Maya Oakley: Carrying on the Family’s Name

Maya Oakley, born on December 2, 1998, in the Yukon, Canada, may be best known as the daughter of Dr Michelle Oakley, the star of the TV series “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” on Nat Geo Wild. However, she has also made a name for herself through her appearance in her mother’s show and her numerous personal achievements. As of 2023, Maya Oakley is 24 years old and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Throughout her young life, Maya has showcased her resilience and determination in the face of adversity, most notably by overcoming a serious illness. Despite facing numerous challenges, she has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude and spirit, earning her recognition and admiration from fans of the show.

In addition to appearing on the show with her mother and sister, Maya has built a strong social media presence, sharing glimpses of her life and adventures with her thousands of followers. Her journey of lifestyle and resilience serves as an inspiration to many and sets her apart as an individual to watch in the years to come.

Early Life

Maya Oakley was born on December 2, 1998, in Haines Junction, a small town in the Yukon, Canada. She grew up surrounded by nature and animals, as her parents owned a farm with horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and pigs. Her love for animals was kindled early on, thanks to the environment she was raised in.

Her mother, Dr Michelle Oakley, is a well-known veterinarian and the star of the TV series “Dr Oakley, Yukon Vet” on Nat Geo Wild. Dr. Oakley is the only veterinarian in their region, making her a significant influence on Maya’s life. This exposure not only helped Maya develop a deep understanding of the animal world but also gave her a close relationship with her mother.

Maya has two sisters, Sierra and Willow, who share her love for animals. Sierra, who was born in 1996, graduated in 2019 from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia with a pre-med degree, while Willow is the youngest in the family. Together, the siblings grew up learning the importance of compassion, care, and responsibility towards animals.

Throughout her early life, Maya faced numerous challenges, including a serious illness. Despite these adversities, she consistently demonstrated resilience and a positive outlook, which have been key aspects of her upbringing in the Oakley family.


Maya Oakley is a bright and determined young woman who has received a quality education both academically and practically. She chose to pursue her higher education at the University of Western Ontario. This well-regarded institution is located in London, Ontario, Canada, and is often referred to as Western University.

While studying at the University of Western Ontario, Maya has been focused on her academics. Although her exact major or area of study has not been disclosed, it’s evident from her background and family’s profession that she has a strong interest in the veterinary sciences. It is possible that she is pursuing a Pre-Vet degree, or perhaps a Bachelor of Science in a related field.

Maya’s sister, Sierra, attended St. Francis Xavier University and completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Med in May 2019. This indicates that the Oakley siblings have an affinity for science, animals, and medicine, which is a testament to their upbringing.

The Oakley family hails from Haines Junction, a small town in the Yukon, Canada. Growing up in this rural environment only served to strengthen Maya’s interest in wildlife and conservation, and likely influenced her decision to prioritize her education in these areas.

In conclusion, while the full extent of Maya Oakley’s education is not entirely known, her affiliations with the University of Western Ontario and her family’s connection to the veterinary and medical fields make it clear that she is a driven and dedicated student in her chosen field of study.

Allegiance to Activism

Maya Oakley is more than just a young woman passionate about helping animals and following in her mother’s footsteps as a veterinarian. She has also shown a deeply rooted commitment to activism and using her platform for positive change. In recent years, Maya has taken on various causes and lent her voice to promote them.

Having been raised in the vast and rugged landscapes of Canada, Maya has a unique understanding of the importance of environmental preservation. This understanding has driven her to influence policy changes that will protect the natural beauty of her homeland and sustain it for future generations. She has consistently used her platform to promote awareness of the importance of conservation and responsible wildlife management.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Maya Oakley demonstrated her unwavering commitment to social causes by supporting various charities and organizations providing essential resources to those most affected by the crisis. Though her primary focus lies in environmental and animal welfare, she has shown that her heart extends to various humanitarian causes that aim to uplift and empower the most vulnerable.

In response to the events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, Maya took a stand and contributed to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. By doing so, she exemplified her dedication to fighting for freedom, justice, and equality for all. As an advocate for these issues, she lent her support to this crucial cause that resonated with individuals globally, including her native Canada and across the pond in London.

Maya Oakley’s journey of activism is a testament to her resilience and genuine care for social, environmental, and humanitarian issues. Her tireless efforts to make a difference exemplify what it means to be both knowledgeable and passionate about the causes dear to her heart. Through her words and actions, Maya continues to make the world a better place in her own unique way.


Maya Oakley has had various experiences in her life that have shaped her career. She is the daughter of Dr. Michelle Oakley, a highly respected Canadian veterinarian known for her work in animal care and for hosting the popular television series “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” on Nat Geo Wild. Maya’s father, Shane Oakley, supports and enhances the family’s passion for animals and their well-being.

Growing up in the presence of a skilled veterinarian like Dr. Michelle Oakley, Maya had the opportunity to learn much about veterinary medicine and practice. Her appearances on the “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” show allowed her to witness firsthand the challenges and rewards of caring for animals in need. These experiences have undoubtedly contributed to her knowledge and skills in working with animals.

In addition to her mother’s influence, Maya’s sister, Sierra Oakley, has also pursued a career in veterinary medicine. The two sisters have undoubtedly learned a great deal from each other in terms of knowledge, skills, and the dedication required for the profession. Both Maya and Sierra have worked as veterinary assistants, gaining valuable experience within the veterinary field.

