Matt Ox: Charting the Rise of a Young Rap Prodigy

Real Name:Matthew Grau
Birthday:December 13, 2004
Net Worth:$400,000
Height:158 cm
Occupation:American Rapper, Singer

Matthew Christopher Grau, professionally known as Matt Ox, is a young Philadelphia-born talent who has made a considerable impact on the American rap scene. Since his rise to fame with the hit single “Overwhelming” in 2017, Matt Ox has been a fresh face in the music industry, emblematic of the new generation of internet-bred artists. His unique style and youthful energy have caught the attention of both fans and fellow musicians alike.

Emerging from the vibrant Philly rap community, Matt Ox has garnered attention not only for his solo work but also for notable collaborations. His feature on the platinum-certified track “$$$” from XXXTentacion’s album “?” adds to his career milestones. At a young age, Matt Ox showcases a growing mastery of his craft, distinguished by his ability to resonate with a broad audience through his music and online presence.

Early Life and Origins

Born on December 13, 2004, Matt Ox is a Philly native whose early beginnings in music were both unorthodox and impressive, shaping his path to becoming a young talent in the rap industry.

Philadelphia Roots

Matt Ox was born as Matthew Grau in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up in the Lawncrest area, a place that no doubt contributed to the gritty realism and authenticity that would later shine through in his music. Philadelphia’s cultural backdrop, known for its rich musical heritage, provided an influential environment for young Matt.

Early Exposure to Music

From a young age, Matt Ox encountered music as a powerful form of expression. His early exposure was not through traditional means—there were no high-profile music schools or classical training in his narrative. Instead, his initiation into music was through the vibrant soundscapes of his Philadelphia neighborhood and the internet, where he found a platform to share his voice with the world. His rapid rise to fame began with viral tracks that resonated with a global audience, starting with his breakout single, “Overwhelming,” which catapulted into the limelight almost overnight.

Rise to Fame

Matt Ox’s journey to stardom in the music industry began with an explosion of viral success and was marked by significant collaborations that propelled him into the limelight.

Viral Success

In 2017, at just 12 years old, Matt Ox catapulted to fame with his single “Overwhelming.” The music video, which showcased the young rapper flanked by fidget spinners, became a sensation almost overnight. The track was produced by Working on Dying, a Philadelphia-based production team known for their work with various hip-hop artists. Matt Ox’s quick rise was a testament to the power of social media platforms and digital dissemination in creating viral hits.


2018 was a milestone year for Matt Ox as he featured on the track “$$$,” a collaboration with the late rapper XXXTentacion. Their song appeared on XXXTentacion’s album ‘?’, which further increased Matt Ox’s exposure and credibility in the hip-hop community. The partnership with one of the genre’s most talked-about figures at the time allowed Matt Ox to reach a wider audience and solidified his place in the rap scene.

Musical Style

Matt Ox’s musical style is a sonic exploration that showcases a blend of dark sound textures and unorthodox style. His music is often distinguished by its cutting-edge beats and progressive trap influences.

Sound and Influences

Matt Ox is noted for his dark sound which plays a pivotal role in defining his musical identity. His production style frequently involves the use of haunting melodies and sharp percussions, creating an atmospheric yet rugged sonic environment. The young rapper has drawn influences from various artists, but it’s clear that Chief Keef‘s drill movement has left a lasting impact on his music, integrating aggressive beats with a melodic flow.

One of the key figures behind Matt Ox’s sound is Oogie Mane, a producer with whom he frequently collaborates. Oogie Mane is a part of the Working on Dying production team and is known for crafting beats that fuse elements of trap with eclectic and experimental vibes. This collaboration has been crucial for carving out Matt Ox’s niche within the hip-hop genre.

Dark Trap Music

The subgenre of Dark Trap Music encapsulates Matt Ox’s style. His music, characterized by its heavy use of bass and dark atmosphere, aligns well with the hallmarks of the genre. The lyrics often touch on gritty real-life experiences and introspective themes, delivered over beats that complement his tales with an appropriate soundscape. This alignment with dark trap further solidifies his standing in the music scene as an artist who isn’t afraid to experiment with brooding tones and themes.

