Rosemary Margaret Hobor – Net Worth, Career And Personal Life

Real Name:Rosemary Margaret Hobor
Birthday:30 November 1948
Net Worth:$1 million
Height:162 cm
Occupation:Canadian Artist, Widow of John Candy

As common as it is to find celebrities getting married to each other, it is also not strange to see a celebrity’s marriage to someone less popular than they are. The celebrity’s fame often rubs off onto their partners, and they are either thrown into the spotlight, or they do their best to stay away from it.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor is a Canadian artist. While she is not well-known for her works, she has become famous for being the widow of comedy actor John Candy. Her late husband’s fame came from his work in Hollywood, where he appeared in several comedy movies such as Cool Runnings, Stripes, Home Alone, and Splash. Also, she married into fame, Rosemary leads a very private life, and many details about her life are unknown.

Early Life and Education

Rosemary Margaret Hobor was born on 30 November 1948, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The identity of her parents is not known, and neither is her family background. However, Rosemary Margaret is known to have grown up in Toronto.

In Toronto, Rosemary attends a local Roman Catholic all-girls secondary school called Notre Dame High School or NDHS. The school was run as a sister school to the all-boys Neil McNeil Catholic High School. While she was in secondary school, she met her future husband, John Candy, and they soon started dating. It is not known if she went on to study at the university.


At the end of her education, Rosemary Margaret maintained a lowkey life. At the same time, her partner John Candy tried to chase his dreams of success in Hollywood. She juggled between her work as an artist and a mother of two children. Rosemary is an artist whose specialization was painting and ceramic works.

When she is not making art, Rosemary Margaret used her free time to work with different charitable and humanitarian organizations. She collaborated with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, whose goal is the prevention of HIV infection among children and youths. She also worked with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which is well-known for granting wishes to children living with a critical or terminal illness.

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Personal Life

Rosemary Margaret Hobor started dating John Candy in 1978, and shortly after, they got married on 27 April 1979. Less than a year into their union, the couple welcomed their first child, Jennifer, on 3 February 1980. Four years later, they were blessed with a second child, Christopher on 23 September 1984. They were a very happy family together before tragedy struck in 1994, with John Candy’s death. Rosemary and John were together for 14 years before his untimely demise.

Rosemary was very much aware of John Candy’s health challenges. She did her best to promote a healthy lifestyle in her family. After his passing, john Candy was posthumously honored on several occasions, including an induction into the Canadian Walk of Fame, and the release of two of his films in his honor.

John Candy

Rosemary’s late husband, John Candy, was born in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, but is of Ukrainian and Polish descent. His interest in acting was sparked while he was studying at the community college. In the early 1970s, John Candy finished his education and started chasing his dreams by looking for local television opportunities.

His debut came when he made an appearance in an episode of Police Surgeon, which also featured Sharon Farrell and John Hamelin. This was a great start for John as it led him to work on more projects such as Tunnel Vision and Find the Lady. Although more jobs kept coming for the comic actor, fame came for him when he started to work with a comedy group called Second City. The success of the group led to the creation of Second City Television (SCTV). In 1981, John was cast in the film Stripes, and the movie was well-received by the audiences. Still, in 1981, he was back to Second City to create SCTV Network. Shortly after this, he starred in Splash, a film that is considered to be one of his greatest hits. The film was written by Ron Howard, and it also featured Tom Hanks on the project.

Throughout the rest of the 1980s, John Candy was a consistent face in film and television releases. During that period, some of his projects include Brewster’s Millions, Spaceballs, and Planes, Trains & Automobiles. John later appeared in the critical and commercial hit Home Alone, at the beginning of the 1990s. The flow of work for John Candy started to reduce after this time.

In 1994, John was in Mexico for work, where the parody movie Wagons East was being filmed. Production was halted for a while, and during the time, John talked to his friends about taking time off from acting, and he wanted to sell his team in the Canadian Football League. The actor made calls to his assistant and returned to his room, where he had a late dinner. He was found dead in his bed the next morning on 4 March 1994. He had experienced a decrease in the rate of blood flow, which caused a deadly heart attack.

John Candy’s family has a history of heart disease. However, during his lifetime, the actor frequently smoked, drank, and abused illicit drugs such as cocaine. This caused him to experience a lot of health issues frequently.

John’s death hit Rosemary and the children really hard. She struggled with loneliness for a while, but she was resilient and turned to her children for support. After his passing, Rosemary never remarried and is not known to have dated anyone else.

Net Worth

Rosemary Margaret Hobor’s fortune is estimated to be just over $1 million. She has earned much of her money through her work. Seeing as she was in a happy relationship with her late husband, she must have also benefitted from his success. At the time of his death, John Candy’s wealth was estimated at over $15 million.


Many people will only know Rosemary Margaret as John Candy’s widow. Still, in her lifetime, she has also done some valuable work behind the scenes. These days, she spends much of her time with her children, and the family still fondly remembers and misses John Candy.

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