Laurie Holmond: Meet the Woman Who Gave Birth to Snoop’s Children

Laurie Holmond, born in 1973, is an American woman who gained public attention due to her past relationship with the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. Although she has mostly remained out of the media limelight, her connection to the music icon has made her a point of interest for many. Holmond grew up in Long Beach and attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School. She is of African American descent and holds American nationality.

Holmond’s relationship with Snoop Dogg began in the 1990s, before the rapper’s rise to fame. The couple shares a son named Julian, who seems to be following in his father’s footsteps in the music industry. While Snoop Dogg went on to marry his childhood sweetheart, Shante Broadus, and have three more children with her, Holmond remains known primarily for her connection to the rapper.

Early Life and Education

Laurie Holmond was born in 1973 in Long Beach, California, making her an American by nationality. Growing up in California, she is of African American ethnicity. Not much is known about her parents or her upbringing due to her preference for maintaining a private life. However, it is speculated that her father owns a small company.

Holmond attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School for her education. Long Beach Polytechnic is known for providing students with a solid academic foundation and is well-regarded in the Long Beach area. Even though specific details about her educational achievements are scarce, her time at Long Beach Polytechnic High School likely played a significant role in shaping her life and experiences.

Snoop Dogg and Laurie Holmond

Laurie Holmond, born in 1973, is an American woman known for her past relationship with the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg. The couple, who were high school sweethearts, attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School in California. Laurie initially came into the spotlight due to her connection with the popular musician.

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., and Laurie Holmond never got married and eventually ended their relationship. However, they did have a son together, named Julian Corrie Broadus, making Laurie the mother of Snoop Dogg’s second child.

Although they are no longer together, both Snoop Dogg and Laurie Holmond have moved on with their lives, with Snoop having married his wife, Shante Taylor, in 1997. As for Laurie, she has kept a low profile and generally stays out of the media limelight, choosing to focus on her life as a single mother.

In the years following their breakup, Snoop Dogg and Laurie Holmond have both had successful careers in their respective fields. As a renowned rapper, Snoop Dogg has gained significant fame with hit songs like “Young, Wild & Free,” featuring Wiz Khalifa. Meanwhile, Laurie has become a social media personality, garnering some attention for her connection to Snoop Dogg while maintaining her privacy.

Issue of Paternity

Laurie Holmond’s relationship with Snoop Dogg led to the birth of their son in 1998, who was named Julian Corrie Broadus. For a while, there was some uncertainty surrounding his paternity. It was not immediately clear if Snoop Dogg was indeed Julian’s biological father.

Eventually, a paternity test was conducted, which confirmed that Snoop Dogg was in fact the father of Julian. The rapper accepted the results and embraced his role as Julian’s father. Since then, Julian has been acknowledged as one of Snoop Dogg’s four children, and he has a relationship with his siblings as well.

Throughout the years, Julian and Snoop Dogg have navigated their father-son relationship, with Julian even following in his father’s footsteps in pursuing a career in music and entrepreneurship. Despite the initial challenges surrounding the paternity issue, it appears that all parties have moved forward and established positive relationships with one another.

Career Highlights

Laurie Holmond is known for her connection with American rapper Snoop Dogg. Although not a musician herself, her association with Snoop brought her into the limelight. Snoop Dogg, on the other hand, has had an extensive career in the music industry.

Snoop Dogg, born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., began his career in the early 1990s. He was discovered by Dr. Dre, a legendary hip-hop producer, and debuted on Dre’s album “The Chronic” in 1992. Shortly after, Snoop released his own debut album “Doggystyle” in 1993. The album featured hit singles like “Gin and Juice” and became certified quadruple platinum.

Throughout his career, Snoop Dogg has released numerous albums and singles that have cemented his place in the music industry. In 2004, he released “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” featuring Pharrell Williams, which quickly became a global phenomenon. This track showcased Snoop’s unique style and solidified his status as an influential artist in the hip-hop genre.

Snoop Dogg’s achievements in the music world are numerous, with several awards and accolades to his name. Some of his more notable awards include the MTV Video Music Awards, BET Awards, and Billboard Music Awards. His contributions to the music industry have had a lasting impact, and his music continues to resonate with fans across generations.

While Laurie Holmond may not have a direct link to the music industry as a musician or rapper, her personal connection to Snoop Dogg has brought her some recognition. Their relationship and shared history offer a glimpse into the private life of an iconic American rapper like Snoop Dogg.

Net Worth

Laurie Holmond has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. This impressive sum can be attributed to her various accomplishments as well as the financial support she received from her former partner, Snoop Dogg. This support was a way for Dogg to show his commitment to their child, Julian.

