Sussex Healthcare Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

Sussex Healthcare recently announced the fact that it has a new Chief Executive Officer. Amanda Morgan-Taylor began her duties as CEO this month, but she took the time to become acquainted with Sussex Healthcare and its duties before she formally began her role as CEO. Because of that, she had a head start on her agenda, and she has already made a difference. One of her actions has been to collaborate with the senior management team to establish a new Director of Quality, Compliance and Service Improvement.

Ms. Morgan-Taylor spent 30 years in the public and independent arenas of health and social care. In 1984, she became a Mental Health Nurse, and she has been indispensable as a senior leader. The roles she has taken include Managing Director, Quality Development Director and Service Manager.

Ms. Morgan-Taylor is acutely aware of the way that councils and providers work together because she has worked for independent care providers and local authorities in the past. She has also lent a hand when various organizations needed to focus on operational challenges, restore faith and confidence in the stakeholders and deliver necessary aid.

Ms. Morgan-Taylor has plans to continue working in concert with the senior management team as well as the staff and management personnel who administer to Sussex Healthcare’s homes and services in her first few months in office.

The appointment of Ms. Morgan-Taylor was a valuable and critical one for this institution, and it demonstrates that Sussex Healthcare is committed to the highest quality of care this year and into the future. Ms. Morgan-Taylor’s first duties will be to personally visit the company’s services and homes where she will meet with the residents, their family members and other partners.

What Types of Services Does Sussex Healthcare Offer?

Sussex Healthcare operates 20 living and care centers for the elderly, people with neurological disorders, people suffering from dementia and those who have severe physical and learning disabilities. Part of the treatment centers around ensuring that residents enjoy a sense of well-being. For that reason, social gatherings and recreational activities are just as important as caring for residents’ health.

Sussex Healthcare’s homes are staffed with nurses who give each resident as much attention as he or she requires. If a resident needs to have 24-hour care, he or she will receive it at a Sussex Healthcare home.

Sussex Healthcare Opens a New Gym

With the opening of its new gym, Sussex Healthcare can now offer even more services to residents this year. The gym will attend to the needs of its elderly and physically disabled patrons. The gym’s staff has received extensive training and is prepared to assist clients in several different areas.

In order to work out in the gym, residents must be fully ambulatory. They may work out on their own if they like, but the team that will be present at all times can also offer them an exercise plan that maintains their mobility. Every program begins with exercises that warm up the body. The main work out is designed to ensure that the resident is not lifting too much or too little weight.

If a resident experiences limited mobility, he or she will be able to obtain help from the gym’s staff as well. The programs that these fitness specialists can develop will be designed to increase a resident’s mobility or lead to a full recovery. The gym has a pool for those who are having problems with their joints, but the facility also has hot tubs that help people cope with their sore muscles. When residents are ready to take on more of a challenge, they will be free to move on to the resistance machines and free weights.

People with cognitive disabilities are welcome at the Sussex Healthcare gym. Sussex is at the head of the line in treating those who are experiencing severe cognitive challenges. The reasons for the cognitive challenges do not have to be limited to age; they can also be related to neurological issues. The staff has been trained on proper treatment of people with cognitive disabilities, so they are prepared to create fitness plans for those who have these needs. Sussex Healthcare invites elderly individuals who do not live at one of their homes and those who have cognitive disabilities to work out at their gym.

Sussex Healthcare’s mission is to ensure that each individual receives the highest individualized care. Sussex Healthcare has been in business since 1985 and operates home in Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom. For more information, please visit:

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