Tamra Cantore: Accomplished American Journalist and Weather Media Personality

Tamra Cantore is an accomplished American journalist who has made a name for herself through her extensive work with The Weather Channel (TWC). As a dedicated journalist, she has covered a wide range of stories and made significant contributions to the network. Beyond her professional achievements, Tamra Cantore is also a devoted social worker and a passionate advocate for Parkinson’s disease research.

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Tamra Cantore has utilized her public platform to bring awareness and support for the cause. She has devoted her time and energy towards organizing events and fundraisers, raising over $1 million for organizations such as the Parkinson’s Unity Walk and The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research. As a mother to two children with Fragile X Syndrome, Tamra’s dedication extends to her personal life as well, making her a beacon of inspiration for many facing similar challenges.

Early Life and Education

Tamra Cantore was born on July 4, 1965, in the United States of America. She grew up in California in a middle-class family. Not much is known about her childhood due to her secretive nature about her early life and family. However, it is known that she follows Christianity and her zodiac sign is Cancer.

In terms of her education, the American meteorologist attended Bowling Green State University in Ohio from 1976 to 1980. While details about her field of study are not readily available, her time at this institution likely played a significant role in shaping her career. It is worth noting that Kennesaw State University, another institution often mentioned in relation to Tamra, seems to be unrelated to her educational background.

During her time at Bowling Green State University, Tamra might have honed her skills and knowledge in journalism and social work, as these fields would become central to her professional life. After completing her education, she went on to work for The Weather Channel, where her journalism career took off.

Tamra’s dedication to her education and personal growth enabled her to excel professionally and personally. With her passion and expertise in journalism, she has made a name for herself in the media industry and has also been an advocate for various social causes.


Journalist Career

Tamra Cantore began her career in journalism after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Design and Visual Communications. She started as an intern for various TV channels, covering a wide range of topics, including political campaigns and the conflict between Jordan and Palestine. Her journalist career eventually led her to The Weather Channel (TWC) where she became a regular broadcaster and meteorologist.

Over the years, Tamra Cantore gained popularity as an American journalist and reporter for her work at TWC. One notable achievement includes hosting weather segments in London. Throughout her journalist career, she has established herself as a confident, knowledgeable, and clear communicator.

Executive Career

In addition to her journalist career, Tamra Cantore started working as a sales executive at The Weather Channel. Her contributions in this position helped her to become an influential figure in the behind-the-scenes aspects of the television industry. Tamra’s work remained heavily focused on her responsibilities within TWC, leveraging her expertise as both a reporter and executive to elevate the channel’s success.

Tamra Cantore’s combined efforts as a journalist and sales executive at TWC have contributed to her net worth, which remains undisclosed. However, it is evident that her earnings and achievements have made her a staple figure within the American journalism landscape, particularly in the realm of meteorology.

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage to Jim Cantore

Tamra Cantore married the well-known meteorologist Jim Cantore in 1990. The couple first met while they were both working at The Weather Channel. During their marriage, they had two children: a daughter named Christina, born in 1993, and a son named Ben, born in 1995.

Divorce and Co-Parenting

Tamra and Jim Cantore decided to end their marriage after almost two decades together, finalizing their divorce in 2009. Despite the challenges that often accompany co-parenting after a separation, the pair have remained committed to raising their two children together in a supportive and loving environment.

Life after Divorce

Following the divorce, Tamra Cantore appears to be focused on her personal and professional life. As the founder of Team Cantore, she has dedicated herself to raising awareness about Parkinson’s disease, which she herself was diagnosed with in the early 2000s. While there is no public information on her current dating life, it is believed that Tamra is most likely single, focusing her energy on her children, her career, and her advocacy work for Parkinson’s disease.


Christina Cantore

Christina Cantore, born in 1993, is the eldest child of Tamra Cantore and Jim Cantore. She is the couple’s firstborn, and despite being born to a well-known meteorologist father, she has maintained her personal life in privacy. Details regarding Christina Cantore’s childhood are scarce.

Ben Cantore

Ben Cantore, the younger sibling of Christina Cantore, was born in 1995. He is the second child and son of Tamra and Jim Cantore. Similar to his sister, not much is known about Ben Cantore’s childhood or personal life. However, it is evident that both children had the love and support of their parents and family growing up.

