Online Games That Will You Pay Real Money in 2022

Making money doing what you love at the pace you cherish has always been everyone’s dream. However, with so many Ponzi schemes reported over the years, it’s not easy to trust any make-money-quick scheme. Ponzi schemes like the Nu Skin Enterprises, Mary Kay Consulting, United Sciences of America, and USANA Health Sciences left hundreds of thousands bankrupt. So, is it even possible to make money while gaming? Let’s find out.

Can You Make Money Playing Your Favorite Games?

Some video game developers have gone the extra mile to add money-generation features and seamless payouts to their games. Some games pay you to watch ads and live-streaming, while others organize virtual competitions for gamers to win prizes. Whichever money-making route you choose, find games with maximum payouts and less complicated cash-out and withdrawal options. Here are the immersive and adrenaline-rushing games that pay you to play.

Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is a competitive version of the original bingo game. The free-to-play game offers a competitive environment for gamers to outperform each other and win prizes and cash. You can redeem your rewards in cash and withdrawal it via PayPal. Blackout Bingo is available for iOS and Android-powered devices. It takes approximately two minutes to complete a round. Play with players with similar competitive skills who see and play the same game cards and balls.

Optimize your winnings and point earnings by daubing the correct box whenever a player calls a number while maximizing completion bonuses. Merchandise prizes include phone cases and T-shirts. You can also engage in cash tournaments to compete with other players and win money. Gamers that don’t live in prize-enabled regions should buy proxies from reliable providers for unfettered access.

Dominoes Gold

Dominoes Gold is a top-rated game available for iOS and Android devices. The app provides daily tournaments, where winners receive cash prizes. The game offers a free version where you play against other players. As your skills upgrade, you can play against the computer, where you win points whenever you outperform the system.

After you have mastered the game, you can engage in competitive tournaments with other players. The best players often receive sweepstakes, cash, merchandise, and gift cards. The cash tournaments are not available all over the world. If you’re not in a prize-enabled country, using a proxy here is beneficial as it will allow you to access the tournaments and start earning.

Bubble Cash

Bubble Cash is another magnificent iOS and Android-powered game that lets you play and win. In this skill-based pop shooter game, you must beat other gamers to win cash and prizes. The game is super competitive and fun to play and presents a challenging puzzle where you can claim a reward when you do it right.

Bubble Cash is not a game of luck, and your winning chances depend solely on how fast and accurate you are when popping. Bubble Cash won’t bombard you with annoying ads. In areas where Bubble Cash doesn’t support cash prizes and tournaments, you can use gaming proxies to access and play.

Bingo Clash

You can also make good money playing the Android and iOS game Bingo Clash. Like Blackout Bingo, Bingo Clash allows you to play against other players to win merchandise and cash. The game also has integrated tournaments, where you compete with players within your bracket to make money.

The game doesn’t have ads and allows for a quick withdrawal of won cash through PayPal. Players earn tickets whenever they log into the system and engage in events. You can use the tickets to access skill-based features of the game. For gamers locked out of the prizes because of their geo-location, they should use residential proxies to access Bingo Cash and start raking in some moolah.


Making money as you play your favorite game has become a much sought-after skill among people of all ages. Everyone desires to make a few extra coins while relaxing. But with so many claims of Ponzi schemes and scams, everyone becomes extra wary when choosing how to make money at home. For gamers with all skill levels, this article lists some of the best games you can play to earn easy cash rewards and merchandise.

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