Research Proposal Writing Skills: How to Develop Them Quickly?

All students write essays and final papers. One writes an essay regarding college requirements and a tutor’s assignment. The research papers need more time. First, a person must get permission to write. To do that, one has to find a unique idea and introduce it to the college committee. It is not only the heading for a future paper. It is a proposal that demands to include several sections.

Most research proposal writing services similar to CustomWritings often create custom-written proposals in 24 hours with the help of professional academic writers. Students fail to write it because of poor writing skills and lack of knowledge. It is better to practice in advance. This article explains how to write a research proposal. Besides, it gives tips on how to develop research proposal writing skills quickly. 

How to Write a Research Proposal: Basic Guide

Your research proposal is your writing plan. It is impossible to create it without research and a striking topic. You need to include the following things in your research proposal.

  • A title
  • A brief introduction to the research including investigated sources and questions a student wants to answer in the paper. A question must be reasonable and demand a unique answer
  • steps a researcher needs to take and methods to use to collect the required data and write a paper
  • the deadline for each step
  • participants and materials/ tools/ financial background
  • limitations (if there are any)
  • bibliography

You will probably have to fill in the application form concerning the ethical rules. You will need to inform the committee whether your research involves vulnerable groups (children, disabled people, elderly persons, etc.) and provides discomfort to others or not.

One should not forget about format requirements and word count. As a rule, a person must introduce a 2k word proposal. If you have only 600 words, it will be better to add more details or check if you have forgotten to mention something. Too long research proposals need reduction. Though, one should not delete important things like a research question.  

Research Proposal Writing Skills: How to Master Them Faster

If you are a college student already, it will mean that you possess certain writing skills. You have written your personal statement to enter a college and a couple of essays at school. The research proposal demands more. It is not enough to know how to write a sentence. A person should use academic language and correspond to college requirements. How to acquire these writing skills faster?

1. Study samples

It is not hard to find a sample research proposal on the Internet. Universities have their official websites and post sample papers to help their students master academic writing. Perdue Owl belongs to such websites. One can find useful tips, grammar rules, and examples of research proposals there. A student can also ask a mentor to show proposals to senior students. 

2. Review grammar and learn basics

Grammar is essential. One needs a book to review it when necessary. Tutors evaluate research proposals depending on their complexity and a student’s educational degree. Those who want to obtain a Master’s or Doctoral degree are to use complex and compound sentences. Their language is not to be childish or lack terms. 

3. Do not generalize

It is important to present accurate data. When searching for a unique idea, one should pay attention to facts and quotes related to the subject. ‘80%’ sounds better than ‘lots of’. It is important to mention the cited source in the bibliography section. If you cite an interviewed person, you will have to inform the committee about it in the ‘participants’ part. 

4. Make friends with Thesaurus

One must learn how to use synonyms to avoid repetitions. Thesaurus is an online provider of synonyms. You can try to rewrite your previous essays or web samples by using synonymous words and expressions. One must try to avoid primitive lexis and learn more terms. 

5. Read

Reading is food for our brains. Fairy tales are great, but students should read literature that deals with their specialty. Such brain training enlarges your academic vocabulary. The more things and words you know, the easier you feel when writing a research proposal. Knowledgeable people do not struggle when trying to select a suitable word to express a personal opinion. 

6. Write daily

One might run a blog or a personal diary. Daily writing sharpens writing skills. A blog must discuss scientific issues and have a list of cited sources at the bottom of a web page. The same concerns a diary. You can imagine that you are a Frankenstein or Newton. Your task is to jot down your discoveries and disprove myths. It is an excellent opportunity to discuss methods, approaches, participants, research questions, financial background, and limitations. 

7. Find a partner

Students have group mates who also must write a research proposal. Two colleagues can exchange essays or letters about their subjects. Partners are to look for mistakes in the friend’s paper and correct them. This method makes you more attentive to details. You can also exchange research proposals to see whether you sound convincing or not. 

Note! It must be your good friend! Do not plagiarize and make sure that the chosen person will not copy your idea.

8. Practice

It is a good idea to record your presentation of the research proposal. Then, you should watch your presentation to evaluate the power of your words. If your speech does not impress, you’d better change something. For example, it could be the question or its formulation. Relatives and friends can also watch the video to evaluate it.

9. Hire an editor

This might be costly, but a professional editor is patient and attentive. A writing expert never misses mistakes, both grammar and formatting. An editor suggests improvements to let a customer get approval.

10. Research

Dummies cannot give birth to brilliant ideas. Only daily learning helps to broaden one’s outlook and find unique ideas required for a research proposal.

As a matter of fact, for innovative writers writing skills are essential for all types of academic papers. It is necessary to develop them regularly to acquire a habit. Habitual writing is fast, imposing, and convincing.

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