Katia Langenheim – Supporting Her Daughter Ruby Rose Through Thick and Thin

Katia Langenheim is an accomplished painter and artist, known for her compelling artwork exhibited in various showcases in Melbourne. Born into a notable family, she is the great-granddaughter of the accomplished Australian boxer Lionel Rose and the granddaughter of Alec Campbell, the last known surviving soldier of the Australian Battle. However, Katia has garnered significant attention in recent years due to her close relationship with her famous daughter, Australian actress Ruby Rose.

Born in 1986, Ruby Rose Langenheim is the only child of Katia. From a young age, Ruby was exposed to the world of art and creativity, often accompanying her mother during her studies and artistic endeavors. This early immersion in the arts played a significant role in shaping Ruby’s career, as she later rose to fame as an actress, model, disc jockey, and television presenter in Australia.

The bond between Katia and Ruby has remained strong as Ruby Rose’s career has taken off. The two are frequently spotted together at events and on vacations, showcasing their unbreakable mother-daughter bond to the world. In many ways, Katia Langenheim’s life and accomplishments serve as an inspirational backdrop to the success and talents of her daughter, Ruby Rose.

Early Life and Education

Childhood and Parents

Katia Langenheim was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She is the great-granddaughter of the renowned actress Ellen Bang. Her childhood is relatively unknown due to her decision to maintain her privacy. However, it is evident that she was exposed to the world of art and entertainment from a young age, given her family background.

Education in Australia

Although detailed information on Katia’s education remains scarce, it is known that she attended schools in Australia. She possibly studied at University High School and Footscray City College, both reputable educational institutions in Melbourne. As an artist, Katia could have developed her skills and passion for the arts during her educational years.

Career and Achievements

Modeling Career

Katia Langenheim is a talented photographer and artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia. However, the section requested is focusing on her daughter, Ruby Rose Langenheim, who is an Australian model, actress, and television presenter. Ruby Rose has had a successful modeling career and has been in the spotlight ever since she began her journey in the world of fashion. She has worked with world-renowned brands and has graced the covers of popular magazines such as Vogue Australia and InStyle Magazine.

Acting Career

As an actress, Ruby Rose has made quite a name for herself in showbiz. She first gained international recognition for her role as Stella Carlin in the popular TV series “Orange Is the New Black.” Since then, she has appeared in various movies and TV shows, making her a well-known figure in the acting industry. Some of her notable work includes roles in “John Wick: Chapter 2,” “Pitch Perfect 3,” and “The Meg.” Ruby’s versatile acting skills have garnered her praise and have made her a sought-after talent in Hollywood.

DJ and Presenter Career

Apart from her modeling and acting career, Ruby Rose has also showcased her skills as a DJ and presenter. She gained prominence as an MTV VJ in Australia and has hosted numerous events, interviews, and shows. Her natural charisma, confidence, and energetic persona make her an excellent presenter who can effortlessly engage with the audience. Her DJ skills have also been appreciated, and she has performed at various events and clubs, further expanding her impressive career portfolio in the entertainment industry.


Katia Langenheim is a highly skilled painter with a passion for creativity and expression through her artwork. With a strong background in fine arts, she has honed her craft throughout her career, focusing on both traditional and contemporary approaches to painting.

As an artist, Katia’s style is diverse and ever-evolving, often drawing inspiration from the world around her. She is known for her ability to capture the essence of her subjects, creating pieces that are both visually stunning and emotionally evocative. Her artwork showcases her skill with various mediums and techniques, demonstrating her dedication to her craft.

In addition to painting, Katia has also displayed her talent as a writer. While limited information is available on her literary work, it is evident that her passion for the arts spans beyond painting and into other creative fields. This multi-faceted approach to artistry speaks to her ingenuity and desire to explore different forms of expression.

One noteworthy aspect of Katia’s accomplishments is her role as a single parent raising her daughter, Ruby Rose. Katia’s commitment to nurturing and supporting her daughter’s own artistic pursuits demonstrates the importance of an artistic environment in fostering creativity. Ruby Rose has gone on to achieve success as an actress, model, and TV presenter, showcasing the impact of Katia’s dedication to the arts within her family.

