Robert Hawking – Net Worth And Quick Bio

Real Name:Robert Hawking
Birthday:May 1967
Net Worth:$1 million
Height:170 cm
Occupation:British Software Engineer, Eldest Son Of Stephen Hawking

Robert Hawking will spend his life with a mark. As the eldest son of Stephen Hawking, you have almost little chance to do better than your father. But Robert tries to do his best and pave his path. Robert is a prominent British software engineer. The world knows him as the eldest son of famous theoretical physicist and author, Stephen Hawking.

Robert does share a great bond with his family, including professor Hawking until his death. As a child, Robert took care of his father, who suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

His mother, the former wife of Stephen, Jane Wilde Hawking, praised this affectionate and empathetic side of his son. She said, “He had to do things for his father that children really shouldn’t have to do”.

Out of all Stephen and Jane’s children, Robert showed interest in science. At the beginning of his career, he aspired to work as a scientist. Yet, he ended up working as a software engineer. Now, he works with Microsoft, a tech giant, and lives in Seattle, with his wife and kids. Do you know how much he earns? What is his net worth? Let’s talk about the estimated assets of Robert Hawking.

Quick Bio

Robert is the eldest son of theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author, Stephen Hawking. Many expected that he will follow his father’s footsteps into science. And yes, as a young kid, he developed an interest in science. He also expressed his desire to work as a scientist one day.

Yet, later in his life, he opted for software engineering. He graduated from the prestigious University of Oxford. His professional career took him into the field of information and technology.

Born in May 1967 in the UK, Robert did leave the country as part of his career development. As a young kid, he had to face a couple of struggles and problems. For one, his father, Professor Hawking, suffered from ALS. So, Robert took care of him until his time of death. He also has a sister Lucy and brother Timothy.

All three of Stephen’s children started the ALS ice bucket challenge in 2014. In 1995, Stephen and Jane got a divorce. The same year, Stephen got remarried to Elaine Mason, his nurse. But he got a divorce from her in 2006.

Growing up, Robert witnessed the poor health conditions of his father due to ALS. Stephen struggled for the most part of his life because of the disease. Robert, and the other kids, played a huge role of massive support for Stephen and his career.

Professor Hawking once said that only Robert showed interest in science. He even thought that Robert can one day achieve as much success as himself. But Robert chose a different path. After graduating from the same college as his father, Oxford University, he started his software engineering career.

From the very beginning, he started working for Microsoft. And he still works for the same company. Robert lives in Seattle with his wife and kids. And even though he didn’t study science, he still carries the love for science.

He has two kids with his wife, a son and a daughter. Before settling in Seattle, he worked for Microsoft in Canada and lived there.


Net Worth

So, how much is Robert Hawking’s fortune? His father had accumulated a fortune of $20 million at the time of his death. Robert, on the other hand, doesn’t have as much wealth. He did inherit some of his father’s fortune.

As a software engineer for Microsoft, Robert earns a decent salary. According to several sources, his cash flow as of January 2021 is more than $1 million.

He doesn’t spend a lot of time on social media. One of the few times we caught a glimpse of him came in 2014. Robert, along with his brother and sister, started the 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It picked up quickly, and they managed to raise millions of dollars for ALS awareness.

Celebrities and politicians all over the world took part in the ALS ice bucket challenge.

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