Sell Your Feet Pics: Here’s How It Works

If you’ve ever received a creeped-out feeling when someone takes pictures of your feet, well, you are right. It’s not the most common sign of body photography. However, these days, foot photography has become quite popular. And it makes sense too! After all, so many people love to wear high heels and show off their feet. In fact, there are even websites that focus on nothing but pictures of feet and shoes. These sites have a lot of followers as well as photographers who specialize in taking pictures of peoples’ feet. If you have nice feet, you can make some money by selling your photos online. Here are some tips for selling your photos online:

Know the kinds of photos you can sell

There are many kinds of photos you can sell. Some of the most common types of fetish photos include feet, legs, arms, and hands. Another popular category of foot photography is shoe photography. You can earn with shoe photography by taking photos of people’s shoes that they wear on a regular basis. You can also take photos of shoes, bare feet, and legs together. Most people who are into foot photography have a foot fetish. However, you can still make money by selling your photos to people who don’t have a foot fetish. For example, you can sell your photos to people who want to create a scrapbook with pictures of their favorite shoes. Another popular category of fetish photography is foot domination. You can also make money in this category by selling your photos to people who want to create a fantasy about feet controlling their lives.

Pick your platform and start building your following

To sell pictures of your feet online, you must first choose a platform. You may be wondering where to start. Well, there are many platforms where you can sell your feet photos online. You can start by joining some foot lovers communities online. These communities give you a great opportunity to network with other people who love foot fetish photography. You can also find specific foot fetish websites like FunWithFeet where you can sell your photos. This is a very common way to earn money with fetish photography. However, you must make sure that the sites you are posting on are genuine. There are many fake foot fetish websites that you should avoid. Before you start posting your photos on these websites, make sure you know what they are paying their models.

When to sell your feet pics

You can sell your photos anytime. However, you should take some factors into account. The first and most important thing you must consider is the time of year. For example, if you are selling photos of your bare feet in winter, you may have less success than if you did the same during summer. The same thing goes for posting photos of your shoes or pictures of your bare feet and someone’s feet. You can earn more money during certain seasons. If you are trying to sell your photos during certain holidays, you may have better luck than normal. For example, you may make more money during Christmas. Many people like to order photos of their feet during this time of year. You can also try to sell your photos as a gift during holidays.

How much do you get for selling your feet pics?

The price of your photos depends on many different factors. You should consider the platform where you are posting your photos, the category of foot photography, the level of detail, and the demand for your photos. The average price for a foot photo is between $10 and $30. Prices may vary, depending on the person who is interested in buying your photos. The amount of money you can make by selling your feet photos online is up to you. There are many foot fetish websites that pay their members for their photos. You can also create a website and sell your photos directly to foot lovers online. It all starts with taking beautiful foot photos and then selling them online.


Selling photos of your feet is a great way to earn money. However, in order to do this, you must know what types of photos to sell. You must also pick a platform to sell your photos. However, you may need to pick more than one platform. You can sell your photos during different seasons and holidays. You can also sell your photos year-round.

Written by Eric

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