Kevin Lazan: Insightful Profile of Rachel Platten’s Supportive Husband

Real Name:Kevin Lazan
Birthday:December 12, 1980
Net Worth:$2 million
Height:180 cm
Occupation:American Attorney, Businessman, Husband Of Rachel Platten

Kevin Lazan is recognized both for his legal expertise and his entrepreneurial spirit as the founder and CEO of The Gables, a counter-service cafe based in Santa Monica, California. His professional endeavors have established him as a respected figure in the business community. Aside from his vocational accomplishments, Lazan is perhaps more widely known for his personal life, particularly his marriage to Emmy Award-winning singer-songwriter Rachel Platten. The couple’s relationship began in 2006, leading to their eventual marriage in 2012.

Rachel Ashley Platten, who has made a significant mark in the music industry with hits like “Fight Song,” has had Lazan’s support throughout her career. Lazan’s influence and support behind the scenes have been integral, especially during the challenging phases of Platten’s early career and the development of her albums. This partnership extends beyond the professional realm, as the couple welcomed their first child, Violet Skye Lazan, in January 2019, and subsequently announced they were expecting their second child.

Their family life and individual careers highlight a blend of professional dedication and personal fulfillment. The harmony between Lazan’s legal background, business ventures, and the dynamic of his family life with Platten showcases the multifaceted aspects of their lives together.

Personal Background

Kevin Lazan is recognized for his multifaceted career and the stable support he has provided to his better half, singer-songwriter Rachel Platten, in pursuit of her musical dream.

Early Life and Education

Lazan was born in Florida in 1980, into a family where his father, David M. Lazan, worked as a lawyer and his mother, Judi Lazan, was a realtor. Embracing his family’s values, he pursued higher education with a clear goal and supportive environment. In 1998, he took his scholarly ambitions to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in legal studies and journalism.

Career as a Lawyer

His background evidently prepared him for a career resonating with his family roots. After his graduation, Kevin Lazan entered the legal field. His legal expertise was cultivated through his studies and family influence, which later translated into his professional path.

Role as a Supportive Partner

As the husband of New York-based artist Rachel Platten, Lazan has been a firm pillar of support in her musical journey. His unwavering commitment to her career helped her navigate the challenges of the entertainment industry. His support was particularly crucial during the early stages of her albums when encouragement was most needed to keep her dreams alive.

Relationship with Rachel Platten

Kevin Lazan is notably recognized through his marriage to Rachel Platten, an acclaimed singer-songwriter known for the hit single “Fight Song.” Their relationship extends beyond personal companionship, with Lazan providing consistent support to Platten’s thriving music career. Together, they have shared significant life moments both privately and in the public eye.

Marriage and Companionship

Kevin Lazan and Rachel Platten entered into marriage after a period of dating, embarking on a shared life journey. Platten, who rose to fame with her 2015 album “Wildfire,” credits Lazan for being a steady presence in her life. Their union is often showcased on Instagram, where they share snapshots of their experiences together.

Supporting Career and Success

Lazan has been a supportive partner, witnessing Platten’s career milestones and successes firsthand. Platten’s career took a leap with the release of “Fight Song,” which not only became a chart-topper but also an anthem of resilience and determination. Lazan’s support has been a subtle yet significant force behind the singer-songwriter’s achievements.

Shared Moments and Public Appearances

The couple often presents a united front during public appearances, celebrating Platten’s professional victories and sharing their personal milestones with fans. Whether it’s attending red carpet events or sharing the joy of family growth on social media, they navigate the intersection of their private and public lives with shared enthusiasm.

Parenthood and Family Life

Rachel’s husband Kevin Lazan has stepped into the role of fatherhood with the birth of his first daughter, Violet Skye Lazan, and has experienced the joy of expanding his family anticipating the arrival of his second child. Public announcements of these milestones have offered glimpses into his family life.

First Child

In January 2019, Kevin Lazan and his wife, Rachel Ashley Platten, celebrated the birth of their first child, Violet Skye Lazan. The couple made a public announcement on Instagram where Rachel shared a heartwarming photo along with her feelings of love and vulnerability at becoming a mother.

Expecting Second Child

The Lazan family was thrilled to be expecting their second child, as announced in 2021. Throughout the pregnancy, Rachel used Instagram to share updates, including pictures showcasing her baby bump, embracing the full spectrum of motherhood and family life.

Public Announcements of Parenthood

Kevin and Rachel have taken to Instagram for sharing their major life events. An Instagram post revealed the arrival of their daughter, and later, the couple used the platform to announce that they were pregnant with their second child, Sophie Jo Lazan. These announcements have shown the couple’s open embrace of parenthood, sharing moments of joy and vulnerability with their followers.

Media Presence

Kevin Lazan, while not as prominent in the media as his wife Rachel Platten, occasionally appears in the spotlight through shared family moments and notable media coverage. These instances often pertain to significant family life events and announcements.

Shared Family Moments on Social Media

Lazan and his family have found a place on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where they share glimpses of their personal life. They have used this platform to announce joyful milestones, such as the birth of their children, and have showcased aspects of their family life and motherhood. This sharing has invited their followers to celebrate the family’s happiness and growth.

  • Pregnancy Announcements: Key family updates include Instagram posts announcing Rachel Platten’s pregnancy
  • Family Updates: Periodic posts featuring their children provide a window into their family dynamics and special moments

Coverage in US Weekly and Other Media

Media outlets like Us Weekly have taken note of the family’s major life events. Us Weekly has often provided coverage of their announcements, delving into topics such as parenthood and new family additions.

  • Pregnancy and Motherhood: Us Weekly has reported on Platten’s pregnancies, providing details about the experiences and motherhood insights
  • Family Announcements: They have also relayed announcements from the family, reaching a broader audience beyond their social media followers

Philanthropy and Community

Kevin Lazan is recognized not only for his professional achievements but also for his dedication to philanthropy and active engagement in community enrichment. His work in these areas often reflects a commitment to support, enhance family life, and contribute positively to community dynamics.

Supporting Charitable Causes

Lazan has a history of supporting charitable causes that align with his values, particularly those that focus on family and parenthood. While specific charities supported by Lazan are not publicly listed, individuals in his position typically direct funds or services to organizations that aim to improve the lives of families and children within their communities.

Contributions to Community Events

In his efforts to foster a sense of togetherness and community spirit, Lazan has been involved in sponsoring and organizing community events. These events often serve as platforms for local businesses and families to connect and support one another, reinforcing the community’s fabric. The contributions made by Lazan to these community events underscore his commitment to social responsibility and community welfare.

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