Marina Hanbury: Unveiling The Sister of The Scandal-shrouded Rose Hanbury

Real Name:Marina Jane Hanbury
Birthday:March 26, 1982
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:Wife of Edward Lambton, 7th Earl of Durham, Sister of Sarah Rose Hanbury

Marina Hanbury, a figure who has gracefully transitioned from the fashion world to the British peerage, is known for her marriage to Edward Lambton, 7th Earl of Durham. As a former model, her joining the nobility marks a fusion of contemporary allure and traditional prestige.

Her early visits to the grand Italian estate Villa Cetinale, during its 1990s prime, possibly foreshadowed her eventual transition into the aristocracy.

Being the sister of Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Marina has found her personal life and her family often the subject of public discussion, not always by their own volition.

Despite the attention, she manages to maintain a balance between her personal life, which includes raising her children in a nurturing environment and managing the responsibilities that come with her title.

Key Takeaways

  • Marina Hanbury, a former model, is married to Edward Lambton, 7th Earl of Durham.
  • She maintains a balance between her roles in the aristocracy and her private family life.
  • Her personal and family life have often attracted public interest.

Personal Background

The personal journey of Marina Hanbury weaves together her early beginnings and her professional endeavors.

With grace transitioning from a career in modeling to engaging in personal ventures, her narrative is as intriguing as it is distinguished.

Early Life

Marina Hanbury’s early years were marked by an upbringing that would quietly set the stage for her later public recognition.

She first stepped into the public eye alongside her sister, Rose Hanbury, when they were pictured with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2005. This exposure hints at an upbringing in proximity to notable figures and events, suggesting a life accustomed to the nuances of public spheres.


Having graced the fashion world as a former model, Marina Hanbury’s career trajectory has been notable.

Her modeling work, while not detailed in extensive records, likely developed her poise and presence, skills that would benefit her in any professional and social environment.

Post-modeling, Marina’s career path has been more private, shifting focus away from the public lens, with personal achievements and pursuits taking precedence over public accolades.

Relationships And Family

Marina Hanbury’s personal life is marked by her long-standing connections and the family she has built. A key figure in her life is Edward Lambton, 7th Earl of Durham, and together they have welcomed children into the world, each with their own place in the family’s dynamic.

Marital Ties

Marina Hanbury’s marriage to the Earl of Durham, also known as Ned Lambton, has been a notable aspect of her life since their wedding in January 2011.

Before her engagement to Ned Lambton, Marina was associated with a few notable figures, such as Lord Frederick Windsor.

Marina’s relationship with Lambton became official after a year-long engagement, following their meeting in 2009.

Her connection to nobility was further highlighted when Catherine Fitzgerald, the wife of actor Dominic West, designed Marina and Ned’s wedding.

Children And Family Dynamics

Marina and Ned Lambton are parents to a brood that includes:

  • Lady Stella Rose Lambton (born 2011)
  • The Hon. Claud Timothy Lambton (born 2015)
  • Lady Acony Belle Lambton (born 2017)

The family dynamics seem to be a rich tapestry of old and young, with the children spanning a range of ages.

Their eldest child, Stella, has already celebrated her twelfth birthday, indicating that she is stepping into her teenage years, which are full of growth and change.

Claud, the middle child, is enjoying his youth, while the youngest sibling, Acony Belle, brings the joy and wonder of early childhood to the family’s life.

Each child adds their unique energy to the Lambton household, making it a lively and loving home.

Social And Public Life

Marina Hanbury, a figure often highlighted by her high-profile connections and media presence, navigates a unique position within society’s gaze. As the sister of Rose Hanbury, she finds her social life intricately linked to the British royal family, making her a subject of public fascination.

High-Profile Connections

Marina Hanbury’s social landscape is partially defined by her sister’s close ties with the British royal family.

Rose Hanbury’s relationship with the royals, particularly her rumored ties to Prince William, has inevitably shone a spotlight on Marina.

As a result, she regularly finds herself amidst aristocratic circles, garnering her the label of a socialite within the upper echelons of British society.

Media Presence

Marina’s media presence is somewhat reactive to the current events surrounding her family.

With her sister at the center of various articles, Marina’s own life has garnered media scrutiny.

However, her interaction with the public through platforms like Instagram offers a glimpse into her personal life, allowing her to share her story directly.

This access gives her a modicum of control amidst the often-unpredictable waves of public attention.

Estates And Properties

Marina Hanbury, known for her connection to prominent British estates, has ties to properties that are rich in history and are often the topic of architectural admiration.

Ancestral Homes

The Lambton family’s historical presence is epitomized in Lambton Castle, a grand structure in the County of Durham.

As Marina is married to Edward Lambton, the 7th Earl of Durham, she is associated with this estate, though the castle itself is traditionally the family seat of the Earls of Durham.

Additionally, Marina has ties to Houghton Hall, not through ownership, but due to her sister being married to the owner, the Marquess of Cholmondeley.

It’s a remarkable piece of property reflecting the grandeur of the families.

Real Estate Ventures

Villa Cetinale, a 17th-century Tuscan villa, is part of the Lambtons’ property portfolio.

This Baroque villa, designed by architect Carlo Fontana, serves as a home to Marina and her husband, Ned, showcasing their interest in blending historical richness with personal living spaces.

It is often praised for its elegant Italianate gardens and splendid interior.

With Marina’s keen sense for aesthetics, it’s no surprise that Villa Cetinale is a place of beauty and a testament to the couple’s dedication to maintaining and cherishing historical properties.

Controversies And Public Interest

Marina Hanbury’s life has attracted public attention, not just for her family connections but also due to several controversies that have piqued media interest.

Relationship Speculations

Marina Hanbury, married to Ned Lambton, the Earl of Durham, has faced her share of public scrutiny.

The couple’s age gap—Ned being around 20 years older than Marina—has been a topic of gossip.

Furthermore, Marina’s sister, Rose Hanbury, is married to David Cholmondeley, the Marquess of Cholmondeley, which brought additional attention to the family when rumors circulated concerning Rose and Prince William.

These rumors also drew indirect attention to Marina, although she was not directly involved.

Legal And Estate Disputes

Legal issues have also cast a shadow over Marina’s life.

Upon Ned Lambton, her husband, inheriting the title of Earl of Durham and a significant inheritance, adjustments and disputes over the estate’s management inevitably followed.

Matters of inheritance can be complex, entangling family members in legal proceedings that often capture the public’s interest.

Indeed, the intersection of nobility, wealth, and family drama makes for a story that many find captivating.

Cultural Impact

Marina Hanbury has made significant strides in cultural spheres, especially through her engagement with the arts, media, and philanthropic efforts.

In The Arts And Media

Marina Hanbury’s influence within the arts and media is notable.

She has been associated with projects that involve distinguished figures such as Jools Holland, a well-respected musician and television presenter.

Her connection to personalities in the music industry speaks to her immersion in cultural endeavors. Her activities contribute to the enrichment of the arts by supporting platforms where artists can showcase their talents.

Philanthropy And Social Causes

Hanbury’s name is not unfamiliar in the world of charity. Her efforts extend to backing social causes that benefit communities.

Philanthropy for her is not just about giving back but fostering a culture of support and empowerment.

She understands the importance of cultural health in overall community well-being, making her a prominent figure in circles that aim to uplift through cultural engagement and charitable activities.

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