The 7 Most Important Social Media Trends for 2024

You’re just weeks away from 2024. Besides getting ready for the festive rush, it’s time to start planning for the year ahead. Let’s see how the next 12 months will shape our approach to digital marketing, with the upcoming wave of innovations and updates that will transform how we interact.

Don’t worry about searching for the latest social media trends – we’ve got you covered. Here are the most crucial social media trends that will revolutionize your digital marketing approach in 2024.

What are the Social Media Platforms for 2024?

#1 Focused on User Experience

Social media platforms prioritize user experience, striving to align their algorithms with users’ interests, preferences, and online behavior patterns. We no longer live in a time where receiving more likes or shares guarantees greater visibility. Instead, social media algorithms now concentrate on the following:

  • Engaging with users: Algorithms emphasize meaningful interactions, such as leaving high-quality comments, sharing posts with personalized messages, and engaging in reply threads.
  • Personalizing content: Platforms leverage machine learning to curate personalized content feeds. They take into account factors such as previous interactions, interests, and the time spent viewing a post, resulting in unique content feeds catered to each user.
  • Prioritizing relevance over popularity: Newer algorithms shift focus from promoting highly-liked posts to surfacing content that aligns with a user’s interests.

#2 LinkedIn Make a Focus on Professionalism

Over the past two years, specifically amid the COVID-19 pandemic, LinkedIn has transformed from a digital resume into a community platform similar to Facebook or Twitter for professionals. It now serves as a hub for career guidance, work achievements, personal stories, and weekend snapshots. Just as we’ve all become accustomed to this shift, LinkedIn has implemented algorithm updates that prioritize professionalism, particularly focusing on “knowledge and advice” from subject matter experts within a user’s network. Additionally, LinkedIn has recently introduced a new feature called Top Voice badges. These badges are granted to creators who share valuable expertise by contributing original content to a specific subject.

#3 Priority on Security and Anonymity

This is just a consequence of active and pervasive surveillance of all of us. Everywhere and always, companies are trying to monitor us and analyze our actions. Now we are studying Discord risks, and Instagram security and are thinking about switching to Tor. VPN has become the flagship in the field of cybersecurity and anonymity. VeePN is one of the leaders among VPNs, and it’s best to start getting acquainted with the technology with it. Moreover, VeePN has a free trial mode.

#4 Short Videos

You may have noticed that short videos on social platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram’s Reels, and YouTube’s Shorts have contributed to this growing trend. People prefer short videos because of their concise format and quick message delivery.

Recent studies support this trend, revealing that 73% of consumers prefer short-form videos when searching for products or services. Specifically, 57% of Gen Z, a highly influential demographic, favor short videos for learning about products and services. A global survey indicates that up to 90% of marketers plan to allocate more budget to short-form videos in 2023, indicating a significant shift in content consumption and marketing trends.

#5 The Rise of TikTok Shopping

You have witnessed a remarkable surge in social shopping in recent years, and now TikTok has taken center stage in this trend. The rapidly expanding video platform introduced its shopping feature in September 2023, handling everything from the storefront to shipping, and it has quickly become a favorite among influencers. Just be sure to use the best VPN iOS when ordering goods through TikTok. It will protect you from phishing, data interception, and hacking. In general, maintain a healthy dose of skepticism.

It is anticipated to experience further growth in 2024, as users increasingly prefer authentic brands that sell on the platform. A report by Root Digital reveals that 50% of TikTok users have purchased it after watching TikTok Live.

#6 AI

You’ve probably noticed that AI has made significant strides this year, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the opposite is true. AI can offer tremendous benefits to your business, from content creation to producing entire YouTube videos. If you haven’t already incorporated some form of AI into your social media strategy, now is the perfect time to do so.

At Metricool, we provide an AI tool that can assist you with all of your ideas. Within Metricool’s Planner, you’ll discover an AI assistant capable of helping you craft compelling social media copy. Our assistant is fully prepared to step into the role of a social media manager, adapting your instructions seamlessly into the text.

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#7 More Authenticity

If you use social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, you might have noticed a significant shift in the content users are posting. Users are giving more importance to authenticity on their social media platforms.

For instance, on Instagram, many people are saying goodbye to highly edited single posts and embracing photo dumps in the form of carousels. TikTok also has influencers who use their platforms to share real and raw experiences about parenting, mental illness, and more.


Now you know what the social media trends for 2024 are and you can choose those that will bring more benefits to your business. For example, you can prioritize short videos that are light on the viewer and convey brand value. AI is another exceptional trend that has countless applications.

Written by Eric

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