Stephen Blosil – Son of Singer Marie Osmond

Stephen Blosil, a lesser-known yet intriguing figure, has gained public attention primarily as the son of the talented and renowned singer Marie Osmond. Born on April 20, 1983, to Marie Osmond and her former husband Brian Blosil, Stephen has always had a connection to the world of entertainment, thanks to his famous mother’s career as a singer and actress.

Though not a headline celebrity like his mother, Stephen Blosil has managed to maintain a level of public interest due to his career pursuits and philanthropic efforts. His artistic inclinations have led him to explore various creative avenues, including becoming a musician himself. With the help of his mother’s guidance and support, Stephen’s music career continues to evolve, showcasing his determination to carve his own path in the industry.

Furthermore, Stephen Blosil’s personal life has also been a topic of interest for many. As a committed family man and the father of two children, he exemplifies the strong family values that the Osmond family is known for. By balancing his career and family roles alongside his philanthropic interests, Stephen Blosil has managed to create a unique and impressive identity, setting himself apart from his famous mother’s legacy.

Early Life

Stephen Blosil was born in Utah, as a member of the famous Osmond family. He is the son of iconic performer Marie Osmond and her ex-husband, Brian Blosil. Growing up in a family deeply ingrained in the entertainment industry, Stephen was exposed to the world of music and performance from a young age.

The Blosil family was known for their strong bond and commitment to supporting each other’s endeavors. As a child, Stephen had the opportunity to observe and learn from his mother’s career successes and challenges. Marie Osmond, as a celebrated singer, actress, and television host, played a significant role in shaping Stephen’s early life experiences and providing guidance for him to follow in her footsteps.

Throughout his upbringing, Stephen also had the chance to interact with his talented siblings. The family often encouraged each other in their respective creative pursuits, building a strong foundation of support and camaraderie. This enabled Stephen to cherish the importance of family relationships and the value of artistic expression.


Music Career

Stephen Blosil began his journey in the entertainment industry with a strong passion for music. His hard work and dedication eventually led to the release of his debut album. One of his most notable tracks from the album is “Paper Roses,” which showcases his musical talent and helped establish his presence in the industry. Stephen’s success in the music industry can be attributed not only to his exceptional talent but also to his persistence and commitment to his craft.

Acting Career

In addition to his music career, Stephen Blosil also ventured into acting, demonstrating his versatility in Hollywood. His acting debut came with the film “It Nearly Wasn’t Christmas,” which allowed him to showcase his acting abilities to a wider audience. This marked the beginning of Stephen’s acting career, where he continued to make a name for himself by appearing in various roles within the entertainment industry. Stephen’s dedication to his acting career is evident through his willingness to take on diverse and challenging roles.

Personal Life


Stephen Blosil’s mother, Marie Osmond, has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Steve Craig in 1982. This union lasted for three years before they divorced in 1985. Marie then married Brian Blosil in 1986, a time during which Stephen Blosil came into the world. However, Marie Osmond and Brian Blosil decided to end their marriage in 2007 after 21 years together. Following the divorce, Marie remarried her first husband, Steve Craig, in 2011.


Marie Osmond and Brian Blosil had two biological children during their marriage, namely Stephen Jr. and Rachael. They also adopted five children: Michael, Jessica, Brandon, Brianna, and Abigail. Stephen Blosil, being the eldest, has thus grown up with a loving family surrounding him.

Stephen has several siblings who are making their way in the world. His sister, Rachael Lauren Blosil, is married to Gabriel Krueger. Brandon Warren Blosil is pursuing a career in music, while Brianna Patricia Blosil, now married to David Schwep, has blessed the family with a granddaughter named Mabel. Matthew Richard Blosil, another sibling, follows a private lifestyle away from the media’s attention. Meanwhile, Stephen Craig, Marie Osmond’s first son from her marriage with Steve Craig, is also part of this large family.

Tragically, Michael Blosil, one of the adopted children, passed away in 2010. The Osmond family, including Stephen, faced and overcame this heartbreaking loss together.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Osmond family, like many others across the globe, had to face unprecedented challenges. They leaned on each other during these difficult times and continue to support one another.

Despite being part of a celebrity family, Stephen Blosil and his siblings have maintained mostly private lives. The Osmond family’s strong bonds and resilience showcase the love and commitment they have for one another, regardless of the trials they endure.

Challenges and Triumphs

Stephen Blosil has faced numerous challenges in his life, one of which was losing his brother, Michael Blosil, to suicide. This tragic event deeply affected Stephen, and he decided to channel the pain into something positive by becoming a motivational speaker. Through his journey, he has been determined to spread awareness about mental health and inspire others who may be grappling with similar issues.

In addition to overcoming the tragic loss of his brother, Stephen has been successful in turning his life around and achieving success in his own right. As a motivational speaker, his confident and knowledgeable demeanor empowers people to see the silver lining in their own lives and face the challenges that come their way. His ability to connect and engage with his audience on a personal level has made him a sought-after speaker in various events and conferences.

Not only has Stephen made a difference in the lives of the people around him; he has also played an active role in various charitable organizations. His dedication to bettering the lives of others and his clear insights on overcoming challenges have made him a valuable asset to these organizations. By sharing his own experiences, he has helped destigmatize mental health issues and encouraged others to seek help when needed.

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