Samantha Hegseth: A Closer Look At Pete Hegseth’s Ex-Wife

Real Name:Samantha Deerin Hegseth
Birthday:January 1, 1970
Net WorthN/A
Height:165 cm
Occupation:American Former Host at Fox News Channel, Ex-wife of Pete Hegseth

Samantha Hegseth is a name that resonates with many for her presence on television and her personal story that has caught the eye of the public. As an American journalist, she gained recognition co-hosting the popular morning show “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Samantha’s visibility elevated due to her role at Fox News, but it is her personal life, particularly her marriage and divorce from Pete Hegseth, a familiar face on the same network, that has often landed her in the public eye.

Despite the turmoil in her personal life, Samantha has managed to carve out her own space in the realm of American journalism.

Alongside her professional achievements, she is a mother of three children, balancing the demanding roles of parenting and career, which has won her admiration and empathy from audiences.

Her journey in the media, faced with both professional success and personal challenges, tells a tale of resilience and the complexities of living a life in the spotlight.

Key Takeaways

  • Samantha Hegseth is known for her work as a co-host on “Fox & Friends.”
  • Her personal story has been intertwined with her professional image due to her marriage with Pete Hegseth.
  • Her career thrives despite the challenges of balancing professional and family life.

Personal Background

Samantha Hegseth’s path has been characterized by her Midwestern roots, educational endeavors, and her role within a family. Her journey provides a snapshot into her early years, scholastic pursuits, and personal life.

Early Life

Born under the sign of Capricorn in Minnesota, Samantha Hegseth stepped into the world on January 1, 1970.

She grew up where the winters are cold and the communities close-knit, which likely framed her appreciation for family and traditional values.


While specific details about Samantha Hegseth’s educational background aren’t publicly disclosed, it’s common practice in Minnesota to value academic achievement and community involvement highly. This suggests she would have been instilled with the importance of education from a young age.

Family Life

Samantha’s personal world has included heartfelt moments as a mother and challenging times as a wife.

Children: She is a mother to three boys, Gunner, Boone, and Rex Hegseth, whom she shares with her ex-husband Pete Hegseth, a figure known for his association with Fox News and his background as an Army National Guard Officer.

Her family life has been marked by both joyful and trying periods, demonstrating her resilience and commitment to family.

She entered the family dynamics of the Hegseths following Pete’s previous marriage to Meredith Schwarz and has witnessed the family grow with Pete’s later relationship with Jennifer Rauchet.

Professional Journey

Samantha Hegseth has carved out a niche for herself in the bustling world of media, with notable stints in both journalism and political advocacy. Her professional path reflects her dynamic presence and a keen sense of commitment to her work.

Journalism Career

Samantha’s venture into journalism has been marked by her role as a co-host on Fox & Friends, a popular program on the Fox News Channel.

She has honed her skills in storytelling and engagement with a wide audience, bringing a mix of news and discussion to viewers’ homes every morning.

Her approach to journalism is rooted in a deep-seated passion to inform and contribute to the public dialogue.

Vets for Freedom

Before the bright studio lights, Samantha’s career began with Vets for Freedom, where she served as a spokesperson.

This non-profit political organization was founded by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and its mission is closely aligned with political advocacy.

Her involvement with the group was a clear demonstration of her support for veterans and their stories being heard in the national conversation.

Public Image and Controversies

Samantha Hegseth, once married to Pete Hegseth, navigated a public life marked by personal challenges and media scrutiny. From her marital changes to the waves she made on television, her story reflects the converging pressures of private life and public expectation.

Divorce and Relationships

Samantha Hegseth’s marriage to Pete Hegseth ended after reports of his extramarital affair came to light.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2010, faced public attention when details of Pete’s affair and consequential divorce surfaced.

This development was a significant turn in Samantha’s public image, as it opened up her private life to media scrutiny and public dialogue.

Beyond the dissolution of her marriage, Samantha’s relationships — romantic or otherwise — have remained largely out of the public eye.

It’s known that the couple started their family a bit before they were married and that their relationship had mirrored the end of Pete’s first marriage which also ended after an affair.

Media Presence

In her role on television, specifically during her tenure at Fox News Channel, Samantha found herself embroiled in controversy.

In March 2018, she faced severe backlash and a potential job crisis following allegedly vulgar remarks made about Ivanka Trump.

She commented on her father’s immigration policies during a segment, which drew significant attention and controversy.

Despite the incident, Samantha has maintained a low but dynamic presence in media.

Her contributions as a television personality on shows like “Outnumbered” highlighted her capacity to share compelling insights on current events and discussions.

Her public image, although occasionally contentious, has been shaped by her strong voice and media engagements.

Samantha’s net worth, social media usage, and further details about her private life, including potential relationships after her divorce, remain out of the public domain.

Her approach to media presence has been cautious, ensuring that her professional contributions are at the forefront rather than personal controversies or speculations.

Civic Engagement and Advocacy

Samantha Hegseth has leveraged her platform for substantial community impact, focusing on areas such as philanthropy and expressing clear political stances, all within the realm of civic engagement and advocacy.


Samantha Hegseth’s approach to philanthropy is characterized by strategic donations, often reflecting her values and interests.

She aligns with causes that bolster community development and supports initiatives with the potential for substantial societal impact.

Hegseth’s charitable contributions, while not publicly itemized, are known to support tax-exempt organizations, which are instrumental in addressing diverse societal needs.

Political Stance

Politically, Hegseth is recognized for her conservative views and her support for the Republican party.

Her advocacy efforts extend to championing policies and candidates that resonate with her ideological leanings.

While not directly linked to donors like the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson, her political advocacy is in line with principles often supported by such influential figures.

Through her engagement, she underscores the importance of participation in the political process to promote change and uphold democratic values.

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