Sandra Ellen McCollom: Insight Into The Preacher, Author And Daughter of Joyce Meyer

Real Name:Sandra Ellen McCollom
Birthday:October 8, 1969
Net WorthN/A
Height:160 cm
Occupation:American Preacher, Author, Daughter of Joyce Meyer

Sandra Ellen McCollom is an American preacher, author, and the daughter of well-known American preaeyercher and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Joyce Meyer. With a background rooted in faith and the teachings of her mother, Sandra has dedicated her life to spreading the message of God’s grace and unconditional love.

In addition to being a preacher, Sandra is also an accomplished author, having published the book “I Tried Until I Almost Died.” In the book, she shares her journey of overcoming anxiety and fear by trusting in the power of God’s grace. Apart from her writing, Sandra McCollom serves as the co-pastor of Freedom Living Ministries, which she co-founded with her husband, Steve McCollom. Together, they strive to help people experience the freedom that comes from a deep understanding of God’s love and acceptance.

Coming from a family that has significantly impacted the Christian community through the work of her mother, Joyce Meyer, Sandra McCollom’s story serves as an example of the positive influence one can have when guided by faith and a sense of mission. Her work speaks to the many people around the world seeking a deeper connection with their spiritual lives and a greater understanding of God’s grace.

Early Life and Education


Sandra Ellen McCollom was born on October 8, 1969, in Missouri, United States of America. She is the daughter of renowned American pastor and author, Joyce Meyer, and her husband, Dave Meyer. Sandra grew up alongside her three siblings: Daniel B. Meyer, David L. Meyer, and Laura Marie Holtzmann.

Raised in a religious family, Sandra’s upbringing was heavily influenced by her mother’s ministry. She spent her childhood in Missouri where she enjoyed spending time with her family and engaging in activities such as reading and writing.

High School Education

Sandra attended O’Fallon Technical High School in Missouri. It was her high school education that sowed the seeds for her future in ministry and authorship. During these formative years, Sandra’s passion for writing and religious studies grew, shaping her future career path as a pastor and writer.

By emphasizing these key aspects of Sandra Ellen McCollom’s early life and education, we get a clear picture of how her upbringing and high school experiences laid the foundation for her future achievements in her ministry and as an author.

Family and Personal Life

Marriage to Steve McCollom

Sandra Ellen McCollom, born on October 8, 1969 in Missouri, United States, is the daughter of famous televangelist Joyce Meyer and her husband Dave Meyer. Sandra has been married to her husband, Steve McCollom, since 1991. The couple has maintained a strong and stable relationship over the years, committed to supporting one another in their personal lives as well as their shared ministry endeavors.

Children and Homeschooling

Sandra and Steve have two twin daughters named Starr and Angel. As parents, they have taken a hands-on approach to their children’s education and chose to homeschool their daughters. This decision allowed them to provide a tailored education experience, while also staying closely involved in their children’s spiritual and personal growth.

Relationship with Joyce Meyer

Growing up as the daughter of a well-known Bible teacher, Sandra experienced both the advantages and challenges that accompany such a background. Sandra admitted to becoming a Christian at the age of 8 but struggled with the burden of legalism in her early life. This led to a period of anxiety, frustration, and stress. Nevertheless, Sandra’s relationship with her mother, Joyce Meyer, has remained strong. Sandra’s own personal journey of overcoming these struggles has inspired her ministry of helping others find freedom and rest in God’s grace.

Professional Career

Writing Career

Sandra Ellen McCollom is a talented author, known for her book “I Tried Until I Almost Died.” In this work, Sandra shares a deeply personal story, highlighting her struggles with perfectionism and the need to earn God’s favor. Through her writing, Sandra aims to inspire others and encourage them to embrace God’s unconditional love.

Public Speaking

Besides her writing career, Sandra is also a skilled public speaker. She often shares her personal experiences and wisdom as a co-pastor of Freedom Living Ministries, which she co-founded with her husband, Steve McCollom. Sandra’s speaking engagements often revolve around themes of faith, personal growth, and overcoming challenges.

