Market America| SHOP.COM Ranked 8th Largest Company in North Carolina

Each year, the Grant Thornton North Carolina 100 ranks the largest private companies based on revenue. This year, Market America|SHOP.COM was ranked 8th. This is compared to last year, when Market America was ranked 26th on the list, which they have been a part of for the past 13 years.

This data is compiled by Grant Thornton North Carolina 100 by looking at data from the past fiscal year from companies based in North Carolina. Out of the 100 businesses, Market America is ranked as the 8th largest company.

This huge jump in the ranks, and the honor of even being on this list to begin with, is thanks to innovation and community. For the past 26 years, Market America has changed the way people shop online as an internet marketing company specializing in one-to-one marketing. The company does this through its e-commerce site, SHOP.COM, its UnFranchise Model, and its Shopping Annuity program.

Market America currently employs over 700 people worldwide in countries such as Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Singapore.

The UnFranchise Model Is Changing the Lives of Entrepreneurs

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Market America’s UnFranchise Business Model is revolutionary because it helps the owners of UnFranchise and entrepreneurs grow and succeed. The whole model is built upon helping all people be successful business owners and follow their dreams. Market America thinks that people should be able to quit their 9-5 job that is draining them and actually do what they’re passionate about. Isn’t that the dream?

UnFranchise was built to help give entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell and grow their products. Along with a platform to sell, the UnFranchise model also helps entrepreneurs learn, and it even helps brand owners create 2-3 year plans to ensure success.

Training is vital to the success of all UnFranchise owners, because everyone needs and deserves to have guidance through a mentor. No one can truly grow if they don’t learn, and Market America assures that all of their UnFranchise owners are given that opportunity. All UnFranchise owners are provided with special trainings from business owners and a virtual mentor.

Along with a dedication to helping others become successful, this program’s growth is attributed to the accountability of its members. Through rules and regulations, Market America ensures that, if people follow the program, everyone will benefit. Market America helps provide individuals with all the tools they need, but it is up to the individuals to succeed. And succeed they do.

Another way that Market America helps support its UnFranchise owners is by providing customers with exclusive brands on SHOP.COM. This model has promoted growth for both entrepreneurs and the company’s brands and products. For example, the Motives brand, an award-winning cosmetics brand, has grown to two million followers on Instagram alone. And that’s not including sales. Not only does Market America allow for business growth, but brand recognition as well.

Jacki Blasko was able to quit her sales marketing job and became an UnFranchise owner. She and other members of her family, such as her son, now make a liveable and successful income thanks to UnFranchise. Jacki spends her days traveling and working on her own time and schedule. She has no boss she needs to answer to; she is her own boss. This story just goes to show how effective and promising this model can be as an empowering, multi-generational practice.

Jacki’s story is just one of many thousands of people who have been empowered through UnFranchise. Many of these people are now millionaires. The revolutionary business model is key to Market America’s growth and success, along with its groundbreaking shopping program.

Turning Spending into Profit

UnFranchise isn’t the only thing that has helped Market America grow. Another groundbreaking aspect of the company is its Shopping Annuity program. This program is designed to help customers turn their spending into earning. When using the e-commerce site SHOP.COM, consumers can earn cash back on their everyday purchases.

SHOP.COM is an e-commerce site that does more than just provide potential customers with products. It helps customers actually make money. Imagine earning money while you shop. That’s a dream that Market America has made a reality.

“By leveraging our collective purchasing power, we are helping people around the world generate residual income with the UnFranchise Business,” reads Market America’s website.

Market America|SHOP.COM not only provides customers with millions of popular retail brands, but it also provides access to exclusive brands of Market America as well. In total, SHOP.COM features over 60 million products. This includes a “SHOPLocal” page, where customers can get cash back at their favorite local places, including restaurants. Market America’s goal is to make SHOP.COM the only place you need to shop.

“We are a truly global business, connecting individuals economically and helping build success through teamwork and mutual support rather than competition,” says the Market America website.

The ideology of support and teamwork is foundational to the success and growth of Market America and a reason why it continues to grow among companies in North Carolina. The global viewpoint of growth also remains apparent through Market America’s multiple awards and plans for the future.

Growing the Future of Online Shopping

Along with ranking 8th on the Grant Thornton North Carolina 100, Market America|SHOP.COM has also been twice-awarded the Better Business Bureau’s “Ritchie Award for Marketplace Ethics,” and the 2018 Triad Business Journal’s “Fast 50” Award.

Market America|SHOP.COM continues to grow and implement new technologies to stay at the forefront of online shopping. The company is not only creating a revolutionary shopping experience for all, but continues to help any person who hopes to make their dream of running a business a reality.

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