New Smart Home Systems that Enhance Your Home’s Safety and Comfort

Today’s new homes are a far cry from the home your parents grew up in. Green and eco-friendly appliances are all the rage these days. So are smart homes that are pre-wired for the internet and other modern electronic conveniences. However, with all these new tools comes the expense of maintaining them.

This means if you purchase a new home in 2023 or beyond, it’s a good idea to invest in a home warranty. Says the professionals at Cinch Home Services, it’s not easy to stick to your budget when you find yourself in the position of needing a new dryer, refrigerator, computer, or entertainment system. But just investing $30 to $50 per month in a custom home warranty means your repairs or replacements won’t cause you to go into debt. What’s more, a home warranty will help you sleep better at night since you will have peace of mind.

Home warranties have never been more necessary, with homes becoming smarter. The more gadgets and appliances a home has, the more chances for system breakdowns to occur. You might make the decision to cut back on some smart home systems, but you do so at your and your family’s peril. That’s because smart home systems not only make your home more comfortable, but they also make it safer. You can’t put a price on safety.

According to a recent report by KGA Architects, smart home automation features are no longer on the wish list. They are on the “must-have list.” Not only are they simple to use, but they save money, time, and energy. They also make you feel more secure and safe when you are in your home and when you are on the road for a holiday or at work.

Here are some new innovative smart home systems that recently made their debut appearances at the International Builder’s Show.

Sense Home Monitoring Smart System

If you’re concerned with how much energy the appliances and devices in your home are consuming in real-time, Sense Home Monitoring utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) to identify and measure the energy use in your home. Installed on your electrical panel, the monitor’s behind-the-wall data collection analysis is able to create a baseline that’s said to be unique to your house. It sends out alerts of suspicious activity right to an app on your smartphone, which aids in the prevention of system malfunctions or even disasters.

StreamLabs Water Detection Smart System

Who doesn’t want to prevent water damage in their home? SteamLabs is said to be making that a real possibility with its water-detection smart system. The monitor communicates with your home’s water usage via an app. It can help you conserve water and send customized alerts when it detects a leaky faucet or pipe. It also detects appliance malfunctions, freezing pipes, and a leaking or running toilet. You can install the monitoring system by connecting it to your water shut-off valve, which means you can stop the water flow right from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

LG Signature InstaView Refrigerator Smart System

Says KGA Architects, the kitchen is the central hub of your house. The newly engineered InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator acts as its center of operations. A voice-control feature will open the door, build a custom shopping list, and obey other simple commands. Each door is designed to open to separate compartments to reduce wasted energy. By tapping on the built-in LCD screen, interior lighting is turned on so you see the refrigerator’s contents (or lack thereof) without having to open the door and use energy.

Moen Connected Water Smart System

Now you can control the water flow on your bathroom and kitchen faucets via your smartphone, your voice, or even a wave of your hand. The system is said to “call up” water in the kitchen or bath at the precise temperature and volume you require, depending on your wants and needs. The system is engineered to offer you a perfect shower at the perfect temperature through its app presets and voice-activation smart system. It will also detect leaks and alert you via your smartphone.

Vivint Home Security and Anti-Theft Management Smart System

Billed as a one-stop home monitoring and smart security system, this high-tech integrated anti-theft management digital tool can allow you to control almost all aspects of your home in one comprehensive and smartly designed mobile app. You can access home security and smart home devices by using its single, simple-to-use interface. The system allows for climate and voice control, two-way audio, lighting control, keyless doors, garage entry control, and real-time video footage, which is sent to its network. The security system can integrate with Google and Google Nest smart thermostats

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