Rich the Kid – Net Worth, Music Career, Career in Fashion And Personal Life

Real Name:Dimitri Leslie Roger
Birthday:July 13, 1992
Net Worth:$10 million
Height:178 cm
Occupation:American Rapper, Songwriter, Model, Record Producer

Dimitri Leslie Roger, known by his stage name Rich the Kid, is an American rapper whose music career ascended through independent mixtapes. Born on July 13, 1992, he has made significant strides in the hip-hop industry since his initial foray into music. His sound is marked by its energetic cadence and inventive collaborations that have resonated with a broad audience, propelling his tracks into the limelight.

Rich the Kid’s debut studio album, “The World Is Yours,” released in 2018, signified a major milestone in his career. It showcased his versatility and featured hit singles such as “New Freezer,” which gained further popularity through a remix featuring Kendrick Lamar, and “Plug Walk.” These tracks contributed to the album’s peak at number two on the Billboard 200, cementing Rich the Kid’s place in the competitive rap landscape.

His social media presence, including a significant following on Instagram, reflects his dynamic persona and connection with fans, further amplifying his influence beyond music. He actively engages with his audience by sharing aspects of his lifestyle and updates about his work, which maintain his relevance and accessibility as an artist. Rich the Kid continues to evolve as a rapper, sustaining his career trajectory with tours and new music releases.

Early Life and Career

Rich the Kid, born Dimitri Leslie Roger on July 13, 1992, in Queens, New York, stepped into the hip-hop scene with resilience, influenced by giants like Nas and Jay-Z. He began cultivating his craft in music as a teenager, demonstrating an intrinsic knack for rhythm and poetic lyricism.

Rise to Fame

Rich the Kid’s journey to recognition in the rap industry began earnestly through the use of internet platforms, which provided a stage for showcasing his talent. Initially crafting and distributing music on his own, he utilized digital means to reach a wide audience, leading to increased visibility and buzz within the hip-hop community.

SoundCloud Era

The digital landscape and platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube became pivotal in Rich the Kid’s career advancement. His engagement with the SoundCloud Rap scene was significant, as it allowed him to navigate the music industry outside traditional channels, capitalizing on the era’s raw and independent edge. These platforms facilitated a connection with fans and fostered collaborations with other rising artists, further cementing his presence in the music industry.

Music and Discography

Rich the Kid’s discography showcases his prolific output as an artist, with a solid foundation of studio albums supplemented by a plethora of mixtapes and singles. His work has found significant success on the charts, reflecting his impact in the hip-hop industry.

Studio Albums

  • The World Is Yours (2018): Marking his debut, featuring chart-hitting singles like “New Freezer” and “Plug Walk”.
  • The World Is Yours 2 (2019): The sequel to his debut solidified his place in the industry with its chart performance.
  • Boss Man (2020): The third studio album offering a fresh batch of tracks, further establishing his distinctive style.


Rich the Kid has released a slew of mixtapes, including 7 solo mixtapes, which were instrumental in building his early career and helped him gain recognition in the rap scene.

In 2014, he released the single On My Way as a teaser for his third mixtape, Rich Than Famous. In 2015, Rich released another collaborative mixtape with Migos, this time titled Still on Lock. They followed it up with other mixtapes, featuring artists like Ty Dolla Sign, Young Dolph, Master P, Rich Homie Quan, Young Greatness, Jerz, Tray1, and much more.

Collaborative Projects

Alongside his solo work, Rich the Kid has an extensive collection of 15 collaborative mixtapes that display his versatility and his ability to work with other artists to create dynamic music.

Singles and Features

As a solo artist, Rich the Kid has released over 100 singles, including as a featured artist. Notable hits such as “New Freezer” and “Plug Walk” have received significant airplay and have performed well on music charts. His guest appearances further attest to his dynamic presence in the industry.

Artistic Style and Influence

Rich the Kid’s sound and career have been shaped by his distinctive artistic style and various influences from within the hip-hop industry. He has garnered attention for his unique style and collaborations with prominent artists.

Musical Style

Rich the Kid’s music is characterized by its energetic beats and catchy hooks, which have become a staple of his albums, such as The World Is Yours. His style blends trap music’s rhythmic bounce and cadences, often overlaid with his distinctive melodic flow. SoundCloud Rappers have been instrumental in shaping Rich the Kid’s approach, emphasizing creative freedom and a DIY ethos in production and distribution. The success of his single “Plug Walk” exemplifies his ability to combine approachable beats with street-savvy lyricism.


Influences on Rich the Kid’s work are far-reaching, including peers and predecessors in the hip-hop genre. He has cited Migos and Lil Wayne as significant influences in interviews, drawing inspiration from their flow and thematic content. His collaborations reveal a respect and synergy with various artists, such as Kendrick Lamar, featured on the remix of “New Freezer,” showcasing a blend of styles that push genre boundaries. ILoveMakonnen and YoungBoy Never Broke Again are other contemporaries that have contributed to the scene, possibly impacting Rich the Kid’s musical direction.