Career Highlights

Matt Ox’s career in the music industry has seen significant milestones, most notably his viral single “Overwhelming” and his debut album, which marked his solid entry into the rap scene. He has since expanded his discography with follow-up projects that continue to establish his presence in the music world.

Debut Album ‘OX’

Released in 2018, Matt Ox’s debut album titled ‘OX’ showcased his capabilities as a young artist in the rap genre. The album features a variety of sounds and guest appearances from established artists. It served as a follow-up to his viral hit “Overwhelming” that took the internet by storm in 2017, further solidifying his place in the rap industry.

Follow-Up Projects

Since his debut album, Matt Ox has continued to produce music that resonates with his growing audience. His subsequent releases have included singles and collaborations that highlight his evolution as an artist. He has maintained his momentum in the industry, following up on the success of his earlier work with consistent creative output.

Industry Relationships and Collaborations

Matt Ox’s career has been marked by notable alliances with influential artists and production entities. These professional relationships have significantly contributed to his burgeoning discography and presence in the music industry.

Work With Established Artists

Matt Ox has capitalized on opportunities to work with established artists, demonstrating his adaptability and appeal among different music styles. A prominent collaboration was with the late XXXTentacion on the track “$$$,” which showcased his versatility and helped elevate his status within the music scene. Additionally, his rumored studio time with Lil Uzi Vert, another Philadelphia rap star, suggests an ongoing pattern of networking with local talents who have a national impact.

Producing Partnerships

On the production front, Matt Ox understands the value of teaming up with skilled producers to shape his experimental sound. Although specific partnerships with key figures like Key!, Lancey Foux, or Valee have not been confirmed through the provided information, affiliations with such artists could further diversify his music production range and audience reach. Moreover, his alignment with Motown Records in the past signifies his involvement with established music industry structures, which can provide valuable production support and resources for his creative projects.

Personal Branding and Public Image

Matt Ox’s personal branding and public image are marked by a consistent media presence and a distinctive style that encapsulates his persona in the music industry. These elements define how he is perceived by the public and his fan base.

Media Presence

Matt Ox maintains a robust media presence, particularly through music videos which serve as a primary avenue for his artistic expression. His music videos often incorporate themes of flexing, showcasing his achievements and lifestyle, which is a common motif in the rap genre. The visuals complement the hooks of his tracks, reinforcing the catchiness and the overall message of his music.

Style and Public Perception

Style is central to Matt Ox’s public image. He has developed a unique aesthetic that often includes references to gang culture, although it’s executed in a nuanced manner that aligns with his brand. This style, juxtaposed with his youth, creates a distinctive public perception that distinguishes him in the hip-hop community. His style, both in fashion and in music, resonates with a younger demographic, contributing to his appeal and recognition in the industry.

Artistic Impact and Legacy

Matthew Christopher Grau, known professionally as Matt Ox, made a notable entrance into the music scene with an early start and distinct style that has influenced the rap genre significantly. At a young age, he carved a niche within the industry that reflected both his talents and Philadelphia roots.

Influence on the Rap Genre

Matt Ox has been recognized for his unique contributions to the rap genre. His breakthrough single “Overwhelming” showcased his ability to create a viral hit with wide appeal. The Philadelphia native’s style incorporates a mix of trap beats and expressive lyrics, resonating with a diverse audience. Collaborations with artists like Unotheactivist and Playboi Carti further expanded his influence within the industry, positioning Ox as a connector among distinct rap subcultures.

Role as a Young Talent in the Industry

As a young talent, Ox began influencing the music industry before reaching the age of 16, often being referenced as the “Sweet 16” phenom of Philadelphia. His rapid ascent demonstrates the changing landscape of the music industry where age is no longer a barrier to success. Ox’s trajectory has paved the way for other young artists, showing that with skill and the right digital platform, emerging artists can achieve considerable success early in life. His legacy is partly defined by his initiative to engage with the hip hop scene as a serious contender while still in the formative stages of his life and career.

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