Popular Cloud Storage Options For 2021

The world is evolving at a rapid pace. And with it, each of us must also embrace evolution. While we used to rely on hard drives to store and share files and documents in the past, that method seems to have become old school nowadays.

Thanks to technology, many aspects of our lives have seen significant changes and improvements, including the way we store and share files. With a large percentage of people working from home or on the go, the traditional storage solutions no longer cut it for us. There were calls for a better alternative and as it always does, technology delivered: a cloud storage option.

For those out of the loop: cloud storage doesn’t mean you would be storing your files up in the clouds above. Rather, the cloud in this context simply means online. And with this technology, you can remotely and safely store and access all types of files from a wide range of browsers, devices, and locations.

So if you’re in the market for a faster, more efficient means of storage, cloud storage is the way to go. And there are a plethora of options to look at. But since that can be confusing, here are the current top four cloud storage services:

Google Drive

Being one of the tech industry’s biggest, this option does not come as a surprise. In fact, it is one of the most popular cloud services in the world.

Google Drive has mastered the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. With the mobile apps and web interface, you can effortlessly access your data from anywhere. Not only that, but you can also edit your data as the service integrates with other Google products such as google sheets, docs, and slides.

Moreover, you get to enjoy helpful features like advanced search, offline access, preview options, and file versioning. You can also decide which file is synchronized to each device and which file remains on the cloud, thereby, reducing the amount of disk space you consume

While technically they have the best security of any cloud storage provider, the fact that they hold the encryption keys is a letdown to many. So, despite having strong encryption, the company can decrypt and access your data whenever it wants. On the other, it has strong protocols in place which prevent hackers or any middlemen from accessing and using your data.


Cloud-based storage services aren’t a new concept, but Dropbox was the first to introduce the concept into the mainstream. More than a decade after its launch, it’s still going strong having the second largest market share.

Dropbox remains so popular in part because of its excellent collaboration features. Google Drive works well with Google Docs, and OneDrive works well with Microsoft Office files. DropBox lets you collaborate on both types of files, so if you’re looking for the right tool, it’s Dropbox.

Dropbox lets you access and collaborates on Microsoft and Google documents, making it a good solution for users who need to use both services. Both formats enable you to simultaneously collaborate on documents in real-time, which are then saved to the cloud.


It is likely that you have already used iCloud to some degree if you use an Apple device, either iOS or Mac. This combination of Apple device ubiquity and good prices makes iCloud a great choice for this list.

The infamous 2014 celebrity photo leak was one of the most publicized data breaches in recent history for iCloud. Apple has made strides since then to improve security,  introducing two-factor authentication along with security notifications whenever a new device or web browser signs in to your account.

But if you’ve already had some experience with iCloud and would like to move on to something better, you can check how do I cancel my iCloud storage plan.


It’s hard to go wrong with as a cloud storage solution that offers a lot of great features at an affordable price. The first thing about is that it comes standard with zero-knowledge encryption. By using this type of encryption, only you have access to your files. is not privy to your encryption key. Security breaches or authorities requesting access to your account would only allow them to see your files—not the contents, keeping you in control.

Also, will serve your needs perfectly if what you’re looking for is cloud storage for sharing and syncing files across devices.’s strong encryption does, however, put it at a disadvantage, as it is unable to offer collaborative features like Dropbox.

As far as online storage providers go, delivers a great service at an affordable cost. The service also offers plenty of features and is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac users.

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