Stan Wawrinka: Examining His Remarkable Tennis Journey and Future Prospects

Real Name:Stanislas Wawrinka
Birthday:March 28, 1985
Net Worth$20 million
Height:183 cm
Occupation:Swiss Professional Tennis Player

Stan Wawrinka, born on March 28, 1985, is a renowned Swiss professional tennis player. Known for his powerful backhand and aggressive playing style, Wawrinka has impressed fans and critics alike with his skill and determination on the court. Throughout his career, he has reached a career-high ranking of world No. 3 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). His talent and hard work have earned him multiple Grand Slam titles and the reverence of the tennis community.

In addition to his individual achievements, Wawrinka has thrived as a tennis representative for Switzerland, contributing to the nation’s prominence in the sport. As a celebrated sports figure, his career is closely followed by fans, experts, and fellow players. Wawrinka’s ongoing passion for the game and commitment to excellence continue to influence a new generation of tennis players and remain a driving force behind his impressive legacy.

Early Life and Background

Born on 28th March 1985, Stan Wawrinka hails from Lausanne, Switzerland. His mother, Isabelle, worked as an educator while his paternal great-grandfather had roots in the Silesia region, near the border of Poland and former Czechoslovakia. Wawrinka’s surname originates from the Polish language and relates to Wawrzyniec, which is the Polish version of Laurence or Laurentius.

Stan’s journey in tennis started in the humble surroundings of Lausanne. As he grew up, his talent and dedication to the sport began to show, eventually leading him to turn professional in 2002. In Switzerland, Wawrinka established his residence in Saint-Barthélemy and began training rigorously to improve his skills.

With a solid stature, Wawrinka stands at 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m) and is known for his powerful one-handed backhand. Over the years, he has refined his playing style into an explosive and dynamic force in tennis. Since turning pro, Wawrinka has had coaching guidance from numerous professionals, with Magnus Norman being one of his most notable coaches.

Employing his talents and continuous hard work, Stan Wawrinka has managed to secure an impressive career for himself, earning multiple Grand Slam titles along the way and etching his name among the top tennis players in Switzerland and around the world.

Professional Career

Early Career

Stan Wawrinka started his professional tennis career in 2002. He began gaining recognition in 2005 when he entered the top 100 in the ATP rankings.

Breakthrough and First Major Title

Wawrinka’s breakthrough came in 2013 when he advanced to his first Grand Slam semifinals at the US Open. The following year, 2014, proved to be even more remarkable for Wawrinka. In January, he reached a career-high ATP singles ranking of world No. 3. He also clinched his first major title at the Australian Open by defeating Rafael Nadal in the final. This victory solidified his status among the elite players in professional tennis.

Continued Success

Stan Wawrinka continued to build on his success throughout the years 2014-2019, maintaining his position in the top 10. Some notable achievements include:

  • Winning the 2015 French Open by defeating Novak Djokovic in the final
  • Claiming his third Grand Slam title at the 2016 US Open, triumphing over Novak Djokovic again

During this period, Wawrinka amassed a substantial amount of prize money and stablished himself as a consistent contender at major ATP events.

Recent Years

In the years 2018 to 2023, Wawrinka experienced a few setbacks in his career due to injuries. However, he continued to demonstrate resilience and determination, frequently reaching the latter stages of tournaments. As a result, he maintained his position as a competitive force on the ATP tour.

Throughout his professional career, Stan Wawrinka has remained a formidable presence in the world of tennis, securing impressive results in Grand Slam singles events and earning significant recognition in the process.

Grand Slam Victories

Australian Open

In 2014, Stan Wawrinka achieved his first Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open. Seeded 8th in the tournament, he started his year with a title win in ATP 250 Chennai before triumphing in Melbourne. Wawrinka’s victory at the 2014 Australian Open marked the beginning of his success in the world of tennis.

French Open

Stan Wawrinka’s impressive performance continued in 2015 as he claimed the coveted French Open title. This Grand Slam victory showcased his prowess on clay courts, further solidifying his status as a top player. The Swiss star’s win at Roland Garros strengthened his reputation and expanded his collection of Grand Slam titles.