While Maya’s primary career has not been focused solely on veterinary medicine, she has had a successful and well-rounded journey thus far. Through her various experiences and exposure to the field of veterinary medicine, Maya has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to care for animals in need. This knowledge, combined with her innate skills and family support, has allowed her to make a positive impact on the lives of animals and those who care for them.

TV Appearances

Maya Oakley is best known for her appearances on the reality television show, “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet,” which airs on Nat Geo Wild. The TV series features Maya’s mother, Dr. Michelle Oakley, a renowned Canadian veterinarian, and their family as they care for various animals in the Yukon Territory.

While not the main focus of the show, Maya has made multiple appearances as a veterinarian assistant, showcasing her passion for animals and her commitment to helping her mother in the family’s veterinary clinic. Her role in the series has given her the opportunity to not only learn from Dr. Oakley but also gain invaluable experience in the world of animal care.

Throughout her time on the show, Maya has been involved in numerous animal treatments and procedures, helping with minor surgeries, assisting in wildlife rescues, and providing care for various animals in their natural habitats. These experiences have also allowed her to demonstrate her skills and knowledge as a veterinarian assistant, highlighting her determination to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

“Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” is part of National Geographic’s lineup, specifically tailored for Nat Geo Wild, a channel dedicated to exploring the lives of wild animals and the people who care for them. The show has allowed Maya Oakley to gain visibility as a TV personality, garnering attention not just for her connection to her mother but also for her contributions to the field of veterinary medicine.

In addition to her appearances on “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet,” Maya has used her platform to raise awareness about animal welfare and the importance of veterinary care. This spotlight has enabled her to carve a niche for herself in the world of television and establish a solid foundation for her future endeavors in both animal care and the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Maya Oakley, born on December 2, 1998, is the daughter of Dr. Michelle Oakley, a renowned veterinarian and the star of the TV series “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” on Nat Geo Wild. Growing up in Haines Junction, Yukon, Maya was surrounded by nature and animals, as her family owned a farm with horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and pigs.

In terms of relationships, Maya’s current relationship status remains private, and there is no public information regarding a boyfriend or if she is married. As the focus of her public life centers around her family and the TV show, details about her personal relationships and beliefs, such as her religious affiliations like being Christian, are not widely known.

Regarding her net worth, there is no specific information available, but it can be assumed that her appearances on the TV show and her association with her mother’s successful career might have contributed to her financial situation.

One of Maya Oakley’s distinguishing features is her physical appearance. While her exact height and weight are not publicly disclosed, Maya is often seen on the show displaying a fit and healthy stature, likely influenced by the active and outdoor-centered lifestyle she experienced growing up in Yukon.

Maya has two sisters, and together they make up the three daughters of Dr. Michelle Oakley. As of now, there is no information suggesting that any of her sisters are firefighters or pursuing a career related to firefighting.

In conclusion, Maya Oakley leads a life deeply connected to nature, animals, and her family. While some aspects of her personal life remain private, her experiences and appearances on the TV show “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” have made her an interesting and inspiring figure to the show’s audience.

Social Media Presence

Maya Oakley’s presence on social media, particularly Instagram, has played a significant role in promoting her artwork. She has gained popularity online through sharing her creations filled with bright colors and quirky motifs. These distinctive features in her work showcase her upbeat perspective on life, which comes across clearly in her artistic style.

On Instagram, Maya not only shares her art but also provides insights into her personal life and experiences. This openness has allowed her to connect with her audience and develop a loyal following. It is through these social media platforms that she has successfully managed to sell a number of her artworks.

In addition to her own artwork, Maya utilizes her Instagram account to support and promote her mother, Dr. Michelle Oakley, the main cast member of the Nat Geo Wild series ‘Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet’. This has led to more visibility for her family’s work in the field of veterinary medicine and also contributed to Dr. Michelle Oakley becoming a well-recognized figure on television.

Overall, Maya Oakley’s engagement with social media, specifically Instagram, has been instrumental in her online success. It has provided a valuable platform for her to showcase her artistic talents and support her family’s work, while also giving her audience a glimpse into her resilient personality.

Animal Care

Maya Oakley, the 24-year-old daughter of Dr. Michelle Oakley, a renowned veterinarian and host of the popular reality TV show, Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, is an emerging figure in the animal care industry. Raised in a family dedicated to animal welfare, Maya has naturally been exposed to various aspects of veterinary medicine.

As a vet technician, Maya has gained hands-on experience in animal clinics, working closely with her mother. In particular, she has learned to care for a variety of animals, both domestic and wild. Her commitment to animals in need is evident through her work in the Yukon Territory of Canada.

Being an animal lover, Maya has a special interest in animal advocacy. She supports the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a non-profit organization that provides bail funds for animal-related causes. Her concern for the well-being of animals transcends species, whether a household dog or wildlife inhabitants found in the wild terrains of the Yukon.

Growing up in a family that embodies veterinary practices has led Maya to respect the interconnectedness of all living creatures. Her exposure to diverse animal treatments for wildlife such as moose, bears, and migratory birds, as well as household pets like dogs, cats, and farm animals, has contributed to her growing expertise.

In summary, Maya Oakley’s upbringing and experiences have fostered her love for animals and passion for animal care. Through her work in animal clinics, advocacy, and commitment to animal welfare, Maya stands as a rising figure in the world of veterinary medicine and animal care.

Written by Alexander