Snoop Dogg, on the other hand, has amassed a staggering net worth of $150 million over the course of his illustrious career. As a talented songwriter, rapper, actor, and entrepreneur, Snoop has earned most of his money from his work in the music industry.

In addition to his music career, Snoop Dogg is also a successful entrepreneur and media personality. His various business ventures have contributed to his overall net worth, making him one of the most recognizable celebrities in the entertainment industry today.

In summary, while Laurie Holmond’s net worth is a substantial $1 million, it pales in comparison to her former partner, Snoop Dogg’s $150 million net worth. Consequently, Snoop’s financial success as a musician, actor and entrepreneur plays a significant role in supporting their son, Julian.

Public Life & Controversies

Laurie Holmond, an American citizen, gained public attention primarily due to her past relationship with the famous rapper Snoop Dogg. Although she is known for siring a child with him, Laurie has managed to stay mostly away from the media limelight. Her presence on social media platforms like Instagram is also limited, making it difficult to trace her online activities.

Her relationship with Snoop Dogg began during their high school years. However, they eventually parted ways due to various circumstances. The two share a son named Julian Corrie Broadus. Despite Laurie’s low-key public life, her connection to Snoop Dogg has inevitably put her in the spotlight.

In 2007, Snoop Dogg’s reality show called “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood” premiered, showcasing the rapper’s family life. The show did not primarily feature Laurie or her son Julian. While there are no scandals directly involving Laurie herself, her connection to Snoop Dogg has caused her to be associated with his various controversies.

One example of this is when she discovered that Snoop Dogg got married to Shante Broadus, another woman. Laurie found out about the marriage through the media and confirmed the news with Snoop Dogg himself. Although this caused tension between them, they seemed to have resolved any issues as Snoop Dogg maintains a relationship with his son Julian.

In conclusion, Laurie Holmond’s public life is notably private and low-key. Despite her connection to a famous rapper and his various controversies, she has managed to maintain a relatively quiet life away from the media and social media platforms. Her focus seems to be on raising her son Julian, who also shares a bond with his father, Snoop Dogg.

Private Life

Laurie Holmond, the ex-girlfriend of legendary American rapper Snoop Dogg, prefers to maintain her privacy and lives a discreet life. As a single mother, Laurie has done her best in nurturing her son Julian Broadus, whom she shares with Snoop Dogg. Julian, too, embraces his mother’s desire for a private lifestyle, withholding details about his personal life, education, and career aspirations from the public.

While Laurie keeps the majority of her personal life hidden, she occasionally shares glimpses of her romantic life on social media. She is currently in a dating relationship, as evidenced by photos of her and her partner’s affectionate moments. Fans observe that her relationship status has evolved from being single to happily dating someone.

As for her connection with Snoop Dogg’s family, Cori Broadus, the daughter of Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante Broadus, is Laurie’s son’s half-sister. There is not much information available about the dynamics between Laurie and the Broadus family, but it seems that all parties have managed to maintain a cordial and amicable relationship for the sake of their children.

Health Issues and Struggles

In a 2008 interview, Laurie Holmond discussed her experiences with health issues and struggles, which have had a significant impact on her life. One of the most notable instances of health-related challenges in her life was her involvement with Snoop Dogg’s daughter, Cori Broadus. Cori was diagnosed with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and pain throughout the body.

Lupus can be a challenging condition to manage, as it affects multiple organ systems and is often accompanied by flares and periods of remission. When Cori first began experiencing symptoms, she described her brain hurting while lying in bed. This harrowing experience and the uncertainty surrounding her daughter’s health brought Snoop Dogg and his then ex-wife, Shante, back together as they united to support their child through this difficult period.

While not directly stated, it can be inferred that Laurie Holmond’s experiences with these health struggles have shaped her life and her relationships. Supporting a loved one through a chronic illness can be a significant emotional and mental challenge. It requires strength, resilience, and patience, as well as a deep understanding of the condition and its management.

By sharing her experiences with health issues and struggles, Laurie Holmond has contributed to raising awareness of chronic illnesses such as lupus. In doing so, she supports not only her loved ones but also countless others who face similar challenges daily.


Laurie Holmond, born in 1973, is best known for her relationship with the legendary American rapper, Snoop Dogg. She gained prominence due to her connection with the rapper, and the two met in the 1990s. Holmond’s nationality is American, and she identifies as African American. She grew up in the Long Beach community and attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

Laurie and Snoop Dogg have a son together named Julian Corrie Broadus. Despite being relatively private, her connection to Snoop Dogg and their son has brought her some public attention. It is apparent that Julian has developed a relationship with his father and half-siblings.

While much of Laurie Holmond’s life remains under the radar, her association with Snoop Dogg has undeniably brought her into the public eye. That being said, she continues to maintain a low profile, with little information available about her background, career, or personal life.

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