Ben Cantore has Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic learning disorder that can cause intellectual disability. The Cantore family has undoubtedly faced challenges in navigating this complex condition, but with resilience and determination, they continue to support and advocate for Ben and others affected by Fragile X Syndrome.

Health and Advocacy

Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Tamra Cantore was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease at the age of forty, although she started experiencing symptoms like hand-ticking when she was thirty-seven. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects movement and can cause tremors, stiffness, and difficulties with walking and coordination.

Advocacy for Fragile X Syndrome

In addition to living with Parkinson’s disease, Tamra Cantore is also a strong advocate for Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects her two children. Fragile X Syndrome is the most common inherited cause of intellectual disability and autism, and it can result in a wide range of physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges.

Tamra has been actively involved in raising funds and awareness for both Parkinson’s disease and Fragile X Syndrome. She has staged Countrified Rock for Research in her hometown of Atlanta, GA for 15 years, raising $1 million for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Her dedication to the cause has not gone unnoticed, as The Parkinson Alliance awarded her the prestigious Alan Bonander Humanitarian Award for her significant contributions to the Parkinson’s community.

Furthermore, Tamra is also committed to supporting Fragile X research, working closely with organizations like the Fragile X Research Foundation to raise awareness and funds for this genetic disorder. Through her personal experiences with both Parkinson’s disease and Fragile X Syndrome, Tamra Cantore has become an inspiring advocate, using her voice and story to make a positive impact on the lives of others facing similar challenges.


Tamra Cantore is a dedicated philanthropist, particularly focusing on raising awareness and funds for Parkinson’s disease. In 2005, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but this challenge did not stop her from making a difference in the community. She founded Team Cantore, a fundraising organization based in the Greater Atlanta Area, which operates under the non-profit organization Parkinson’s Unity Walk.

Over the years, Team Cantore has worked tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s disease. They have managed to raise more than $1 million, which has been allocated to various organizations, including the Parkinson’s Unity Walk and The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Tamra Cantore has been instrumental in organizing and staging numerous events to support her cause.

One of the most notable events organized by Tamra Cantore is the Countrified Rock for Research. This annual event, held in Atlanta, GA, brings together musicians, supporters, and the local community to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s research. For over 15 years, the event has attracted thousands, contributing to the substantial amount raised by Team Cantore.

Through her philanthropic work, Tamra Cantore has become an influential figure in the Parkinson’s community. Her efforts have supported essential research, improved the quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s, and demonstrated that determination can overcome adversity.

Public Image

Tamra Cantore is a well-versed American journalist and author who has developed a strong reputation within the realm of journalism. She had a considerable tenure working for The Weather Channel, where she gained much of her public recognition. Despite her public career, she tends to maintain a relatively private image, with limited personal details shared on social media.

As a dedicated professional, Tamra has contributed to various fields beyond her work as a journalist. She is known for her efforts as a social worker, as well as her role as an author. Within the journalism field, she specializes in public communication. Tamra’s educational background in journalism attests to her competency, as she holds a BA degree from Bowling Green State University, earned in 1989.

Tamra Cantore’s public image has not only been shaped by her professional accomplishments but also by her resilience in the face of personal challenges. She has been very open about her struggles with Parkinson’s disease, a condition that has likely been passed down through her family, considering both her grandfathers had it. Her openness about her fight with Parkinson’s has inspired others battling similar issues and has showcased her strength and determination.

In summary, Tamra Cantore’s public image is shaped by her remarkable professional journey as a journalist, author, and social worker, along with her openness about dealing with significant personal struggles. Her image is that of a strong, knowledgeable, and compassionate person attempting to make a difference in various aspects of life, both professionally and personally.

Personal Life

Tamra Cantore, born on July 4, 1965, has had her fair share of life experiences. She was once married to Jim Cantore, a renowned weather forecast personality, with whom she shares two children: Christina Cantore and Ben Cantore. The former couple met when Tamra, then Tamra Zinn, was working for the management firm responsible for launching Jim Cantore’s career.

Tamra and Jim got married on October 6, 1990, after a period of dating that evolved from their work relationship. Unfortunately, their nearly two-decade-long marriage came to an end in 2009, and the couple separated. As a result, Tamra became the primary caretaker of their children.

Originally from California, Tamra has kept much of her personal life, including her early years and family details, private. However, her LinkedIn page provides some insights into her educational background. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication, which she earned in 1989. Later, she attended Bowling Green State University for further studies.

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