Paul Cerrito: Unveiling The Husband of Yasmine Bleeth

Real Name:Paul Cerrito
Birthday:July 14, 1970
Net Worth$500,000
Height:165 cm
Occupation:American Businessman, Husband of Yasmine Bleeth

Paul Cerrito, born on July 14, 1970, is an American businessman and entrepreneur best known for being the husband of former “Baywatch” actress Yasmine Bleeth. With a background in strip club ownership and various business ventures, Cerrito has managed to create a successful career for himself apart from his wife’s fame. Despite his accomplishments, he maintains a relatively low profile and primarily gained public attention due to his relationship with Bleeth.

The couple first met in 2002, during a period when Yasmine Bleeth was recovering from drug addiction. Their relationship proved to be a strong support system for the actress, as they married the same year they met. Paul Cerrito and Yasmine Bleeth have been together ever since, supporting each other through their ups and downs while maintaining their privacy.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Cerrito gained publicity for a 2017 lawsuit against Disney, claiming a spinal injury. This incident showcased another aspect of his life outside his relationship with his actress wife. Overall, Paul Cerrito’s life has been marked by significant achievements and a supportive, low-key relationship with his famous spouse.

Early Life and Career

Paul Cerrito was born on June 14, 1968, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. As the son of Paul Cerrito Sr. and Victoria Cerrito, he comes from a wealthy family. This provided him with a luxurious upbringing. Information about his siblings is not publicly available. He holds American nationality and seems to have a mixed ethnic background.

Although not much is known about Paul Cerrito’s professional career, he is a successful businessman and owner of several popular nightclubs in New York City. Paul achieved media prominence as the husband of Yasmine Bleeth, a former American actress and model. Yasmine is best recognized for her roles in the hit TV series “Baywatch” and “Ryan’s Hope.”

Yasmine Bleeth’s career breakthrough came with her role of Caroline Holden on the famous TV show “Baywatch.” This show elevated her status in Hollywood, and it was during this time that she met Paul Cerrito. The couple’s relationship began under the spotlight, and they eventually got married.

In conclusion, Paul Cerrito’s early life and career have been shaped by his wealthy upbringing and successful entrepreneurial endeavors. As the husband of Yasmine Bleeth, a former American actress and model, he has gained further prominence in the public eye. Together, they continue to navigate their life in the world of entertainment and business.

Personal Life

Marriage to Yasmine Bleeth

Paul Cerrito, an American businessman, met Yasmine Bleeth, a well-known American actress and model, in 1997 at a rehab. Bleeth has worked in various movies and series, including BASEketball (1998), Baywatch: The Hawaiian Wedding (2003), and Nash Bridges (1996). The couple got married on August 25, 2002, in Santa Barbara, California. Their wedding was an intimate affair, attended by close friends and family in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara.

Children and Family

Although there is not much information available about their children, Paul and Yasmine have been living a blissful life together. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where they enjoy their private life away from the limelight. Paul was born on July 14, 1970, to parents Paul Cerrito Sr. and Victoria Cerrito, coming from a wealthy family, while Yasmine Bleeth was born on June 14, 1968, in Santa Barbara, California.

Professional Background

Club Ownership

Paul Cerrito is a successful American businessman and entrepreneur with a focus on club ownership. Although the exact details of his ventures are limited, Cerrito has reportedly owned several strip clubs in various locations. Some of the most popular nightclubs he has owned are situated in New York City, contributing to his notoriety. His businesses are known to offer quality entertainment experiences, attracting customers and generating substantial revenue.

Business Ventures

Aside from his endeavors in club ownership, Paul Cerrito has also engaged in other business ventures. His entrepreneurial initiatives extend to locations such as Malibu, California and Scottsdale, Arizona. This diversification of his professional interests showcases Cerrito’s versatile skills and business acumen.

Though the specifics of his ventures are not widely publicized, it is evident that his success as a businessman has contributed to his net worth, which is estimated to be around $500,000.

In summary, Paul Cerrito’s professional background, particularly in club ownership and various entrepreneurial activities, highlights his abilities as a successful businessman. Operating in multiple locations and industries, Cerrito continues to generate substantial income and maintain a noteworthy reputation in the business world.

Public Image

Media Appearances

Paul Cerrito, husband of former “Baywatch” star Yasmine Bleeth, stays largely out of the public eye, focusing on his private life. Although not as famous as his wife, Paul has appeared alongside her at various events during their relationship. The couple currently resides in Southern California and Scottsdale, Arizona, living a more low-profile life compared to other celebrities.

