Pipe Battery: How to Discover and Buy the Best

As the vaping industry grows, manufacturers are now making electronic devices that mimic traditional tobacco devices such as a pipe. If you have always loved a pipe, you can now enjoy an electric one that uses vape juice for a better experience. Just like any other vape device, an e-pipe is powered by a pipe battery.

When buying an e-pipe, you will notice that most have a cart battery that looks like a pipe. This is the main component, and it is only waiting for a mouthpiece to be installed. Then, the device will be ready for you. Whether you are buying an entirely new pipe or just the pipe battery, here are the considerations to make to get the best device.

Pipe Battery Shape

A pipe shaped battery for cartridges is very common these days. Manufacturers make them this way to avoid distorting the shape of the e-pipe while still having an allowance to make big batteries.

As you buy, make sure that the battery will pair well with your cartridge if you want to replace an old one. New vape pipes are already made together, and compatibility issues are hardly there.

Battery Capacity

The capacity of the pipe battery is crucial. It is measured in mAh, and the higher it is, the fewer times you will have to charge it. Additionally, it will deliver a great experience through the control of temperature.

Before you buy a pipe pen battery, check the capacity and pick one that suits you. Some batteries are as high as 900 mAh, which is suitable for a frequent vaper or someone who travels a lot.

Pipe Battery Size

A pipe battery that is too big in size is not good for your device. The cartridge and the mouthpiece might fit, but if the pipe battery is too big, then it makes the whole device cumbersome and tiring during use. An overly large pipe battery causes the pipe to be heavy at the base, which requires a lot of effort to support.

The good news is that technology has brought about batteries that are small yet very powerful. So, choose well.


A good wood pipe cart battery should have voltage and temperature settings. When going for a pipe battery from ePuffer, make sure that it has these and more settings to enable you to personalize your vaping experience.

If there are no settings at all, make sure that the presets are the best you can have for a great experience. Usually, the seller will describe the presets of such a pipe battery to let potential customers know what to expect.


E-pipes from trusted brands come with a warranty. Likewise, your battery should come with one as well. So, ask the seller of your wood pipe battery to give you the warranty and explain the terms. This might come in handy when there is damage to the battery since they will replace it or repair it for you.

Final Words

It is pretty simple to discover and buy the best pipe battery through the help of the above tips. Since most sellers of e-pipes and their accessories are online, always double-check to make sure that you are getting the right product.

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