US Open

In 2016, Wawrinka added another significant title to his career achievements. The Swiss tennis sensation emerged victorious at the US Open, overcoming formidable opponents. This triumph at Flushing Meadows was Wawrinka’s third Grand Slam singles title, and it solidified his position among the elite players in the tennis world.

Signature Playing Style


Stan Wawrinka’s playing style is characterized by his exceptional groundstrokes and powerful shots from the baseline. Being a right-handed player, he has developed a unique set of techniques that have proven effective during his successful tennis career. His aggressive shot-making allows him to dictate the points and put pressure on his opponents, which has been a key contributing factor to his impressive performances.

One-Handed Backhand

Among his various techniques, Wawrinka’s one-handed backhand stands out as one of the best in the game. Utilizing a modified Eastern backhand grip, he is able to control balls of varying heights on the backhand side in a manner that few can match. This grip also grants him the versatility to play flat drives or shots with more topspin, depending on the situation. As a result, his one-handed backhand has become an iconic part of his playing style and is often the source of winning points during matches.

In addition to his technical prowess, Wawrinka’s mental focus and determination are also key aspects of his signature playing style. He maintains unwavering concentration on the court, enabling him to perform consistently at the highest level of professional tennis.

ATP Tour Highlights

Masters 1000 Titles

Throughout his career, Stan Wawrinka has made a significant impact on the ATP Tour. He has consistently demonstrated power and skill, earning several prestigious Masters 1000 titles. Notable accomplishments include winning the 2014 Monte-Carlo Masters by defeating his compatriot Roger Federer in the final. Additionally, Wawrinka performed brilliantly in the Italian Open, reaching the quarter-finals several times, as well as in the Cincinnati Masters, where he finished as a finalist in 2012.

Other standout performances in the Masters 1000 events include deep runs in the Shanghai Masters and the Paris Masters, where he reached the semifinals in 2015 and 2013, respectively. Wawrinka’s success in these tournaments elevated his status among the elite players on the tour and showcased his impressive adaptability across various court surfaces.

ATP World Tour Finals

Stan Wawrinka has participated in multiple ATP World Tour Finals, a prestigious event featuring the top eight singles players and doubles teams of the season. During these appearances, Wawrinka consistently demonstrated his prowess, often facing off against the most formidable opponents in the world.

Despite not capturing the ATP World Tour Finals title, his participation and strong performance in the year-end event further highlight Wawrinkas’s aptitude and consistency as a top-level player on the ATP Tour.

National Representation

Davis Cup

Stan Wawrinka has been a key player for Switzerland in the Davis Cup competition. He played a pivotal role in the Swiss team’s victory at the 2014 Davis Cup, contributing to their first and only title in the prestigious tournament. Wawrinka’s performance in this event showcased his ability to excel under pressure and represent his country on the international stage.

Olympic Participation

In addition to his success in the Davis Cup, Wawrinka has also represented Switzerland at the Summer Olympics. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he partnered with fellow Swiss tennis player Roger Federer to compete in the doubles event. The duo went on to win the gold medal, bringing glory to their homeland.

Wawrinka’s performances in both the Davis Cup and the Olympics demonstrate his strong national pride and commitment to representing Switzerland on the world stage. Fueled by his talent and determination, Wawrinka has proven to be a valuable asset to the Swiss tennis team in international competitions.

Personal Achievements


Stan Wawrinka, a Swiss professional tennis player, has made a notable impact on the world of tennis. In his career, he has amassed 16 ATP singles titles, including three prestigious Grand Slam singles titles. These Grand Slam victories are at the 2014 Australian Open, the 2015 French Open, and the 2016 US Open. Apart from his Grand Slam successes, Wawrinka has added a remarkable achievement to his trophy cabinet by winning the ATP Masters 1000 title at the 2014 Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters.

In doubles, Stan Wawrinka’s exceptional performance alongside his compatriot Roger Federer at the 2008 Beijing Olympics earned them a gold medal. Moreover, Wawrinka played an instrumental role in leading the Swiss Davis Cup team to victory in 2014.