Involvement with Joyce Meyer Ministries

As the daughter of renowned American preacher and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Joyce Meyer, Sandra has played a significant role in her mother’s ministry. Through her involvement, Sandra has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in spreading the message of God’s love and support. In addition to her writing and public speaking engagements, Sandra’s work with Joyce Meyer Ministries provides her a platform to reach even more individuals in need of hope and inspiration.

Published Works

‘I Tried Until I Almost Died’

Sandra McCollom, a well-known author, has gained recognition for her impactful works on self-help and Christian faith. One of her most notable publications is the book titled ‘I Tried Until I Almost Died‘. This book serves as a powerful testimony to her personal transformation and paves the way for individuals seeking a life filled with joy, peace, and trust in God’s grace.

In ‘I Tried Until I Almost Died’, Sandra recounts her journey of overcoming constant anxiety and frustration. As an author who once suffered from these crippling emotions, McCollom’s writing provides a relatable and genuine account of her experiences. With the revelation of God’s unconditional love and grace, she was able to break free from the grip of fear and self-loathing that held her captive for most of her life.

The book encompasses numerous Biblical insights to help readers understand the transforming power of God’s grace. Drawing from scripture, Sandra highlights key verses and principles that allow us to embrace our weaknesses and rely on the strength and peace that comes with trusting in God. One such principle she refers to is from 2 Corinthians 12:9, which states, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.”

‘I Tried Until I Almost Died’ is more than just a personal testimony; it is an invitation for readers to experience a life of freedom and rest, found through the perfecting power of God’s grace. With a knowledgeable and confident tone, Sandra McCollom seeks to lead individuals away from the burdens of anxiety and fear and toward a renewed sense of purpose and identity in God’s unconditional love.

Spiritual Journey

Grace Journey

Sandra Ellen McCollom started her Grace Journey as she sought to overcome her battles with anxiety, perfectionism, and the constant need to earn God’s love. Growing up, she knew about God’s unconditional love, but still faced challenges in embracing it fully. Sandra’s journey eventually led her to a life-transforming realization that it is only through the grace and unconditional love of Jesus Christ that she could experience true freedom in her life.

Sandra shares her story in her book, I Tried Until I Almost Died. She describes her transition from a life burdened by anxiety and fear, to a life of rest, trust, and reliance on God’s grace. In the book, she invites readers to experience for themselves the power of God’s grace and how it can radically change their lives.

Embracing Christ and Christianity

Sandra’s journey to embracing Christ and Christianity was both life-changing and powerful. Throughout the process, she learned the importance of:

  • Trusting in Jesus Christ: Gaining a deeper understanding of Jesus’ love and sacrifice on the cross; letting go of her attempts to earn God’s love and embracing Jesus’ free gift of eternal life.
  • Living in God’s Unconditional Love: Discovering that God’s love for her never wavered and was always present; growing in the understanding that she is loved and accepted just as she is.
  • Finding Rest in God’s Grace: Learning to rely on the perfecting power of God’s grace, rather than on her own abilities and efforts; experiencing a newfound peace and rest in her spiritual journey.

In her Grace Journey, Sandra McCollom provides valuable insights and lessons to those who may be experiencing similar struggles. Through her vulnerable and honest sharing, she offers hope and encouragement to others searching for a life filled with God’s love, grace, and rest.

Advocacy and Outreach

Freedom Living Ministries

Sandra Ellen McCollom is a dedicated preacher, known for her passionate outreach and advocacy work. She co-founded Freedom Living Ministries with her husband, Steve McCollom, to bring a message of faith and transformative power of God’s grace to those in need.

As a preacher, Sandra focuses on helping people experience freedom in their lives through the teachings of Christ. Through her ministry, she has touched the lives of many individuals, encouraging them to develop a deeper relationship with God and overcome challenges they might encounter along the way.

At Living Word Church, Sandra and her husband actively foster an environment that promotes spiritual growth and empowers the congregation. The church aims to create a supportive community where individuals can grow in their faith, and find solace in times of difficulty.

