Korina Harrison: Insights into the Life of Corey Harrison’s Ex-wife

Real Name:Korina Harrison a.k.a Kiki Nejo
Birthday:December 7, 1982
Net WorthN/A
Height:162 cm
Occupation:Ex-wife of Corey Harrison

Korina Harrison gained a measure of public attention through her marriage to American reality television star Corey Harrison.

Known for his role in the popular TV show “Pawn Stars,” Corey’s life, including his relationships, has been of interest to many.

Korina, an American national, became his spouse in 2017, but their marriage was short-lived, ending in divorce in 2018.

The brief union did result in the birth of their son, Richard Benjamin Harrison, named after Corey’s grandfather, who was also featured on the “Pawn Stars” series.

Though much of Korina Harrison’s own life story resides outside the limelight, it intersects with notable public figures due to her marriage to Corey.

After their divorce, details about her personal endeavors, professional life, or her current status have remained relatively private.

She has maintained a low public profile, with minimal participation in the buzz of the media world that often follows celebrity spouses.

Key Takeaways

  • Korina Harrison was briefly married to “Pawn Stars” actor Corey Harrison.
  • They share a son named Richard Benjamin Harrison.
  • Following the divorce, Korina has kept a low public profile.

Personal Life and Relationships

Korina Harrison’s personal life gained public attention through her relationship with Corey Harrison, with their marriage and family life becoming a focal point for fans and media alike.

Marriage to Corey Harrison

Korina Harrison, once known mostly as Corey Harrison’s spouse, stepped into the spotlight when their love story unfolded.

She married Corey, a key figure on the TV show “Pawn Stars,” thrusting her into the realm of public curiosity.

Despite the initial magic that brought them together in 2011, the marriage unfortunately concluded with a divorce after a brief period.

Family and Children

Their union was blessed with the arrival of a son, a baby boy, adding a new chapter to their lives.

The birth of their child was a joyous moment, marking a significant milestone in both Korina and Corey’s personal lives.

Even after the dissolution of their marriage, co-parenting and providing a nurturing environment for their son remains a priority for the former couple.

In the landscape of relationships, the journey of Korina and Corey Harrison unfolded like many others, filled with both love and challenges, and continues to carry on through the shared bond of their child.

Professional Background

Korina Harrison has a work history that really showcases her capabilities. She’s handled her professional responsibilities with a blend of dedication and skill that’s quite admirable.

Career Endeavors

Before she stepped into the limelight, Korina Harrison charted a career path as an Executive Assistant.

It’s a role that demands organization, attention to detail, and the ability to handle a multitude of tasks—traits she seems to have in spades.

Despite the often unpredictable work schedules that come with such a position, Korina has proved to be adept at keeping everything running smoothly.

Her career, though private, suggests she’s had experience in environments where being proactive is key.

Working in places like the famed Gold & Silver Pawn Shop can be demanding, and it calls for a person who can handle the unexpected, something Korina likely encountered during her marriage with Corey Harrison, one of the shop’s main faces.

In her career, Korina has shown that whether it’s managing timelines or ensuring tasks are completed impeccably, she’s not one to shy away from professional challenges.

Public Profile

While Korina Harrison might not be a household name, her affiliation with a television personality has put her in the limelight. This section explores her journey through media presence and the delicate balance she maintains with the public eye.

Media Presence

Korina Harrison found herself in the media’s gaze primarily through her relationship with Corey Harrison, a reality TV star known from the hit series Pawn Stars.

Corey’s prominence through the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop led to Korina briefly becoming a figure of public interest.

She does not have a public Instagram presence or notable social media footprint, staying under the radar in terms of personal online broadcasts.

Privacy and Public Eye

Despite the fame that came by association, Korina has maintained a relatively low-profile.

Striving for privacy, she has managed to keep the details of her personal life, including her time with Corey Harrison, discreet.

Her engagement with the public is minimal, suggesting a preference for life outside the glare of reality show-driven attention.

Unlike many associated with popular TV figures, Korina has eschewed a public persona post-divorce, indicating a clear delineation between personal matters and public spectacle.

Wealth and Lifestyle

Korina Harrison has maintained a relatively low profile regarding her personal fortune. However, the aspects of wealth and lifestyle she shared with her ex-husband, Corey Harrison, are of particular interest to the public.

Net Worth and Earnings

Korina Harrison’s exact net worth and earnings are not publicly disclosed, which keeps her financial standing a bit of a mystery.

She is recognized for having been married to Corey Harrison, whose net worth is reported to be around $4 million. While they were together, their lifestyle was described as luxurious, reflecting a significant fortune and the success Corey garnered from his role on the television show “Pawn Stars.”

Given that her ex-husband’s visibility naturally cast some light on her as well, it can be inferred that their joint lifestyle exhibited their financial comfort.

Her share of any earnings or assets from the marriage, if any, has been kept out of the public eye. Therefore, while speculations exist, the specifics of Korina’s own net worth and earnings are a matter that remains private.


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