Nicolette Scorsese: A Look at Her Life and Career

Nicolette Scorsese, born on January 6th, 1954, is an American actress best known for her roles in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989), Boxing Helena (1993), and the TV series NYPD Blue (1993). Despite sharing the same last name, she is not related to esteemed film director Martin Scorsese. As a child, Nicolette harbored a dream of becoming a famous actor, with her parents offering support and encouragement in her pursuit of this career path.

In her early career, Scorsese began as a model before transitioning to acting. She made her television debut in the action series The A-Team in 1985, and appeared in her first feature film, the B-movie horror thriller Velvet Dreams, in 1986. However, it was her memorable role as lingerie saleswoman Mary in the 1989 Christmas classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation that brought her to public attention and solidified her status in the film industry.

Early Life and Education

Nicolette Scorsese was born on January 6, 1954, in the United States. Details about her parents and early upbringing are limited, and though her last name suggests Italian ancestry, her specific ethnicity remains unconfirmed. There is no evidence to suggest that she is related to the famous director, Martin Scorsese. As a child, she aspired to become an actor, and her parents encouraged her to pursue this dream.

Growing up, Nicolette focused on developing her acting skills as well as her interest in modeling. After completing her high school education, she continued to hone her craft and work diligently to establish a career in the entertainment industry. Through persistence and determination, Nicolette eventually secured acting and modeling opportunities, paving the way for her entrance into the world of film and television.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Nicolette Scorsese gained recognition for her roles in various films and television series. She is best known for her role in the holiday classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Over the years, her career has showcased her talent and left an impact on pop culture, solidifying her place among notable actors of her time.


Modeling Career

Before embarking on her acting career, Nicolette Scorsese started out as a model. In this role, she had the opportunity to work with various brands and photographers. It was during her modeling career that she met her former boyfriend, actor/model Antonio Sabato Jr.

Acting Career

Nicolette Scorsese’s passion for acting led her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She made her television debut in the series ‘The A-Team’ in 1985, where she played the role of ‘Cindy.’ Following this, she appeared in several TV shows and movies throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Some of the TV shows she appeared in include ‘Charles in Charge,’ ‘L.A. Law,’ and ‘ER.’ Her film appearances include ‘Aspen Extreme,’ ‘Girls in Prison,’ ‘The Waiter,’ ‘Rebel Highway,’ ‘Lone Greasers,’ ‘Perfect Victims,’ and ‘The Ultimate Lie.’

After a successful acting career, it seems that Nicolette has retired from acting as her last appearance was in the TV show ‘NYPD Blue’ as a “Busty Barmaid.”

Notable Roles

Some of Nicolette Scorsese’s most notable roles are in the following movies and TV shows:

  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989): In this classic holiday comedy, she played Mary, a lingerie saleswoman that catches the eye of Clark Griswold, portrayed by Chevy Chase
  • Boxing Helena (1993): Scorsese had the role of Fantasy Lover in this controversial film directed by Jennifer Lynch
  • NYPD Blue (1993): In this popular police drama television series, Nicolette played the character of a Busty Barmaid

Throughout her career, Nicolette has portrayed characters such as Francine, Suzy, Melissa Cody, Nurse Eileen, and Pamela.

Relationships and Personal Life

Nicolette Scorsese, despite her professional success, has experienced a less steady personal life. Throughout the years, she has been linked to several high-profile relationships, but none of them lasted long.

During the late 1980s, Nicolette Scorsese was romantically involved with musician Jellybean Benitez. However, their relationship was short-lived, and they eventually parted ways. She then reportedly dated actor Sean Penn and model-actor Antonio Sabato Jr., though details on these relationships are sparse.

Nicolette’s name is also associated with musician Billy Duffy. They were spotted together in the late 1990s, sparking rumors of a shared daughter named Shiloh Duffy. Despite these speculations, neither Nicolette nor Billy has ever confirmed the rumor. It is also uncertain whether they were ever married, as some sources claim.

In summary, Nicolette Scorsese’s personal life and relationships have been the subject of rumors and speculation. However, the details of her love life remain mostly elusive. As of now, it appears that the actress is currently single and focused on her life and career.

Physical Attributes

Nicolette Scorsese, an accomplished American actress, possesses several distinct features that contribute to her unique appearance. Born on January 6, 1954, she is currently 69 years old, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Her physical attributes have played a significant role in her acting career, which is evident in her numerous film and television roles.

Standing tall at 5 feet 10 inches (178 centimeters), Nicolette Scorsese has an impressive height that adds to her statuesque presence. Her weight is around 60 kilograms (132 lbs), which reflects her fit and healthy physique. This combination of height and weight complements her overall appearance, enabling her to portray various characters with ease.

Another notable feature of Nicolette is her captivating blue eyes. The beautiful eye color has undoubtedly caught the attention of many viewers, adding to her allure as an actress. This, combined with her light brown hair, makes her stand out among fellow artists, contributing to a memorable screen presence.

Written by Alexander