Melanie Lynn Clapp -Net Worth, Career And Personal Life

Real Name:Melanie Lynn Clapp
Net Worth:$500.000
Occupation:American Fashion Designer, Ex-wife of Johnny Knoxville

Melanie Lynn Clapp is not only known for her success in the fashion industry, but she is more famously recognized as the former wife of producer and actor, Johnny Knoxville. Despite her success in the highly competitive and challenging world of fashion and cloth design, her former husband’s fame rubbed off on her. Details about her life are kept private, but she is known to be a very strong and independent woman who balances her personal and professional life with some finesse.

Early Life & Education

Melanie Lynn Clapp is an American fashion designer born in the United States. Her exact birth date, birthplace, and other information about her birth and upbringing, including the names of her parents, are not known to the public. Melanie does not share information about her personal life with media outlets, and due to this, we can only imagine how her life was growing up. There is also no information available regarding her educational background.


Melanie Lynn is professionally recognized as a fashion designer. However, this is yet another aspect of her life that seems to be shrouded in mystery. Her previous or current work engagements are unknown. It is only speculated that the designer is experiencing some success in her career.

On the other hand, her former husband, Johnny Knoxville, is quite a popular figure in Hollywood. He is well-loved and appreciated for his acting and production over the years, and this has led him to have a great career.

Johnny is the co-owner of a production company called Dickhouse. He shares ownership with Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jonze. The company started business in 2014 and is closely linked with Paramount pictures. Some of the company’s most recognized works include Mat Hoffman’s documentary The Birth of Big Air, and The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, which was released in 2010. Johnny is also associated with another production company called Hello Junior.

In his acting career, Johnny is a very charming and skilled actor. He has displayed his humor and outstanding acting skills in several movies, including Men in Black II, The Dukes of Hazzard, and many others.

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Personal Life

Melanie is most popular for her relationship with Johnny Knoxville. Their dating history is not clearly detailed to the media and fans, but the couple went on to get married on 15 May 1995. A year later, in 1996, the couple welcomed their daughter as the newest member of their family.

Around the time the couple met, Johnny Knoxville was struggling with a gambling addiction.  His addiction was so serious that he even gambled away their marriage money, and the couple had to settle for a less expensive plan. They ended up tying the knot at a cheap place due to costs. The producer’s addiction had been a long time problem, and Melanie did her best to help her then-husband get through that difficult phase of his life.

Johnny finally started to make a recovery from addiction when his daughter, Madison Clapp, came along in 1996. Unfortunately, the happy family was later disrupted in the same year, after Johnny filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized in March 2008. When asked about the unfortunate incident, Johnny and Melanie both cited irreconcilable disputes as to the reason behind their split. It was hard to tell if the couple had any lingering issues in their marriage, apart from Johnny’s addiction.

After the divorce, the duo moved on with their lives. Johnny started dating Naomi Nelson for a while before they exchanged marital vows in 2010. The two are now happily married and have a kid together. On the other hand, Melanie lives away from the media attention in Los Angeles with her daughter. As of the time of this article, Melanie is not known to have dated or gotten into any relationships with other people. She is raising Madison as a single mother, but she shares joint custody of her daughter with Johnny Knoxville.

Net Worth

Melanie still actively pursues her career as a professional fashion designer. The fashion business is a very profitable one, so it is expected that Melanie earns a decent amount of money from her endeavors. Melanie Lynn Clapp’s fortune is estimated to be over US$500.000.

However, her former husband, the Hollywood actor, comedian, and producer, Johnny Knoxville, has a fortune of over $80 million as of 2020. In 2004, he worked on the film Walking Tall, which earned him a large sum of $5 million as his salary. In 2008, his Florida home was sold for a whopping $1.8 million. Johnny was also known to drive around in his Audi Q5, which is worth almost half a million dollars.

After the divorce, it is expected that Melanie must have gotten a part of his wealth as a divorce settlement. While the exact sum of money is unknown, the settlement amount, spousal support amount, and child support are definitely going, to sum up into a huge amount of money.

Also, seeing as Melanie is still actively working, she can amass more wealth.


The world of fashion and clothing is a vast and competitive one with so many names more popular than the rest. Melanie Lynn Clapp is one of those fashion professionals whose names outshine several thousands of other names, yet she is still quite unknown for her career. However, her failed married to the popular Hollywood actor, comedian, and producer, Johnny Knoxville in 1995 threw her into the spotlight. These days she is easily recognized as Johnny’s former life.

During their time together, Melanie was a great support and help to Johnny, who was battling his addiction to gambling. Melanie was so loving and devoted that even after The Dukes of Hazzard actor gambled away their wedding money, she still got married to him in a cheap ceremony. The couple stayed married until their divorce in March 2008.

Melanie’s life is a very private one, so many details about her remain unknown. She lives comfortably and happily with her daughter Madison and is hardly ever in the news. However, please stick with us to stay updated about the fashion designer’s life.

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