In 2020, Cerrito made headlines when he filed a lawsuit against ABC, claiming to have suffered injuries from a slip and fall accident. It is due to occurrences like this that his public image has been somewhat overshadowed by his wife’s fame and past controversies, such as her struggle with drug addiction.

Social Media Presence

While Paul Cerrito does not appear to have an active social media presence, his wife Yasmine Bleeth has limited online profiles. As a result, the couple’s personal life and appearances together remain relatively private, adding to their mysterious allure in comparison to other celebrity couples.

Despite their seemingly low social media activity, their fans continue to share photos and memories of the couple, keeping their public image alive on platforms like Instagram. As they reside primarily in New York City, the glamorous world of celebrities is still within their reach, even if they choose to live a quieter existence than most.

In conclusion, Paul Cerrito and Yasmine Bleeth’s public image remains understated yet intriguing, with limited media appearances and social media presence.

Legal and Rehabilitation Challenges

Encounters with the Law

Paul Cerrito faced several legal challenges in his life, mainly due to his addiction issues. His problems with the law primarily revolved around drug-related offenses, specifically involving cocaine. Due to these run-ins with law enforcement, Cerrito was required to serve community service hours and complete a probation period to be released from custody.

Recovery Efforts

Realizing the impact of addiction on his life, Paul Cerrito decided to address the core issue and sought professional help. He entered the Promises Rehabilitation Clinic, a renowned treatment facility designed to help those suffering from various forms of addiction.

During his time at the clinic, Cerrito devoted himself to the comprehensive rehabilitation programs offered, which encompassed a range of evidence-based therapies and support services. His sincere sobriety efforts and progress in recovery led to a significant improvement in both his physical and mental well-being. This commitment to change ultimately played a crucial role in overcoming the legal and rehabilitation challenges in his life.

Relationship with Yasmine Bleeth

Meeting and Marriage

Paul Cerrito met Yasmine Bleeth, a former American actress best known for her role in the TV series Baywatch, in December 2000. After dating for almost two years, they got married on August 25, 2002. The couple held a private wedding ceremony attended only by close family and friends.

Support through Difficult Times

Yasmine Bleeth had struggled with a cocaine addiction that led her to seek help at a rehabilitation center. In fact, she met Paul Cerrito while both were staying at the Promises Rehabilitation Clinic in Malibu. Through their relationship, Paul has been a significant support system for Yasmine in her battle against drug addiction. His unwavering commitment to their relationship has played an essential role in helping her overcome her struggles. The couple has demonstrated a strong bond, maintaining a private life away from the public eye and the entertainment industry.

Net Worth and Finances

Paul Cerrito is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and strip club owner. Having built a successful career in his respective field, he has accumulated substantial wealth over the years. Though his exact net worth is not disclosed, it is estimated to be around $500,000. This sum contributes to a comfortable lifestyle for him and his family.

Cerrito’s entry into the world of entrepreneurship began with his involvement in owning strip clubs. While specific details about these clubs are scarce, it is clear that this venture has played a crucial role in contributing to his overall financial prosperity.

In addition to his own earnings, Cerrito’s wife, former Baywatch actress Yasmin Bleeth, also possesses a considerable net worth. Estimated to be around $2 million, her wealth further contributes to their combined financial stability.

To summarize, Paul Cerrito’s net worth and financial standing can be attributed to his successful career as a businessman and strip club owner. Together with his wife’s earnings, they enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Recent Activities

Life after the Limelight

After leaving the spotlight, Paul Cerrito has led a relatively quiet life with his wife, former “Baywatch” star Yasmine Bleeth. The couple met in 1997 at a rehab facility and married in 2002. Many years have passed since then, with their most recent appearance together occurring in 2019. Both continue to focus on their sobriety while enjoying their life in Los Angeles.

At the age of 51, Paul Cerrito has shifted his focus from previously owning a strip club to maintaining a low profile and being involved in his personal life. Over the years, he and Yasmine have developed a close circle of friends who share their values and support their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

In terms of recent events, Paul has faced some legal challenges. In 2020, he filed a lawsuit against Sprouts Farmer Market LLC and ABC, alleging negligence and premises liability for two separate incidents involving slips and falls. The outcome of the lawsuit, however, remains undisclosed. Regardless of these setbacks, Cerrito continues to prioritize his well-being and that of his loved ones, making sure they have the tools and resources necessary to uphold their commitment to a life of sobriety.

Paul Cerrito’s life may no longer be in the public eye, but it seems he and Yasmine have found contentment and balance away from fame. Their daily routine now consists of simple pleasures such as walking their dog and enjoying each other’s company. In a world that constantly changes, the couple’s dedication to their health and happiness remains unwavered, providing an encouraging example to others who might be facing similar challenges.

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