Katia Langenheim’s artistic expertise as a painter, writer, and devoted parent has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of arts. Her versatility and dedication to her craft serve as an inspiration to those who aspire to pursue their own creative passions.

Identity and Personal Views

Sexuality and Gender Identity

Katia Langenheim is an artist and mother of Ruby Rose, a renowned Australian actress, model, and TV presenter. Ruby has been very open about her experiences with sexuality and gender identity. At a young age of 12, Ruby embraced her lesbian identity and later on expressed herself as non-binary. Katia wholeheartedly accepted and supported her daughter’s journey in discovering her true self.

Ruby’s exploration of her gender identity has led her to adopt a more androgynous look, transcending the boundaries of traditional gender norms. She has often stated that she identifies with both masculine and feminine traits, making her a prominent figure in representing androgyny in mainstream media.

Role in LGBTQ+ Community

Katia Langenheim’s daughter, Ruby Rose, has become an important figure within the LGBTQ+ community. As a role model who openly discusses her experiences with gender identity, Ruby has not only increased visibility for lesbian and non-binary individuals but has also inspired many people to embrace their authenticity.

Ruby’s candid conversations about her sexuality and gender identity pave the way for more open and honest discussions, challenging societal expectations, and fostering greater acceptance of diverse identities within the LGBTQ+ community. Through her influential work, Ruby is helping to create a more inclusive and understanding world for people, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

Film and Television

Bigger Film Roles

Katia Langenheim’s daughter, Ruby Rose, has made a name for herself in Hollywood with appearances in several significant films. In 2017, she played a prominent role in the action thriller “John Wick: Chapter 2,” starring Keanu Reeves. The same year, Ruby showcased her acting and singing abilities in “Pitch Perfect 3,” where she portrayed Calamity, a member of a rival singing group. Ruby also appeared in the 2018 action-horror film “The Meg,” alongside Jason Statham, and the 2021 action thriller “SAS: Red Notice” with Sam Heughan.

Television Presenter

In addition to her film roles, Ruby Rose has also worked as a television presenter. Early in her career, she gained recognition as a presenter on MTV Australia from 2007 to 2011. She later appeared on “The Project,” an Australian news and current affairs show, and served as a guest judge on “Australia’s Next Top Model.”

TV Series Roles

Ruby Rose’s most notable television role has been her portrayal of Stella Carlin in the critically acclaimed Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black.” Her character received attention for challenging societal norms around gender and sexuality. Following her success in “Orange Is the New Black,” Ruby landed the title role in “Batwoman,” a superhero television series based on the DC Comics character.

Personal Relationships


Katia Langenheim is a talented painter and artist, as well as the mother of Australian actress, model, and television presenter Ruby Rose Langenheim, or Ruby Rose. As a single mother, Katia has devoted a substantial amount of her life to raising and supporting her daughter, who is known for her role in the popular Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black.” This great-granddaughter of acclaimed actress Ellen Bang, Katia Langenheim instilled in Ruby a strong appreciation for the arts, which eventually led to a successful career for her daughter.

Romantic Relationships

Many details about Katia Langenheim’s romantic relationships remain private. While it is known that she has been a single mother for much of her life, specific information about her personal relationships has not been widely shared. However, her daughter Ruby Rose has had a few high-profile relationships.

Ruby Rose has been linked romantically to several partners, most notably Jessica Origliasso of the pop duo The Veronicas and fashion designer Phoebe Dahl. Both relationships attracted media attention, and Ruby has been open about her dating life. Despite the public interest in her personal life, Katia Langenheim has chosen to keep her own romantic relationships private, maintaining focus on her work as an artist and her life as a mother.

Health and Wellness

Mental Health

Katia Langenheim has faced challenging times alongside her daughter Ruby Rose, as they both battled various mental health issues. Ruby has openly discussed her experiences with depression, bullying, and suicidal thoughts. As a supportive mother, Katia has played a crucial role in helping Ruby cope with these challenges.

Although Katia’s own mental health journey is less documented, it is reasonable to assume she may have faced her own struggles with stress, given the high-profile life and frequent attention her daughter experiences.

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