Kristen Cornell – How Much Do You Know About Jason Hawes’s Wife?

Real Name:Kristen Cornell
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Wife of Jason Hawes

Jason Hawes has gained quite a lot of popularity thanks to his professional career. Yet, he prefers to keep his personal life a secret. Jason is the founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society and one of the stars and co-producers of Ghost Hunter. How much do you know about his personal life? Well, one such aspect is his lovely wife Kristen Cornell.

Today, we will try to uncover as much as we can about the life of the celebrity spouse. There are many details on Hawes’s professional career, but details about his wife and children are a secret. We will try to uncover them.

Who Is Her Husband?

First, we have to begin with Kristen’s famous husband, American plumber Jason Hawes. Born Jason Conrad Hawes in December 1971, he is a plumber and co-founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). The organization is based in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Jason is also one of the stars and co-producers of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters. The show ended its initial run after 11 seasons in October 2016. But it was renowned later on, with new episodes premiering at A&E. Yet, Jason didn’t return. His place was taken by lead investigator Grant Wilson with a brand new team.

Jason Conrad was born in Canandaigua, New York. When he was eight years old, his family moved to Warwick, Rhode Island.

According to Jason, he began to see apparitions at the age of 20. It happened after a girlfriend who practiced Reiki manipulated his life force energy. According to paranormal researcher John Zaffis, Hawes was becoming sensitive to paranormal phenomena.

In 1990, Jason founded the Rhode Island Paranormal Society as a support group for people with similar experiences. Two years later, he founded The Atlantic Paranormal Society and the television series Ghost Hunters.

The TV show became a flagship show of the Syfy channel and made the channel one of the most watched on cable. The initial run ended in 2016 after 11 seasons. It was renewed for a 12th season in 2019, but by that time, Hawes went on a different path. He was co-creator of Ghost Hunters, and now wanted his own show, Ghost Nation.

This time, he created his show with alumni Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, both of which were part of Ghost Hunters. Their new show, Ghost Nation, began airing on the Travel Channel in October 2019.

He has also written two books on the paranormal and four science fiction screenplays. Hawes and Wilson are not only co-workers but friends. Their day job as plumbers for Roto-Rooter brought them together.

Hawes brought Wilson into the plumbing business. They also co-formed and co-owned the Spalding Inn in Whitefield, New Hampshire. They sold it in 2014.

A lot of people view paranormal experiences and shows as science fiction. But Hawes sees something more. He uses these public ghost-hunting events to raise money for various charities, including Cure Kids Cancer and Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Quick Bio

There is no precise personal information about when Kristen Cornell was born. Or where was she born? But we can assume she was born in the 1970s. We can calculate that judging by the fact she got married to Jason in 1998, and at the time, she looked like she was in her 20s.

There is no information on her early life, educational background, or family life. We do not know who her parents are or whether she has siblings.

Despite being married to one of the more famous paranormal television stars, she prefers to remain on the sidelines.

Fun fact: she has appeared as a one-off guest on her husband’s television shows. She is a firm believer in the paranormal like her husband but leaves the investigations to Jason.

Marriage To Jason

Jason and Kristen have been together for many years. They have an amazing bond and relationship. They dated for a while before finally tying the knot in May 1998. This year, they will celebrate their Silver Anniversary.

Both of them are believers in the supernatural. That is the thing that brought them closer. Yet, unlike her husband, Kristen Cornell prefers to believe in silence. She leaves the investigation and television to her husband.

She is not a fan of the camera and doesn’t like making public appearances. Together, she and Jason have six children.

Four of them are daughters, Haily Hawes, Satori Hawes, Samantha Hawes, and Ellie Hawes. They also have two sons, Austin Hawes and Logan Hawes. Fun fact: their boys are twins, but they celebrate their birthdays on different dates. One of them was born at 11:55 pm, and the other was born at 12:19 am. Samantha is the oldest child in the family, while Ellie is the youngest.

Jason admits his wife and children are a huge part of his television career. In one interview, he said, “On a case, I will watch the client; their movements, their mannerisms, etc. I watch that with my children as well. It allows me to see if something is bothering them and if they are upset about something”.

Here is another fun fact. Speaking about scary things, Jason revealed the scariest moment came when he was with his wife during her ultrasound during the twins’ pregnancy.

The twins graduated in June 2022, but we do not know the line of work they will continue. Who knows, maybe they will follow in Jason’s footsteps as a paranormal investigator.

Is She Alive?

A few years ago, there were rumors that the wife of paranormal investigator Jason Hawes had passed away. But that was not true.

Yes, the news spread quickly and sentiments poured for the Hawes family. The whole thing turned out to be false. The rumor arose from a post where Hawes mentioned that his wife had a near-death experience.

The whole thing happened in 2013, during the Christmas period. Kristen had to be rushed to the hospital for a brain infection. The celebrity spouse was admitted to the ICU and her condition improved after a few days. She recovered later that year and then Jason tweeted a photo thanking his fans for the support.

Is She On Social Media?

As we said before, Kristen prefers to stay away from the media spotlight. That means she is not active on any social media platform, be it Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Her husband values her privacy and rarely posts about her on social media. He does have Twitter and Instagram accounts. But he is more active on the latter, where he has more than 57k followers.

The rare times he posted about his wife and children were when he congratulated the twins on their graduation and when he talked about his wife’s near-death experience.

Net Worth

As we said before, we do not know the profession of Kristen Cornell. Her husband is a famous television host, producer, author, and paranormal investigator.

But Kristen probably is the one responsible for taking care of the family. After all, they have six children together. Someone has to take care of the kids, right?

That is Kristen’s job. With that in mind, her net worth is a mystery. But we do know the net worth of her husband. Jason has accumulated wealth of around $3 million over the years.

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