Bonds

As a stepfather, Justin Tesa stepped into the role with an open heart, becoming a significant figure in the life of his stepdaughter, Elle King.

Elle King, born to actress and model London King and comedian Rob Schneider, encountered Justin’s influence after her mother remarried.

The family settled in Ohio, where Elle spent much of her early life.

It was in Ohio that Tesa’s presence as a stepfather was keenly felt.

He gifted Elle a record by the all-female hard-rock band The Donnas—a gesture contributing to her future in music—fostering a bond through shared artistic passions and support.

Music Career

Justin Tesa may not be a household name, but his presence in the music industry, particularly in the realm of nurturing new talent, has been noteworthy.

Rising Talent

Justin Tesa has been instrumental in inspiring and encouraging young musicians.

His stepdaughter, Elle King, credits him for sparking her interest in music.

Through his guidance, Elle began playing guitar at the tender age of 13.

Influenced by Tesa’s own taste in music, Elle’s exposure to a variety of genres, including bluegrass, blues rock, and even tracks by The Donnas, helped shape her musical style.

Collaborations and Achievements

While specific details about Tesa’s own collaborations and achievements in the music scene are not extensively documented, his behind-the-scenes contribution to Elle King’s career is significant.

Elle King went on to sign with RCA Records and became a Grammy Award Nominee.

Her hit “Ex’s and Oh’s” earned nominations for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song, illustrating the high caliber of her work, to which Tesa contributed by fostering her early interest in music.

Personal Life

Justin Tesa’s personal life is defined by his loving relationships and varied interests. His roles as a husband, stepfather, and individual with unique hobbies paint a picture of a well-rounded person.

Relationships and Family

Justin Tesa tied the knot with London King on January 21, 2000.

This union marked the blend of two families, as he took on the role of stepfather to Elle King (born Tanner Elle Schneider) and Noah King.

His marriage to London has been characterized by support and love, both for his wife and for his stepchildren.

Tesa’s influence and support have been especially notable in Elle’s life, guiding her in her musical career.

  • Married: to London King on January 21, 2000
  • Stepchildren:
    • Elle King: musician and four-time Grammy Award nominee
    • Noah King: keeps a lower profile compared to his sibling

Interests and Hobbies

Away from family life, Tesa harbors a passion for music, which aligns with his stepdaughter’s career.

This shared interest has undoubtedly helped strengthen their relationship.

His other hobbies and interests, while not as publicized, contribute to his individuality and personal fulfillment.

Business and Ventures

Justin Tesa is not just any stepfather; he’s an entrepreneurial force behind several successful business ventures.

He harnesses his creative and industrious spirit to make a mark in the competitive New York City market.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Crown Print NYC stands as a testament to Tesa’s entrepreneurial spirit.

This printing company, managed by Justin Tesa, specializes in producing tour posters for the music industry.

He’s turned his passion for music into a thriving business that caters to the need for vibrant and eye-catching promotional material.

Tesa’s understanding of the industry’s demand for visual appeal has helped Crown Print NYC to carve out a niche for itself, especially within the local New York scene.

Creative Outlets

Outside of traditional business, Tesa has found creative outlets to amplify his professional reach.

While Crown Print NYC oversees various printing services, they’ve notably provided quality work for the iconic television show Saturday Night Live.

Beyond posters, Crown Print NYC extends its services to T-shirt printing, tapping into the evergreen market of wearable merchandise.

Each piece reflects Tesa’s personal touch, connecting bands, brands, and companies with their audiences through the tactile medium of apparel.

This duality of providing both functional and promotional products puts Crown Print NYC on the map in New York City’s bustling industry.

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