Katelyn Faber: Remembering the Woman who Accused Kobe Bryant of Assault

Katelyn Faber, an aspiring actress, gained notoriety in 2003 when she accused the late basketball star Kobe Bryant of sexual assault. The allegations stemmed from an incident at the Cordillera Hotel, where Faber, then a 19-year-old hotel employee, claimed that Bryant forced himself on her. The case garnered significant media attention, placing Faber in the national spotlight.

Despite the legal drama and media frenzy surrounding the case, Faber has had other pursuits in her life. She once participated in the popular TV show, American Idol, showcasing her singing talent. Over the years, however, she has stepped away from the limelight and now lives a private life with her boyfriend and son.

As the details of the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case have faded with time, many people continue to wonder about Faber’s current whereabouts and the life she leads today. This article will delve into her career aspirations, personal life, and the impact of the case on her life and public image.

Katelyn Faber and Kobe Bryant

Katelyn Faber gained significant attention in the media when she accused the late basketball player, Kobe Bryant, of sexual assault in 2003. The incident allegedly occurred at the Cordillera Hotel, where Faber was working at the time.

During the following year, a criminal case against Kobe Bryant was brought forth, with Katelyn Faber as the accuser. However, after encountering difficulties with the prosecution, the criminal case was dropped in September 2004. Instead, Faber decided to file a civil lawsuit against Bryant, seeking $75,000 in damages.

In August 2004, the two parties eventually agreed to an out-of-court settlement, with the terms of the agreement remaining undisclosed. The high-profile case drew worldwide media coverage, linking Katelyn Faber’s name with the basketball legend Kobe Bryant forever.

Despite the negative press following the incident, Katelyn Faber later participated in the popular TV show, American Idol. Her career and personal life have since remained relatively private, but her experience in the Kobe Bryant case continues to be a topic of discussion and debate.

The Sexual Assault Case

Event in Cordillera Hotel

In 2003, Katelyn Faber, a 19-year-old employee at the Cordillera Hotel in Colorado, accused then-professional basketball player Kobe Bryant of sexual assault. According to Faber, the assault took place in Bryant’s hotel room, where he had allegedly forced himself onto her.

Eagle County Trial

The case proceeded to trial in Eagle County, where both the prosecution and defense presented their arguments and evidence. The trial garnered significant media attention, with many closely following the developments and testimonies presented by both sides.

Evidence and Consent

During the trial, it was revealed that there was physical evidence of sexual contact between Faber and Bryant. However, the key issue in the case was whether the encounter was consensual or not. Bryant maintained throughout the trial that the encounter was consensual and that he had not raped Faber.

Public Apology and Settlement

In 2004, the criminal charges against Kobe Bryant were dropped after Katelyn Faber refused to testify in court. Instead, she filed a civil lawsuit against Bryant, seeking monetary compensation for the damages she claimed to have experienced as a result of the alleged assault. Subsequently, a settlement was reached between the two parties, with Faber reportedly receiving around $2.5 million.

Following the settlement, Bryant issued a public apology to Faber, acknowledging the pain she had gone through. Although he maintained that their encounter was consensual, he expressed regret for his actions and stated that he understood Faber’s perspective and why she considered their encounter to be non-consensual.

Civil Lawsuit and Compensation

In August 2004, Katelyn Faber filed a civil lawsuit against the late Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, demanding $75,000 in damages. This legal action was taken after the criminal case against Bryant had been dismissed due to Faber’s decision not to testify in court.

The civil lawsuit concluded in 2005, with an out-of-court settlement between both parties. Despite the terms of the settlement remaining undisclosed, reports suggest that Bryant financially compensated Faber in a substantial amount, speculated to be around $2.5 million. In addition to the financial compensation, Bryant also issued a public apology to Faber.

This incident with Katelyn Faber left a significant impact on NBA star Bryant’s personal and professional life. He faced intense public scrutiny and admitted to infidelity. However, Bryant managed to rebuild his legacy through remarkable on-court performances, resulting in further championship victories.

Media Coverage

When the news of Katelyn Faber’s accusation against basketball player Kobe Bryant broke in 2003, the media quickly began extensive coverage of the story. Various news outlets, including Fox News, LA Times, and The Associated Press, played a significant role in bringing the case to the attention of the public.

Fox News immediately began publishing stories about the alleged incident, providing daily updates on developments in the case. Their coverage included interviews with legal experts, discussions about the implications of the case on Kobe Bryant’s career, and analysis of the details surrounding the allegations. They approached the story with a neutral tone, aiming to present the facts without bias.

The LA Times, a respected local newspaper with a strong influence in the Los Angeles area, where Kobe Bryant played for the Lakers, also covered the case extensively. They delved into Katelyn Faber’s background, the timeline of events, and the legal proceedings in the case. The newspaper maintained a clear and knowledgeable tone throughout their reporting, providing readers with comprehensive information about the ongoing developments in the case.

The Associated Press, a reputable news agency with a long history of providing accurate news stories, ensured that the case received widespread national attention. They collaborated with multiple news outlets to distribute their reporting on the case, reaching a vast audience across the United States. Through their focused and neutral reporting style, the Associated Press helped ensure that the public received a balanced portrayal of the events in the case.

The media coverage of Katelyn Faber’s case played a substantial role in shaping the public’s perception of both Katelyn Faber and Kobe Bryant. The intense scrutiny, discussions, and analyses carried out by various media outlets contributed to making the case a widely known and highly debated topic.

Personal Life


Katelyn Kristine Faber, born on June 18, 1985, in Gypsum, Colorado, is the daughter of Paul Louis Faber and Kristine Anne Faber. She is currently living a private life with her partner, Cort Colon, and their child.


Faber attended Eagle Valley Senior High School in her hometown of Gypsum, Colorado. After completing her high school education, she went on to study at the University of Northern Colorado.

Career and Interests

Katelyn Faber was once an aspiring singer and participated in the popular TV show, American Idol. However, her musical aspirations were overshadowed by her involvement in a high-profile sexual assault case against former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant in 2003. Since then, Faber has chosen to lead a private life, focusing on her family and interests. While her current career path is not publicly known, it seems that she has moved on from her previous aspirations in the music and entertainment industry.

Post-Assault Life

Katelyn Faber’s life changed significantly after the sexual assault allegations against basketball star Kobe Bryant in 2003. Once a bubbly girl, she became somewhat of a virtual recluse in the years that followed. Her reputation was put to the test as she faced both public scrutiny and support.

Faber chose to remain private and low-key following the highly publicized case. She focused on maintaining her career, albeit away from the spotlight. Not much is known about her professional pursuits, as she has not shared any details regarding her job or work-life.

Faber’s personal life has also been quite closely guarded. She has since married and is a mother to at least one child. In spite of the lack of public appearances, it is evident that family plays an important role in her life, and she values spending time with her loved ones.

While her current whereabouts are not widely known, Katelyn Faber seems to reside in Colorado, away from the public eye. Her desire for privacy is understandable, considering the intense media scrutiny she once faced.

In summary, Katelyn Faber has managed to distance herself from the high-profile case that brought her into the public eye. Throughout the years, she has carefully maintained a life of privacy, focusing on her career and nurturing her family as she moved forward from the challenges of her past.

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