The Unsettling Case of Mikayla Jones: A Call for Justice

Amidst the tranquility of a rural town in Washington County, Missouri, a disquieting story unfolded on May 5th, 2021. Mikayla Jones, an 18-year-old local, was reportedly found lifeless under dubious circumstances. This tumultuous event set off a chain of reactions, inciting a quest for truth, justice, and closure that continues to this day.

A Grim Discovery

In the early days of May 2021, the local community was rattled by the disappearance of a young woman named Mikayla Jones. Her sudden absence was a shock to the close-knit community of this rural town, but the distress was only beginning. On a fateful day, two men, Andrew Pierce (33) and Ethan Civey (27), made a chilling disclosure. They claimed to have found Mikayla’s lifeless body, a victim of an apparent drug overdose.

However, instead of alerting the authorities or seeking immediate medical intervention, they wrapped her body in a comforter and discarded it in the trunk of a car. The car was then abandoned on the side of a secluded highway, where Mikayla’s body lay unnoticed for two weeks.

Evidence Tampering and Suspicion

Pierce and Civey attempted to erase any trace of Mikayla’s presence in their home. They allegedly destroyed her cell phone and concealed any possible evidence that could link them to her untimely demise. Another individual, Briley Brackett, who allegedly brought Mikayla to this house, has not been charged. However, the authorities and the community harbor strong suspicion that she may know more than she has revealed.

All three individuals have been accused of providing false information to the authorities and to Mikayla’s family when queried about her whereabouts. This act of misleading the investigation has added another layer of complexity to the already convoluted case.

Autopsy Findings and Legal Proceedings

To shed light on the circumstances surrounding Mikayla’s death, her family privately commissioned an autopsy performed by Dr Jane Turner. The autopsy report presented significant contradictions to the initial overdose narrative.

Despite the presence of a trace amount of Methamphetamine and Fentanyl in Mikayla’s system, Dr. Turner pointed out that the amount was not lethal. Furthermore, the autopsy revealed multiple contusions on Mikayla’s lower extremities and a fractured skull. Consequently, Dr. Turner suggested a possible homicide, given the conflicting evidence and circumstances.

Over a year has passed since Mikayla’s tragic demise, and her case has been transferred to the Attorney General’s office in St. Louis. The transfer came after the original prosecuting attorney stepped down. However, the investigation’s progress has been lackluster at best, with only a brief period of active inquiry during the initial weeks following Mikayla’s disappearance and after Pierce’s confession.

The Charges and the Community’s Outcry

As of May 17, 2022, the Jones family has met with the Attorney General’s Office for the first time since they took over the case in April. The office has decided to maintain the current charges against the accused, which include abandonment of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence.

However, the community and the Jones family believe that this is not enough. They have started a signature campaign, calling upon the Attorney General to utilize their resources for a thorough investigation into Mikayla’s case. They argue that Mikayla deserves justice, and any information connected to her case should be considered essential.

The Sheriff’s Take on the Case

Washington County Sheriff Zach Jacobsen expressed his disappointment and anger at the individuals involved in the case. He labeled them as “cowards” for abandoning Mikayla instead of seeking help. He pointed out that Missouri’s Good Samaritan law could have protected them from legal repercussions if they had reported the overdose.

Sheriff Jacobsen confirmed that Andrew Franklin Pierce and Ethan Civey face charges for evidence tampering, abandonment of a corpse, and hindering prosecution. A third suspect, though not named or charged as of the writing, is also under scrutiny.

The Good Samaritan Law

The Good Samaritan law in Missouri provides immunity from prosecution to individuals who, in good faith, seek medical assistance for someone experiencing a drug overdose. Sheriff Jacobsen commented that the accused, despite potentially being in possession of a large quantity of illegal substances, would have been protected by this law had they reported Mikayla’s overdose.

An Ongoing Investigation

While the case continues to unfold, Mikayla’s family remains hopeful for justice. They have tirelessly provided information to assist in the investigation and have been persistent in their demand for a comprehensive and transparent inquiry into her death. The community, too, stands firm in their support, echoing the sentiment that Mikayla Jones does matter, and her untimely death should not be overlooked.

A Mother’s Plea

Mikayla’s mother, Stacie Jones, released a heartfelt statement expressing her gratitude to the community for their support. She described the pain of losing a child as “unbearable” and affirmed her belief in seeing her daughter again. She also expressed her hope for justice and urged anyone with information about Mikayla’s case to come forward.

Over the years, there have been many pleas on social media for justice about Mikayla.


The mysterious circumstances surrounding Mikaylas case and death have ignited a community’s call for justice. The young woman’s life was abruptly cut short, leaving behind numerous unanswered questions. As her family continues to fight for justice, their efforts serve as a stark reminder of the importance of thorough investigations and the pursuit of truth. As the case proceeds, it is everyone’s hope that the truth surrounding Mikayla’s untimely death will finally come to light.

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