Kimiko Flynn – Net Worth, Daughter Of Rome Flynn

Real Name:Kimiko Flynn
Birthday:December 12, 2014
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Daughter Of Rome Flynn

Celebrity children usually earn their fame because of their parents. In many cases, these children eventually grow up and become more famous because of their careers or personal lives or take a path away from the spotlight.

These children born into fame are often not well known in terms of details about their lives, despite their parents’ high profile. However, there are interesting details that the public could know, and we will do our best to provide them and keep you up to date.

Kimiko Flynn is widely popular as the beautiful daughter of the famous and award-winning Hollywood actor, Rome Flynn. Although she’s still a child, Kimiko’s cuteness and adorable smile is already bringing her quite a large number of fans. Most of her details are not public knowledge. This lack of information about the child has even caused some confusion about the identity of her mother.

Since the birth of Rome Flynn’s celebrity daughter, she has already been featured in the magazine Soaps in Depth. It was a Christmas-themed photoshoot, and her father Rome was also part of the shoot.

Early Life & Education

Kimiko Flynn is the daughter of Emmy Award-winning actor, Rome Flynn, and Molly Noriko Hurley; who was Rome’s girlfriend for a while. She was born on 12 December 2014. Rome and Molly are fairly private about her upbringing and education, but it is safe to assume that Kimiko would be getting the proper nurturing and care, as well as necessary education.


It is never too early to start a career these days, but young Kimiko Flynn is not known to have one yet. It is unclear if her parents have plans for her to possibly start out in the movie business or entertainment in general. Either way, one of her parents has a very interesting and successful career that has brought him fame.

Rome’s Career

The dashing actor, Rome Flynn, won the love of many fans with charisma and a fit physique. One of the actor’s most recognized works was his appearance in the CBS daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful. His acting was so well-loved that it earned him the Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series. However, Rome’s recent role of law student Gabriel Maddox in ABC’s multi-award winning How to Get Away with Murder can be considered as a very important one in his career.

Rome Flynn is also known to have a love for music. He made his debut into the music industry with the song Brand New which was from his debut album Energy. The album was released in 2020. Although he has not had so many acting roles, the passionate TV actor and singer has been able to garner the love and admiration of fans, and peers alike.

Unlike Kimiko’s father, Rome, there isn’t any information available about her mother Molly’s career.

Personal Life

There has been some controversy in the past about who Kimiko’s mother is. The rumors started to fly as Rome Flynn’s career started to take off. It was rumored that the actor was married to Camia Marie and that the couple has a daughter together. This was untrue.

Regardless of all the numerous gossip sites that spread rumors as truth, Kimiko’s mother isn’t Camia Marie. Her mother is Molly Noriko Hurley. The rumors first started to spread when Rome first revealed his daughter to the public, a year after her birth. It was a Christmas themed photoshoot that featured the father and daughter, for CBS’s Soaps In Depth, in 2015.

Rome had started dating Camia Marie around the same time, and Camia first tweeted about their relationship in 2015. Her frequent tweets about Kimiko also made many fans assume she was hers.

However, Rome and Molly both spend enough time with their daughter and show her all the love she deserves. Since the birth of Kimiko, Molly has never been shy to post several pictures of her adorable daughter on Instagram. Her bio on the social media platform even reads, ‘Mommy to Kimiko’.

Let’s let you a bit about Kimiko’s celebrity father.

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Rome Flynn

Rome Trumain Flynn is a fast-rising American born TV actor and model. Rome has had a successful growing career over the years, starring in movies like Drumline: A New Beat, The Bold and the Beautiful, How to Get Away with Murder. As a part of his music career, some of the songs he has released include Keep Me In Mind, and This Christmas. His performance and respect in the movie industry seem to be on the rise, as the actor has already won a Daytime Emmy Award.

The actor usually keeps his personal life away from media attention. His social media accounts hardly have any posts that shed some light on his personal life. However, Rome Flynn has admitted in an interview with Xenocole that being a father to Kimiko has changed his perspective on dating and that he now places her needs and safety first.

Rome dated Molly Noriko Hurley a few years before they welcomed a child together. Their relationship was unknown until Kimiko was revealed. Rome and Molly are both loving and doting parents. Molly has expressed her belief on Instagram that parents should be united in raising their child no matter what.

After dating Molly, the actor soon started to date Camia Marie. Camia developed a strong bond with Kimiko, and she often took to Instagram to post pictures of Kimiko, even after she split with Rome. She treats Kimiko like her own and feels grateful to have her around. Rome and Camia broke up sometime in 2018, after dating for a few years.

Net Worth

Kimiko is still but a child, and currently isn’t known to have any earnings. So for now, she is taken care of by her parents’ wealth.

Kimiko’s father, Rome Flynn’s fortune is estimated to be over $1 million which he has amassed from his acting, singing, and modeling career. Kimiko’s mother, Molly, is also thought to have a fair sum of money to her name from her career, although her profession is not known.


Kimiko Flynn is a beautiful young girl, growing up surrounded by people who love and care about her. Many details about her life are unknown at the moment, but as time goes on, that could change. We will keep you updated on any new information about the celebrity baby.

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