Some key aspects of Sandra’s advocacy and outreach initiatives include:

  • Boldly sharing her personal experiences to resonate with the audience, and inspire hope and faith.
  • Offering spiritual guidance and providing practical solutions grounded in the teachings of Christ.
  • Organizing inspiring events and conferences to engage believers and promote community building.

Through her work at Freedom Living Ministries and as a preacher, Sandra Ellen McCollom continues to have a significant impact on the lives of many, making a difference in the world with her unwavering commitment to faith and Christian principles.

Social Media and Online Presence

Website and Blogging

Sandra Ellen McCollom runs a personal website at where she shares her thoughts, experiences, and testimonies. As a co-founder of Freedom Living Ministries, she also contributes to their platform.

Through her blog, Sandra offers insight into her journey from anxiety and frustration to rest and relaxation. Her writings revolve around the transformative impact of God’s unconditional love and grace in her life.

Instagram and Twitter Engagement

Sandra McCollom’s presence on social media extends to both Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram account, @sandramccollom, showcases her daily life and experiences, as well as her connection to spirituality.

On her Twitter account, @sandramccollom, she shares uplifting messages and engages with people, emphasizing the power of love and faith. With an active presence on these platforms, Sandra connects with her followers and shares her message of faith and hope.

Sandra also has a Facebook presence, where she shares her thoughts, experiences, and updates about her ministry. Her Facebook page, “Sandra McCollom”, has generated over 1,400 likes and consistently receives positive engagement from her followers.

Influences and Inspirations

Influence of Joyce Meyer

Sandra Ellen McCollom is greatly influenced by Joyce Meyer, her mother and a highly respected Christian preacher, speaker, and author. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Sandra grew up witnessing her mother’s inspiring ministry and strong dedication to spreading the teachings of Christianity. This upbringing instilled in her the values of faith and spiritual growth.

Although Sandra initially struggled with the concepts of grace and legalism, she eventually came to embrace the power of God’s grace through her mother’s teachings and guidance. Joyce Meyer’s emphasis on trusting solely in the perfecting power of God’s grace greatly impacted Sandra’s personal faith and her journey in helping others experience this same freedom.

Other Spiritual Influences

Apart from her mother, Sandra has also been influenced by various spiritual experiences she has encountered throughout her life. Through her family’s involvement in Freedom Living Ministries, Sandra has been exposed to numerous teachings and philosophies that have shaped her perspectives on faith and Christianity.

Growing up, Sandra had the privilege of being surrounded by a strong Christian community that contributed to her spiritual development. The church, based in the St. Louis area, has been instrumental in nurturing Sandra’s faith, providing her with guidance, support, and inspiration throughout her life.

In summary, Sandra Ellen McCollom’s faith and beliefs have been largely shaped by her mother, Joyce Meyer, as well as other spiritual influences from her community and church in St. Louis, Missouri. These experiences have inspired her to embrace the teachings of Christianity and dedicate her life to helping others experience the freedom of trusting in God’s grace.

Personal Interests

Hobbies and Activities

Sandra Ellen McCollom, daughter of well-known pastors and authors Dave and Joyce Meyer, also has her own passions and interests beyond her ministry. One such interest is CrossFit training, a popular fitness regimen combining elements of high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, and gymnastics. Sandra’s dedication to CrossFit allows her to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Apart from fitness, Sandra also cherishes spending quality time with her family. This includes her husband Steve McCollom, whom she married in 1991, and their twin daughters, Starr and Angel. Family vacations are an opportunity for Sandra to indulge in relaxation and leisure. Even though there is information available on her parents’ past vacation experiences, there isn’t much information on her personal vacations. One can assume that she values quality time with her loved ones, whether it be at home or on vacation.

Sandra’s interest in reading and writing is essential to her growth as an author and her role as a pastor at Freedom Living Ministries. She continues to share her thoughts and experiences through her book, “I Tried Until I Almost Died,” and her blog. Her dedication to writing allows her to connect with others and inspire them in their spiritual journeys.

In summary, Sandra Ellen McCollom’s personal interests consist of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through CrossFit training, spending meaningful time with her family, and embracing her passion for reading and writing. These hobbies and activities contribute to her personal growth and her ability to connect with others through her ministry work.

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