Peyton List: Exploring the Career of the Multitalented Actress

Real Name:Peyton Roi List
Birthday:April 6, 1998
Net Worth:$7 million
Height:167.6 cm
Occupation:American Actress, Model

Peyton List is an American actress who has carved a niche for herself in both television and film industries. Born on April 6, 1998, she started her career early as a child model, eventually transitioning into acting which led her to gain recognition for her versatility and on-screen presence. List’s breakout role as Emma Ross on the Disney Channel series ‘Jessie’ and its spinoff ‘Bunk’d’ showcased her ability to resonate with a younger audience, establishing her as a familiar face in family entertainment.

Over the years, she has expanded her portfolio with an array of characters, proving her range as an actress. Peyton’s portrayal in the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ film series added to her growing repertoire, while her more recent role in the series ‘Cobra Kai’, a continuation of the ‘Karate Kid’ storyline, has brought her critical acclaim. In addition to her acting career, she has also explored music and even directed, highlighting her multifaceted talents in the entertainment industry.

Separately, another Peyton List, born on August 8, 1986, has also made notable contributions to television, with significant roles in series such as ‘Mad Men’, ‘FlashForward’, and ‘The Tomorrow People’. Her performances have been characterized by depth and complexity, earning her a solid position in the industry. Despite sharing the same name, both actresses have independently established their identities and have built impressive careers in their respective rights.

Early Life and Career

Peyton Roi List’s entrée into the entertainment industry began at an early age with her work as a child model, followed by an array of early acting roles that established her presence on the screen.

Beginnings as a Child Model

As a child model, List spent her younger years in front of the camera, developing her poise and presence which would later aid her transition into acting. Working in New York, an epicenter for the modeling industry, provided List with exposure to a variety of opportunities and experiences in the field.

Early Acting Roles

Turning towards acting, Peyton List made a remarkable shift and appeared on the soap opera As the World Turns. Her time on the show was a significant step in her career, representing her move into professional television roles. Following this, List continued to build her filmography, landing a part in the popular feature film 27 Dresses, where she gained further recognition and acclaim for her on-screen talent.

Rise to Fame

Peyton List’s journey to stardom is marked by her standout roles on Disney Channel, showcasing her versatility and capturing the hearts of young audiences worldwide.

Breakthrough: Disney Channel

Peyton List’s ascension to fame began with her portrayal of Emma Ross on the Disney Channel series Jessie, a role that resonated with viewers and served as a foundation for her career. On Jessie, she effectively portrayed the fashionable and somewhat precocious eldest sibling, a character that became a favorite among the show’s demographic. This character’s popularity paved the way for List’s continued presence in spin-offs and related Disney projects.

Widening Horizons

After the success of Jessie, List reprised her role as Emma Ross on Bunk’d, a spin-off that follows the Ross siblings at summer camp. Her role on Bunk’d further cemented List’s position as a Disney Channel mainstay. Apart from her work on Disney Channel, List broadened her portfolio with appearances in the film Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Disney Channel Original Movie The Swap, showcasing her ability to connect with her audience through a range of diverse characters. These projects expanded her appeal and showcased her growing capabilities as an actress beyond her Disney Channel roots.


Peyton List’s body of work spans across feature films, television series, and web-exclusive content, establishing her as a versatile actress in the entertainment industry.

Feature Films

Remember Me (2010): List portrayed a role in this romantic drama film, which delves into themes of love, loss, and family.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010): In this fantasy action film, she was cast in a supporting role, contributing to the magical narrative.

The Seventh Dwarf (2014): Peyton lent her voice to this animated adventure comedy, expanding her repertoire into voice acting.

Valley Girl (2020): As part of the cast, List starred in this musical adaptation that reminisces about the 1980s.

Paper Spiders (2020): In this drama, she tackled a more serious role, addressing mental health issues.

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet (2018): Peyton List appeared in this coming-of-age film where she explored complex teenage emotions.

The Thinning (2016): This YouTube Premium film featured List as one of the leads, dipping into the dystopian genre.

Television Works

Jessie (2011-2015): Peyton List is renowned for her role as Emma Ross on this Disney Channel series, which helped solidify her popularity among younger audiences.

Bunk’d (2015-2021): She reprised her role as Emma Ross in this ‘Jessie’ spinoff, further endearing her character to fans.

Cobra Kai (2019–present): List brought to life the character of Tory in this acclaimed Karate Kid sequel series, a role that has garnered positive attention.

Frequency (2016-2017): As the lead in this CW drama series, List played the role of Raimy Sullivan with a performance that was well-received.

The Tomorrow People (2013-2014): She starred in this short-lived science fiction series, showcasing her adaptability to different genres.

Web Series

Batman: Hush (2019): Peyton voiced the character of Batgirl in this web-exclusive animated superhero film, taking part in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line-up.

The Thinning: New World Order (2018): List returned for the sequel of ‘The Thinning,’ continuing her character’s fight in the dystopian society exclusively on YouTube Premium.

Continued Success

Peyton List’s career trajectory continued to soar with notable achievements in both television and film, making a significant impact with roles that resonated with audiences.

Television Stardom

The famous Disney Star cemented her place in television stardom with her role in the hit series Cobra Kai, a sequel to the iconic Karate Kid films. Acquired by Netflix, the show enjoyed immense popularity, with List’s performance contributing to its success. She joined the cast in its second season, showcasing her martial arts skills and bringing depth to her character.

  • Show: Cobra Kai
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Joined: Season 2

Film Ventures

In addition to her television success, Peyton Roi List ventured into films, taking on roles that challenged her range as an actress. She starred in “The Thinning: New World Order”, a sequel to the dystopian thriller “The Thinning”. Her performance received praise and demonstrated her ability to lead in feature films. She also appeared in “Then Came You”, a coming-of-age film that further displayed her versatility.

  • The Thinning: New World Order
    • Role: Leading Actress
    • Genre: Dystopian thriller
  • Then Came You
    • Genre: Coming-of-age film
    • Theme: Versatility in roles

Personal Brand

In the landscape of celebrity businesses, Peyton List stands out with her active engagement in modeling and her substantial impact on social media platforms.

Modeling Career

Peyton List has established herself as a model, contributing to tween magazines and participating in campaigns for notable brands. She has expanded her presence beyond the screen to fashion editorials, showcasing a versatility that complements her acting.

  • Brands: List has been associated with major companies such as Levi’s
  • Magazines: She has graced the pages of several tween-oriented publications

List’s modeling work is a testament to her adaptability and appeal across various facets of entertainment and fashion.

Social Media Presence

With a strong following on social media channels like Instagram, the Disney star has harnessed these platforms to connect with her audience and promote her personal endeavors.

  • Instagram Followers: More than 20 million
  • Content: A mix of personal life, professional projects such as “Cobra Kai”, and her beauty brand

Peyton List engages with her fans by sharing moments from her life and career developments, integrating her roles as an actress, model, and entrepreneur.

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