World Rankings

Wawrinka’s career performance has earned him a top position in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) singles rankings. On 27 January 2014, he reached his career-high singles ranking at world No. 3.

Below is a summary table of Stan Wawrinka’s career achievements:

Achievement Quantity Notable Wins
Grand Slam Titles 3 2014 Australian Open, 2015 French Open, 2016 US Open
ATP Singles Titles 16 Including 3 Grand Slam titles and 2014 Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters
Doubles Gold Medal 1 2008 Beijing Olympics (with Roger Federer)
Swiss Davis Cup 1 2014
Career High Rank No. 3 Achieved on 27 January 2014

Stan Wawrinka’s professional tennis career showcases a successful track record with an impressive win-loss ratio, multiple titles, and noteworthy rankings. His achievements demonstrate not only his tremendous skill but also serve as an inspiration for aspiring tennis players.

Notable Rivalries

Stan Wawrinka has had several significant rivalries in his tennis career, often competing against top players like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Grigor Dimitrov, and Gastón Gaudio.

Matches Against Top Players

  • Rafael Nadal: Wawrinka has faced Nadal several times, famously winning the 2014 Australian Open title against the Spaniard. Despite Nadal’s notable achievements, Wawrinka managed to defeat him to claim his first-ever Grand Slam title.
  • Novak Djokovic: One of Wawrinka’s most interesting rivalries is with Novak Djokovic. They have delivered many epic matches, including three Grand Slam final victories for Wawrinka over Djokovic in the 2014 Australian Open, the 2015 French Open, and the 2016 US Open. In each of these finals, Wawrinka defeated the world no. 1 player, showcasing his talent and competitive spirit. Their head-to-head record presents Djokovic with a lead, but Wawrinka has proved to be a tough opponent during crucial matches.
  • Andy Murray: Stan has had some memorable matches against Murray, notably facing off in Grand Slam events. Although Murray has more often bested Wawrinka, they have always played tough, competitive tennis that showcases the level of skill both players possess.
  • Grigor Dimitrov: Wawrinka and Dimitrov have had a few encounters on tennis courts throughout the years. The Swiss player has maintained the upper hand during most of their matches, but Dimitrov has been a challenging opponent and provides some exciting exchanges during their games.
  • Gaston Gaudio: Although Wawrinka and Gaudio crossed paths early in Wawrinka’s career, their matches were still notable as the emerging Swiss player faced off against the experienced Argentine. In their limited encounters, Wawrinka managed to hold the advantage over Gaudio.

These rivalries showcase Wawrinka’s consistent determination and ability to compete against the top players in the world.

Coaching and Training

Relationship with Coaches

Stan Wawrinka’s journey in the world of tennis has been shaped by the guidance and expertise of various coaches over the years. From age eight until June 2010, Wawrinka was coached by Dimitri Zavialoff. Under Zavialoff’s training, Wawrinka began to establish himself as a talented player in the tennis world.

However, it was Wawrinka’s partnership with Magnus Norman that truly transformed his game. The two started working together in 2013, and their collaboration continued for a total of eight years until they mutually agreed to part ways in late 2020. During their time together, Wawrinka achieved some of his most significant career milestones, such as:

  • Winning three Grand Slam titles.
  • Reaching a career-high ranking of No. 3 in the ATP rankings.

Despite their split in 2020, Wawrinka and Norman decided to reunite, aiming to “finish the story”. Norman’s belief in Wawrinka’s ability to beat the top players in the world continues to be an essential aspect of their partnership.

Following his split with Norman, Wawrinka briefly teamed up with Daniel Vallverdu. Vallverdu, an experienced coach, had previously worked with Andy Murray, Grigor Dimitrov, and Karolina Pliskova. Wawrinka and Vallverdu’s collaboration on the ATP Council highlighted the importance of strong coaching relationships in the development and success of a professional tennis player.

