Makenzie Henson: A Young and Talented Celebrity Child

Makenzie Henson is a young talent who has gained attention due to her famous parents, Sarah Jakes Roberts and Robert Henson. Born on August 14, 2009, Makenzie is the daughter of renowned African-American author and motivational speaker, Sarah Jakes Roberts, and former Washington Redskins linebacker, Robert Henson. The couple was married in 2008, but unfortunately, their union ended in 2012.

Growing up in a family with notable public figures, Makenzie has been exposed to the limelight from an early age. While her mother is well known for her enriching books and speeches, her grandfather, T.D. Jakes, is a respected American bishop, filmmaker, and author. This illustrious lineage has undoubtedly contributed to Makenzie’s recognition and early success in her endeavors.

Despite her parents’ high-profile status, Makenzie has developed her own individuality and pursued her interests in the creative field. Currently, she is establishing a name for herself as an American photographer and graphic artist, drawing inspiration from her family’s ingenuity and determination. As Makenzie continues to grow and nurture her talents, her bright future seems full of promise and opportunities.

Early Life

Family Background

Makenzie Henson is the daughter of the well-known African-American author Sarah Jakes Roberts and former Washington Redskins linebacker Robert Henson. She comes from a family that holds a significant influence in the United States. Her grandfather, bishop TD Jakes, is a celebrated American bishop, author, and filmmaker. Makenzie shares her family life with her siblings, each of whom plays an essential role in their close-knit family dynamic.

Her siblings are Malachi Jakes, Ren Taylor Roberts, Teya Roberts, and Isaiah Roberts. Her mother and father separated in 2012. Following the divorce, her mother got married to Touré Roberts, who is now her step father.


In her pursuit of education, Makenzie attended Rock Canyon High School. As a young and driven individual, she participated in various activities that helped her grow intellectually and personally. Later on, she expanded her interests to include photography and printmaking. To hone her skills in these areas, she enrolled in the Colorado School of Acting, where she further developed her passion for the arts and made a name for herself in the process.



Makenzie Henson is an American photographer known for her skillful work in capturing moments, and her keen eye for detail. Her passion for photography has led her to develop her own style, focusing on capturing unique moments in an artistic manner. Although she is still relatively young, her talent and dedication to her craft have garnered her recognition among her peers and in the industry.


While there is no confirmed information about Makenzie Henson pursuing a career as an author, her mother, Sarah Jakes Robert, is a bestselling author known for her inspiring and thoughtful book titles. As Makenzie continues to grow and develop her talents, it remains to be seen if she will follow in her mother’s footsteps and venture into the world of writing.

Speaking Engagements

As the daughter of Sarah Jakes Roberts, an American author and motivational speaker, and granddaughter of T.D. Jakes, a globally-known bishop, author, and filmmaker, Makenzie Henson has had the unique opportunity to be surrounded by accomplished individuals in various fields. While it is unclear if Makenzie has had any speaking engagements of her own, it is possible that she could take up public speaking in the future, leveraging her family’s experience and her own insights.

Personal Life

Personal Interests

Makenzie Henson is a talented young artist with interests in photography and graphic arts. She has already gained recognition for her skills and showcases her work on social media platforms like Instagram. The celebrity daughter’s affinity for art goes beyond just photography, as she also enjoys printmaking, a versatile and intricate form of art with traditional and contemporary techniques. Makenzie’s passion for artistry has been instrumental in shaping her aspirations as an entrepreneur, pushing her to build a personal brand around her creativity.

Relationship Status

Makenzie Henson is known to be extremely private about her personal life. She hasn’t been very public about her relationship status, and therefore, information regarding her marital status and significant other remains mostly unknown to the public. As Makenzie cherishes her privacy, her followers and fans respect her choice to keep her love life away from the limelight.

Religious Beliefs

Born into a highly influential Christian family, Makenzie has grown up alongside her famous family members who are deeply devoted to their faith. Her mother, Sarah Jakes Roberts, is a best-selling American author and motivational speaker, and her father, Robert Henson, is a former NFL player. Makenzie is also the granddaughter of renowned pastor TD Jakes, who founded The Potter’s House, a prominent Christian megachurch.

With her family’s strong religious background, it is likely that Makenzie holds Christianity and its values close to her heart. While her religious beliefs have not been explicitly discussed, the influence her family has on her life speaks volumes about the place of faith in her upbringing and personal beliefs.

Online Presence

Makenzie Henson, the daughter of Sarah Jakes Roberts and former NFL linebacker Robert Henson, has attracted some attention due to her family’s fame. Although young, Makenzie has already garnered interest in her online presence, especially on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Given her talents in photography and printmaking, it comes as no surprise that Makenzie chooses to showcase her work on Instagram. Her account features a blend of personal moments, professional projects, and artistic expressions. She skillfully uses the platform to engage with her audience, displaying her creative side and allowing followers to catch a glimpse of her personal life.

On YouTube, Makenzie is not yet as prominent as on Instagram. However, her family’s prominence in the public sphere has led to her occasional appearances in videos related to her mother’s motivational speeches or her grandparents’ ministry work. These appearances have contributed to her online presence and widened her reach among viewers.

Overall, Makenzie Henson’s online presence demonstrates her artistic passions and her family’s influence. As she continues to grow, it is likely that her social media following will expand as well, allowing her to reach even greater heights in the digital world.

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