Business Ventures and Collaborations

Rich the Kid’s entrepreneurial prowess shines through his label and partnerships. He has made a name for himself not only through his music but also by curating a platform for other artists to thrive and collaborating with industry giants.

Record Label

Rich Forever Music, a record label founded by Rich the Kid, plays a significant role in his business portfolio. Established with the vision of fostering new talent, the label has been crucial in the release of collaborative mixtapes such as Streets on Lock and Still on Lock, both of which have contributed to his status in the rap industry.

Notable Collaborations

  • Singles & Albums:
    • “New Freezer” featuring Kendrick Lamar, which landed on the Billboard Hot 100, signifying a notable milestone in Rich the Kid’s career.
    • “Bankroll,” a track that underscores his ability to create catchy music with fellow artists.
  • Mixtapes:
    • Trust Fund Babies, a joint mixtape with Lil Wayne, highlights his collaborative versatility.
  • Teasers for Future Releases:
    • There have been hints of upcoming projects with other prominent figures in the hip-hop industry, showcasing Rich the Kid’s ongoing commitment to synergistic musical ventures.

Personal Life

Rich the Kid’s personal life includes a public image shaped by both success and controversy. His lifestyle and legal issues, predominantly his recent run-ins with law enforcement, have been notably public.

Public Image and Lifestyle

Rich the Kid, whose real name is Dimitri Leslie Roger, is recognized for his contributions to the music industry and his lifestyle as a prominent rap figure. He has consistently presented himself as a successful rapper and entrepreneur, standing out amidst his peers with distinctive fashion choices, and a persona that embraces the hallmarks of hip-hop opulence. Roger’s public image is marked by his engagement with fans and his activity on social media platforms, where he showcases aspects of his affluent lifestyle.

Legal Issues

In December 2023, Rich the Kid was arrested by the Miami Beach Police. He reportedly was charged with resisting arrest without violence and trespassing after crossing police tape and becoming involved in an incident at a location where a bomb threat probe was ongoing. The situation unfolded at a Miami Beach hotel where Rich the Kid is said to have encountered the security staff, leading to his detainment. This arrest adds to a history of legal challenges the rapper has faced throughout this career.

Controversies and Legal Incidents

Rich the Kid, the American rapper, has been embroiled in his share of controversies and legal troubles. His run-ins with the law and the ensuing court cases have garnered much media attention.

Legal Battles with Jewelry In 2020, the rapper was sued for allegedly not paying for $234,000 worth of jewelry he had obtained. This included several watches which he was accused of failing to pay for, casting a shadow over his financial dealings.

Domestic Issues and Apology Personal life conflicts surfaced when Rich the Kid faced accusations of infidelity, leading to a public apology to his fiancée. This came after a lawsuit from his mistress became public, revealing another layer of personal turmoil for the artist.

Incidents of Violence

Shooting Incident: Rich the Kid found himself at the center of a violent incident when he was shot at outside a West Hollywood recording studio. Although he was not hit, the occurrence added to his controversial image.

Thug Allegations: The rapper has had brushes with violence and been connected to thug culture, which has resulted in prevalent negative publicity.

Arrests and Reports Further complicating his legal woes, there have been arrest reports involving Rich the Kid. These have included various incidents, ranging from possession charges to driving offenses, placing him in the law enforcement spotlight on different occasions.

Property Intrusions Lastly, he has been the victim of crime himself, such as an armed robbery in the driveway of his home, demonstrating the dangers associated with the celebrity lifestyle.

Rich the Kid’s journey through these legal and controversial situations has been well-documented and continues to be a talking point within the entertainment industry.

Media and Publicity

In the realm of hip-hop, Rich the Kid’s interactions with the media often stir significant public attention, especially through his active social media presence and various press coverages, which occasionally include legal incidents.

Social Media Presence

Rich the Kid, whose real name is Dimitri Leslie Roger, exhibits a robust social media presence. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter are among his primary means of communication with his fanbase. This online presence has been notable for both promoting his music career and for more personal exchanges that another source suggested have included public requests to be released from his recording contract.

Press Coverage

Press coverage surrounding Rich the Kid frequently revolves around his music releases and career milestones. Notably, outlets have reported on his collaborations with high-profile artists and his signing with Interscope Records. However, his press coverage isn’t exclusively musical. Police-related incidents, such as his arrest in Miami Beach for trespassing and resisting arrest, as mentioned in a snippet from a news source, have generated media attention and public discussions. News regarding such legal matters is often disseminated through press channels quickly, gaining substantial traction and commentary across various media platforms, including newsletters that report on hip-hop community news and legal updates.

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