Stream Energy: How An Energy Company Strives to Empower Women

Stream (formerly Stream Energy), a direct selling company recently named to the Direct Selling Association top 20 lists, held its fourth annual Women of Power Retreat at its home office in Dallas, TX. It was the first such retreat held in their new offices after the company relocated to the newly renovated space in the Tollway Center building in May of this year to accommodate its continued growth as a seller and provider of connected life services.

The host of the event, the Stream Women of Power group, is dedicated to recognizing and supporting powerful women within the company’s network of Independent Associates ( The group was co-founded by Chief Financial Officer Renee J. Hornbaker in 2010 with a mission to inspire, motivate, encourage and mentor the women of Stream to help them create and sustain a successful business. Hornbaker, who recently received a special commendation for her corporate advocacy for the 2017 Outstanding Directors Awards, explained that “Each year, our retreat has a theme.” Building on the previous year’s “Bloom” theme which focused on equipping women with the tools to become confident, accomplished, and inspiring, this year, the theme was “Shine.” Hornbaker recounted that “Together, we focused on the importance of letting our true selves shine through with confidence, and how that practice can inspire others to do the same.”

Attendees from Stream Energy’s large and growing community of employees and Associates eagerly anticipate the annual opportunity to reconnect, support, and empower one another in their endeavors. This year’s retreat focused on confidence-building and the cultivation of skills to allow attendees to reach their business goals. The yearly retreats have a diverse variety of events such as leadership luncheons, training workshops, educational sessions, and social events. There are also presentations of awards designed to highlight the outstanding accomplishments of female members of the Stream Team. The awards include “Enthusiastic Women of Power;” “Women of Power Servant Leader;” and “Rising Women of Power.”

Workshops touched on numerous topics including personal branding tips, visualization, and mindfulness exercises, all topics that have become indispensable skills in modern business. A presentation titled “How to Be Your Own Boss” was a resource of particular value to the extensive network of female entrepreneurs that comprise a large portion of Stream’s direct selling community.

A variety of influential female speakers addressed this year’s attendees including Nicole Lapin, a CNN and CNBC news anchor who is also known for her best-selling books on finance and business leadership for women. Karen Leland, another well-known author and business leader, and Melissa Marks Garner, a prominent corporate wellness consultant, also spoke at the event. This year’s speakers built on the retreat’s tradition of showcasing highly influential businesswomen with encouraging messages to retreat attendees.

Known for their charitable works and outreach, such as their Cell Phones for Soldiers campaign and their partnership with Captain Hope’s Kids, the event is just one of the many ways that Stream invests in and supports its community. Recently, when Stream’s direct sales community created a crowdfunding campaign to provide aid to support their peers in areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Stream pledged to match donations up to $25,000 (Puc.Texas.Gov). Stream also made contributions to the Red Cross in support of hurricane relief efforts and waived late fees for 127,000 customers in the region. Similarly, in response to Hurricane Irma, Stream pledged to waive calling fees for international long distance calls placed from the U.S. to countries impacted by the storm.

Recapping the event, Stream Director of Events Chelsey Berend extolled the benefits of Stream’s longstanding culture of outreach,”Associates who engage in any Stream event usually see their businesses thrive because of the resources they gain there. Those who attended the retreat this weekend walked away with a whole new set of valuable skills that will serve them well as Women of Power.”

An always eagerly attended event, the Stream Women of Power group can mark its fourth annual retreat as a success. With attendees already looking forward to next year, the retreat is continuing to highlight Stream’s commitment to supporting female advancement and excellence in business and entrepreneurship.

About Stream

Stream (formerly Stream Energy) is a leading direct selling company and provider of connected life services. Consistently ranked as a top 20 direct selling company, its innovative use of direct selling has had a profound impact on the energy industry since its founding in 2005. Currently offering energy services in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., New York, and Illinois, Stream is now recognized as one of the largest direct selling companies in the global energy market with more than $8 billion in revenue since its inception. In recent years, Stream has extended its offerings to include Wireless, Protective, and Home Services. These additional services are intended to work seamlessly together to fit customers’ on-the-go lifestyles and are available nationwide.

The recipient of countless awards over the years, Stream has become a high profile company in the energy, tech, and home services sector. Known not only for its remarkable growth and quality of services, Stream has also been singled out for its reliability and the level of trust it has earned from its customers. Market Strategies International recently recognized Stream Energy as one of the top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers in Texas in a survey of customers asked to score 52 retail electric providers.

Owing a large part of its success to its use of forward-thinking business tactics to provide for its customers’ life service needs, Stream is also known as a leading pioneer in the energy field. A recent recognition of this was its presentation with the “2016 Most Innovative Marketer of the Year Award” by the Energy Marketing Conference. Stream’s strength in this area is attributable not only to the groundbreaking work done by its team of highly skilled employees but also to the remarkable effort put forth by its nationwide network of Associates, which made history recently by enrolling 30,000 new Associates in just five days.

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