Meghan Brock – How Much Do You Know About David Johnson’s Wife?

Real Name:Meghan Tara Brock
Birthday:March 1, 1993
Net Worth:N/A
Height:157 cm
Occupation:American Nurse, Wife of David Johnson

David Johnson is a big name in American football. But how much do you know about his celebrity wife? When you are a famous person like David, people naturally want to know more about your personal life. And that includes spouses, siblings, children, and so on. Meghan Brock is a certified nurse. You might think she will never make it to the media spotlight.

But this is what happens when you get married to a celebrity. Her husband is a running back in the NFL, and a good one. Do you want to know more about her childhood, early life, educational background, professional career, and relationship with Johnson? Read on!

Who Is Her Husband?

First, we have to talk about her famous husband. Born David Jerome Johnson Sr. in December 1991, he is an American football running back currently playing for the New Orleans Saints. Johnson was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Johnson attended Clinton High School in Clinton, Iowa, where he was a three-sport star. He played football, track, and basketball. Eventually, he settled in with baseball, playing as a running back and defensive back for the River Kings high school football team. There, he set numerous school records.

As a senior, Johnson led Clinton to an 11-1 record while accounting for a record 42 touchdowns. But we want to appreciate his athletic ability even more. Here is a fun fact. In track and field, he was a two-time Drake and state qualifier and earned second-place finishes in 4 x 200 and 4 x 400 relays at the 2009 Drake Relays. In the 100-meter dash, he recorded a personal best time of 11.03 seconds.

Johnson played college football at the University of Northern Iowa. There, after a standout career, he declared for the 2015 NFL draft. Projected to be a second or third-round pick, he was selected 86th overall by the Arizona Cardinals.

Johnson was the seventh running back to be selected that year. Originally, the Cardinals wanted to draft Ameer Abdullah from Nebraska, but the Detroit Lions snatched him with the 54th overall pick.

After getting drafted, David signed a four-year, $2.9 million contract with the team and opened the season as the fourth-string running back. He played behind veterans Andre Ellington, Chris Johnson, and Stepfan Taylor.

In his second season, Johnson experienced a breakout season, posting 15 straight games with at least 100 yards from scrimmage, matching Barry Sanders’s longest single-season streak in NFL history.

Besides playing for the Cardinals, Johnson has also played for the Houston Texans, and recently for the New Orleans Saints.

He is also the founder of the Johnson Family’s Mission 31 Foundation. It is an organization trying to provide opportunities, support, and resources to seriously ill children and their families. The organization offers daily support and life-changing experiences.

Quick Bio

Now let’s go back to his wife, Meghan Brock, a certified nurse. She was born in March 1993, meaning he is the older guy in the relationship. Born Meghan Tara Brock in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Meghan hasn’t shared much about her childhood. But you can see the connection there, they both spent time at Iowa University.

Meghan hasn’t revealed information about her parents, siblings, or anything more about her early life. We do know a thing or two about her educational background.

Brock went to Cedar Falls High School during a period she was a cheerleader for the team. After matriculation, she enrolled at the University of Northern Iowa. But she also attended a nursing course at Kirkwood.

Soon after finishing her education, Megan started her professional career, working as a nurse at New Aldaya Lifescapes. It is a nursing home.

But she has recently focused more on her family life than her career. After all, her celebrity husband earns a decent amount of money, so she can focus on the family.

Meghan Johnson is the pretty blonde hanging with the former Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson. She even appears in the Arizona Cardinals TV documentary, All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals.

In the documentary, Meghan is featured alongside her husband David, and their black Labrador Emmit. They are shown as settling down in Arizona. Brock’s charming personality is among the highlights of the documentary.

At the time the documentary was made, Brock was still “just the girlfriend”.

Marriage And Relationship With David Johnson

As we said before, Meghan and David spent time at Iowa University. In fact, they attended the same university. And that is where they met. Meghan celebrated her 19th birthday with a party, and that is when she met David.

He took the first step, and their relationship has been growing ever since. Three years after they started their relationship, David popped the question and the two became engaged in June 2015.

Their story is an amazing one, showing how a single choice can shape your destiny. Johnson got offered a scholarship at Illinois State, but he chose to enroll at the University of Northern Iowa, where he met his future wife.

He pursued her during a health promotion class that they both attended. And then at her 19th birthday party, David took the first step.

In January 2017, they welcomed their first son, David Jerome Johnson Jr. But Meghan’s pregnancy wasn’t smooth, she experienced several problems.

A few months after exchanging marital vows, Meghan and her husband announced they were expecting their first child. They shared details of the pregnancy online.

During her first pregnancy, Brock suffered from a serious blood pressure disorder called preeclampsia. Some of the problems following her during her first pregnancy included swollen ankles and complications during childbirth. Her son spent a few days in the neonatal intensive care unit, while she was on bed rest.

Speaking about his wife, David once said, “She is hard on me all the time. She’s the one who’s telling me I had a fumble or I missed some catches, and she’s learning. That’s what happens. She started learning and so now she’s able to talk to me about the plays that I messed up on”.

Meghan is Johnson’s biggest critique and supporter. He says, “She’ll praise me. She is my biggest supporter and she’ll praise me, but she knows me. I am always trying to see what I messed up and she’ll let me know”.

Is She On Social Media?

Meghan does have an Instagram account with 18.5k followers. Her husband, on the other hand, is quite active on Instagram and Twitter. You can follow him and sometimes, he will post updates about his wife and family. David has more than 191k followers on his Instagram account.

Running A Successful Foundation

Meghan and David know firsthand how difficult their first pregnancy was. After the difficult experience, they founded the charity Mission 31 Foundation, raising funds for children with health problems.

The organization tries to provide opportunities, support, and resources to seriously ill children and their families.

Net Worth

As we said before, Meghan Brock is a nurse who in the past few years has put a bigger emphasis on her family life. Her husband, NFL running back David Johnson is the one responsible for money in the home.

David has earned a decent amount of money from his NFL career. For example, his last contract with Houston Texas paid him $5 million for one year. With that in mind, he has a net worth of $5 million as of April 2023. But that should increase in the upcoming years.

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