Montana of 300 – Net Worth, Career Ups and Downs

Real Name:Walter Anthony "Tony" Bradford
Birthday:March 3, 1989
Net Worth:$3 million
Height:185 cm
Occupation:American Rapper, Singer and Songwriter

They call him Mr. Hollywood now. Montana of 300 made his acting debut as a prisoner on Empire, the popular drama series on Fox. But he is an American rapper famous for his dreads and many tattoos. Montana rapped in the episode of Empire, and that is what he does best. How much is Montana of 300 cash flow? Let’s take a look at his career journey.

Born as Walter Anthony “Tony” Bradford, Montana of 300 is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Nowadays, he goes by the name Montana only. Born in Chicago, he released his debut studio album in 2016.

In his rap style, Montana incorporates trap, drill beats, R&B, and makes remixes to songs that include religious subtext.

Fun fact: Montana releases his album every year on May 20. There is no confirmation about the significance of the date. As of August 2020, Montana of 300 net worth is more than $3 million.

Career Ups and Downs

Born in 1989 in Peoria, Illinois, Tony has two brothers and three sisters. He started rapping at the young age of 15. In his childhood, he listened to artists like DMX, Lil Wayne, 2pac, and Jay Z. He had a rough childhood. Montana’s parents suffered from substance abuse. His father suffered from alcohol abuse and his mother from crack cocaine abuse.

Because of his rough childhood and witnessing first-hand the struggles of substance abuse, Montana ceased using narcotics. He said he doesn’t want to fry his brain.

In 2008, Tony and his friends from high school formed the rap group 300. It is a reference to their high school, Montelle Talley, or also popular as Talley of 300. They also based the name of the group on the movie 300. It is a movie of 300 Spartans overcoming more than 300,000 Persian soldiers to hold their ground.

Montana says he got inspired by the quote “No surrender, no retreat, only the hard, only the strong, Against all odds”. After rapping for fun with his friends, Montana started releasing music in the 2010s.

He released his first mixtape in 2014, titled Cursed with a Blessing. His fame started to rise after appearing in an episode of Empire in September 2015.

By December 2015, Montana and his Talley of 300 friends released a collaborative mixtape. They went with the title Gunz and Roses.

And by May 20, 2016, Tony released his debut studio album. Titled Fire in the Church, the album contains 18 tracks. There are only features from Fly Guy Entertainment colleagues and Kevin Gates. XXL magazine praised the album for the heat-seeking bars and thought-provoking metaphors. It peaked at Number 95 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The album also reached Number 7 on the Top Hip Hop Albums chart and Number 4 on Top Rap Albums chart. The success of the album gave Montana the confidence to release more songs and albums.

On February 10, 2017, Montana released a compilation album with other members of the Fly Guy Entertainment label. Fittingly, they went with a title No Surrender, No Retreat.

Recently he went to jail for two months. There is no info about the reason for his arrest, and record of the location.

The group 300 disbanded. But Montana and his friend Talley still use the 300 in their stage name. For example, his friend goes by Talley of 300. Even though the group split a couple of years ago, fans can still listen to their music on YouTube and MySpace.

Montana dated a lot of women. But there is no clear info about any of them. He doesn’t want to expose his personal life to the world. Montana doesn’t talk about relationships in any of his interviews. What we do know is that he has two sons and two daughters. But he didn’t disclose the name of the mothers.

Net Worth

As of August 2020, Montana of 300’s fortune is more than $3 million. Encouraged by the success of his Fire in the Church album, Montana released a couple of other albums since. And he always makes it a point to release an album on May 20.

All his albums carry a religious title, term, or word in the name. Most of his earnings come from rap music and mixtapes. But he also has other business ventures.

So far, he has released five studio albums. The titles are Fire in the Church, Don’t Doubt the God, Pray for the Devil, A Gun in the Teacher’s Desk, and Views from General’s Helmet.

Fire in the Church is still his best-selling album to date. None other album charted on the Billboard charts. Don’t Doubt the God made it to Number 4 on the US Rap list. And Pray for the Devil peaked at Number 3 on the same chart.

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