In summary, Wawrinka’s coaching and training journey has been marked by long-term collaborations with Dimitri Zavialoff and Magnus Norman. These partnerships have been key factors in Wawrinka’s evolution as a player and in achieving significant milestones in his career.

Off-Court Endeavors


Stan Wawrinka is not only successful on the tennis court but also actively partakes in various philanthropic activities. He has participated in numerous charity events and exhibitions to raise funds for different organizations. Wawrinka has also worked closely with The Roger Federer Foundation, which supports education initiatives in Africa and Switzerland.

In addition to his support for established charitable foundations, Stan Wawrinka has been known to use his tennis platform to raise awareness about various social and environmental issues, demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact beyond the tennis world.

Business Ventures

Outside of tennis, Stan Wawrinka has also ventured into the world of business. One of his notable business achievements is the launch of his official website, Through this platform, fans are provided with the latest information about his career, tennis performance, and news.

Moreover, the Swiss player has also been involved in several endorsement deals and partnerships with notable brands like Yonex, Evian, and Rolex, boosting his off-court income and cementing his status as a sports icon.

In summary, Stan Wawrinka does not limit himself to tennis alone but embraces his roles as a philanthropist and an entrepreneur, displaying a well-rounded and multidimensional persona.

Personal Life

Stan Wawrinka was born on March 28, 1985, in Lausanne, Switzerland. He has an elder brother, Jonathan, and two younger sisters, Naélla and Djanaée. Interestingly, his sisters also pursued tennis as a sport. Wawrinka’s personal life has had its fair share of ups and downs. In 2009, he married Ilham Vuilloud, a Swiss television presenter and former fashion model. The couple welcomed their daughter, Alexia, on February 12, 2010.

Unfortunately, Wawrinka’s marriage to Vuilloud was short-lived. The couple separated just months after their daughter’s birth. After four years of dating and almost six years of marriage, they filed for divorce. Despite the challenges in his personal life, Wawrinka has remained a dedicated and accomplished tennis player.

Wawrinka is known for his distinctive forearm tattoo, which serves as a constant reminder of his passion for tennis. He resided in Saint-Barthélemy, a town approximately 20 km north of Lausanne, during the early years of his marriage.

As of January 2024, Stan Wawrinka is 38 years old, standing at 1.83 meters tall and weighing 79 kg. Throughout his career, Wawrinka has demonstrated confidence, resilience, and skill both on and off the court. His personal life, while colorful, has not overshadowed his remarkable achievements as an athlete representing Switzerland.

Impact and Legacy

Stan Wawrinka, a prominent Swiss professional tennis player, has undoubtedly left a significant impact on the world of tennis. Born on 28 March 1985, Wawrinka reached his career-high ATP singles ranking of world No. 3 for the first time on 27 January 2014.

During his illustrious career, Wawrinka has delivered some remarkable performances, which have distinguished him as a tenacious competitor in the tennis world. Out of his numerous accolades, he has held three Grand Slam titles, showcasing his consistently high level of play. Furthermore, Stan achieved the rare feat of winning these major titles during the Big Four era, namely:

  1. Australian Open, 2014
  2. French Open, 2015
  3. US Open, 2016

Wawrinka managed to win against all members of the Big Four at least once in a major tournament, demonstrating his ability to adapt and perform under extreme pressure. He has faced the Big Four 74 times, with a head-to-head record of 12-62.

In addition to his singles successes, Wawrinka’s impact on the sport can be seen through his doubles achievements, particularly with fellow Swiss player, Roger Federer. Together, the dynamic duo captured the gold medal in doubles at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Wawrinka’s career has been marked by moments of brilliance, but it is not without its share of underwhelming results. For example, despite achieving the Masters 1000 title at Monte-Carlo in 2014, he has not been able to consistently perform well at the Masters events. This inconsistency is a noteworthy aspect of Wawrinka’s career and should be taken into account when evaluating his overall impact.

Stan Wawrinka’s legacy, though not without imperfections, is that of a skilled and determined player who rose to the top despite the dominance of the Big Four. His impressive record, strategic approach, and resilience have rightfully earned him recognition and admiration in the tennis world.

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