Kristina Sunshine Jung – Who Is The Daughter of Boston George, Infamous Drug Smuggler

Real Name:Kristina Sunshine Jung
Birthday:August 1, 1978
Net Worth:$150,000
Height:163 cm
Occupation:American Entrepreneur and Actor, Daughter of George and Mirtha Jung

Her Instagram profile bio reads, “Kristina Sunshine Jung, daughter of Mirtha Jung and Boston George, Smuggler’s daughter, Don’t let them steal your shine, they will try, recovery from Blow.”

Truth be told, that is quite a lot of info you get about this young woman. Kristina came under the spotlight after the release of the movie Blow in 2001.

The movie was based on her father’s life, George Jung, or as many know him, Boston George. Her Instagram social profile has more than 60k followers.

How much do you know about her?

Quick Bio

The film Blow showcased the tumultuous relationship between Kristina and her father. It showed their relationship ended on a sour note. Emma Roberts played Kristina Sunshine Jung in the movie.

Yet, despite the rocky relationship, Kristina and her father George reconnected once he was released from prison in 2014. In fact, in 2016, he posted a picture with his daughter Kristina on Twitter, writing, “Cant live without my #heart”.

You can watch the 2001 movie on Netflix. It stars Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, and Frank Potente in the main roles.

Now, back to Kristina. She is an American entrepreneur and actor, better known as the daughter of drug smuggler George Jung. He had her with his ex-wife Mirtha Jung.

Before the 2001 Oscar-nominated movie, Kristina was relatively unknown to the public. But the movie, based on her father’s life, made her a celebrity.

Blow showcased the tumultuous relationship between the father and daughter. In real life, Kristina reconciled with her father and now runs a clothing business together with him.

Born Kristina Sunshine Jung on August 1, 1978, she had a difficult childhood. Both her parents had a criminal past.

For starters, her mother Mirtha Jung was a drug addict and continued to be one until Kristina was 3 years of age.

Mirtha consumed drugs during pregnancy and was jailed for drug possession when Kristina was a toddler. At that point, Mirtha and George were already divorced.

Speaking of George, her father was imprisoned for smuggling drugs. You can say these conditions made Kristina’s childhood extremely difficult.

She was raised by her grandparents, Frederick and Ermine Jung. Thanks to their effort, she was able to get some stability in her childhood.

The pair looked after Kristina and would send her a huge box of clothes and toys every new school year, as well as on her birthday later on, and on holidays. This stopped when her grandfather Frederick Jung passed away.

At that point, she was sent to her aunt Marie Jung, where she grew up. Kristina stayed up with her aunt until she turned 18. Nowadays, she often displays her love and gratitude for her aunt and grandparents on Instagram and Facebook.

Her mother Mirtha made efforts to get rid of drugs while in prison. Following her release, she quit drugs and has been living a clean life since then.

Now, the movie Blow states that Kristina never visited George when he was in jail. There were rumors the two of them met in the spring of 2002. Their bond was improved when George was released from prison in 2014.

Nowadays, they appear together at public events. Kristina is an entrepreneur and a lesser-known actor. Alongside her father, she runs a clothing business known as BG Apparel and Merchandise.

Fun fact: Kristina appeared in a small role in Blow, in a court scene with Johnny Depp, who essayer her father’s role in the movie. Sadly, we didn’t see her, since Warner Bros. deleted the scene later on at the request of the federal government. You can only see it on the DVD version of the movie.

Who Is Her Mother?

As we said before, Kristina is the child of Mirtha Jung and Boston George. The two were married from 1977 to 1984. Mirtha was instrumental in some of his crimes.

For example, she was part of a huge drug cartel that smuggled drugs from Colombia to the United States.

But Mirtha was also a drug addict that went to prison as a result. The good news is she used the time in prison to become clean.

Mirtha was released in 1981. She split from George three years later, saying she wanted her daughter to live a life not surrounded by drugs.

Johnny Deep and Penelope Cruz portrayed the couple in the 2001 crime film, Blow.

Her Famous Father

Born George Jacob Jung in August 1942, Boston George or El American was an American drug trafficker and smuggler.

George was a major figure in the United States cocaine trade during the 1970s and early 1980s. He and his partner Carlos Lehder smuggled cocaine for the Colombian Medellin Cartel. In 1994, he was sentenced to 70 years in prison on conspiracy charges.

And no, he was not born in Colombia. He was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts to Frederick Jung, an owner of a small business.

Fun fact: he was a star football player in high school. His classmates described him as a natural leader. After graduating in 1961, he briefly attended the University of Southern Mississippi. There, he studied advertising but dropped out.

At this point, he began recreationally using marijuana and was selling a portion of what he bought to break even. He realized the drug profit potential of smuggling cannabis he bought in California back to New England in 1967.

Initially, he had his stewardess girlfriend transport the drugs in her suitcase on flights. He expanded his operation to flying the drugs in from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, using airplanes stolen from private airports on Cape Cod and professional pilots.

At the height of his power, he was making $250,000 per month, which is equivalent to $1.7 million in 2022. Things ended in 1974 when he was arrested in Chicago for smuggling 660 pounds of marijuana.

During his time in prison, he met with Carlos Lehder, who was his cellmate. Carlos was a young German Colombian who introduced Jung to the dominant and powerful Medellin Cartel. When they were released in 1976, they started smuggling large quantities of cocaine into the US by joining forces with Pablo Escobar, making millions of dollars.

Then, in 1994, he was arrested with 1,754 pounds of cocaine in Topeka, Kansas. After pleading guilty to three counts of conspiracy, Jung received a 70-year sentence. He then testified against his ex-partner, and his sentence was reduced to 20 years.

Boston George was released in November 2014, after which he improved his relationship with his daughter Kristine Sunshine Jung. He also contributed to the novel Heavy with T. Rafael Cimino, a fictional story about him escaping from a Cuban prison.

Suffering from liver and kidney failure, he died in May 2021.

Personal Life

Kristian is married to Romain Karan and has a daughter with him. Named Athena Romina Karan, she was the biggest joy of Kristina’s life. Sadly, Athena died in a car accident in January 2021.

During her life, Kristina has lived in different parts of the United States, including San Mateo, Millbrae, Napa, Concord, Pittsburgh, and Walnut Creek.

She has spent most of her time in California.

Net Worth

We said Kristina is an entrepreneur, running a successful clothing business. She ran it alongside her father until his eventual death in May 2021.

As for her net worth, she has more than $150,000. Thanks to her hard work and determination, Kristina managed to stay in business. She lives in California in a beautiful home with her husband and other children.

Fun fact: at the time of his death, George Jung had minimal net worth. But at the peak of his career, he was worth as much as $100 million.

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