Sophie Dymoke – Net Worth And Quick Bio

Real Name:Sophie Dymoke
Net Worth:$1 million
Height:156 cm
Occupation:British Sales Director, Wife of Matthew Goode

Born in the United Kingdom, Sophia Dymoke is not someone you instantly think of as a celebrity. She is not a celebrity. And she is not a famous personality that you read about in the news. But she gets into the spotlight now and then as the wife of English actor, Matthew Goode. What is her profession? And how much is Sophie Dymoke’s accumulated wealth?

Let’s talk about it. For starters, she doesn’t work in the entertainment industry and business. Instead, she works as a sales director. She dated Matthew since 2005 and then got married to the actor in 2014. The two have three children together.

Quick Bio

There is little to no information about her childhood, age, family, and life before Matthew. We know that she attended the Sacred Heart School in Tunbridge Wells. After matriculating, she enrolled at the University of Wales, Swansea, in 1991.

In 1995, Sophie got her graduate degree. But we do not know the field of study. Dymoke has managed to keep her privacy since her youth days.

There are no details about her life after graduating. Based on her experience and current job, she probably forayed into the world of sales. By 2002, she already started working as the head of sales for the company Alice + Olivia. She held the position for the next two years, before joining Dieses as a sales manager.

She worked for Diesel until 2005. At this point, she met Matthew. And she then started working for the company Vince as a sales director for the next three years.

Following her leave from Vince, she took a short break from work. At this period, she probably focused more on her family life. In 2012, she returned to work, this time as a sales director for MiH Jeans. She remains with the same company since then.

Some also say she works as a designer. And that Matthew sometimes wears her clothes. She and Matthew started dating in 2005, after he got his breakout role in Chasing Liberty.

There are no details on how did they met. They got their first child, a daughter, during the relationship. After a nine years relationship, the two tied the knot in 2014. But before that, they had another daughter in 2013.

Matthew is a celebrity, but somehow, he and his wife manage to keep the relationship private. They maintain a private life and rarely appear together. The only time you can see them is during some public events where they must attend. As for their children, they rarely make any public appearances.

For now, they seem adamant about keeping their children away from the spotlight. We’ve seen rare photos of the couple with their eldest daughter, Matilda Eve Goode, but not with the younger Teddie Elanor Rose and Ralph.

In one interview, Matthew said that when he lived in Clapham, he came home one day and she stayed at his doorstep. She was a friend of his neighbor.

One of the reasons why you cannot find much information about Sophie Dymoke, including her cash flow, is because of her lack of online presence. She doesn’t have an account on any of the major social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Her husband doesn’t spend much time on social media as well.

This makes Sophia Dymoke and her husband Matthew Goode one of the rare celebrity couples. But hey, we have those as well.

Matthew remains an active presence with constant interviews, appearances, and acting projects. But he doesn’t spend time on social media.

Net Worth

So, we’ve come to the main question. How rich is Sophia Dymoke? How much does she earn as a sales director?

As of January 2021, Sophia’s fortune is more than $1 million. She earns money through various endeavors. And we have to mention that her husband’s wealth is more than $3 million.

She works as a sales director at MiH Jeans to support her family. Before joining MiH Jeans, she had a long history and experience in the world of fashion. For example, she worked at VINCE, a brand famous for its contemporary and modern effortless style.

While she lacks the popularity and fame of her husband, Sophie has a stable job. And it is a rarity in the world of celebrities that she works after a marriage with a famous actor/actress.

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