Thomas Rhett’s Musical Evolution: From Country Roots to Chart-Topping Hits

Real Name:Thomas Rhett Akins Jr.
Birthday:March 30, 1990
Net Worth:$5 million
Height:178 cm
Occupation:American Country Music Singer, Songwriter.

Thomas Rhett Akins Jr., born March 30, 1990, is an established American country singer-songwriter, widely recognized in the music industry for his heartfelt tunes and storytelling lyrical style. Son of singer Rhett Akins, Thomas has carved out his own successful career in the country music scene and contributes to the genre’s evolvement with his contemporary sound. With a series of albums to his name, Thomas Rhett’s music often intertwines his country roots with pop elements, creating a blend that appeals to a broad audience.

Thomas Rhett has notably made a significant impact in country music with chart-topping singles and albums that resonate with fans. His accolades, such as the Academy of Country Music Award for Male Vocalist of the Year in 2017, reflect his talent and dedication to his craft. He stands out not only for his musical abilities but also for his dynamic live performances that showcase his charisma and connect deeply with his fans, bolstering his reputation as a leading figure in the genre.

Early Life and Background

Thomas Rhett Akins Jr. was born on March 30, 1990, in Valdosta, Georgia. His entrance into the world marked the beginning of a life woven deeply into the fabric of country music. The son of Rhett Akins, a recognized country singer and songwriter, Thomas was immersed in the genre from a young age.

Birthplace Valdosta, Georgia
Date of Birth March 30, 1990
Father Rhett Akins
Musical Heritage Country Music Roots

From the small town environment of Valdosta, Thomas Rhett grew up in a household where country melodies and songwriting were daily norms. This early exposure undoubtedly shaped his future in the music industry. He carries on the endearing narrative of family legacy within the country music scene.

His father, Rhett Akins, made significant waves in the country music scene in the 1990s with hits that climbed the charts. With a childhood soundtrack of such caliber, Thomas Rhett’s inclination towards music started early. Rhett Akins not only shared his name with his son but also a deep-seated passion for country music that he fostered throughout Thomas Rhett’s upbringing.

Though details of his education are less frequently highlighted, Thomas Rhett’s life in Georgia would play a vital role in his identity as an artist. Nicknamed after his father, he would later embrace these roots in his music, reflecting the stories and sounds of his southern heritage.

In October 2012, Rhett got married to his wife Lauren Atkins.

Musical Career

Thomas Rhett’s ascendancy in the country music scene is marked by a tapestry of chart-topping albums and singles that blend country with touches of pop and rock. From his early days being influenced by the sounds of Nashville to his recent work, Rhett’s career reflects a dynamic journey through country music.

Early Career and Influences

Thomas Rhett stepped into the music industry following the influence of his father, Rhett Akins, a renowned country musician. Initially hesitant to pursue music, he later embraced his passion and moved to Nashville, signing a publishing deal with EMI Music Publishing. Through honing his skills as a songwriter, Rhett’s early career was shaped by the musical landscape of Nashville, contributing to the country genre while integrating elements of pop and rock.

Breakthrough and Success

Rhett’s debut album, It Goes Like This, released in 2013, made significant waves in the country music world. His breakthrough single, “Die a Happy Man,” showcased his ability to fuse heartfelt lyrics with a modern country sound, achieving significant success on the Billboard Hot Country chart. Following albums such as Tangled Up in 2015 and Life Changes in 2017 continued his upward trajectory with Life Changes topping the Billboard 200 chart.

Year Album Billboard 200 Peak Position
2013 It Goes Like This 6
2015 Tangled Up 6
2017 Life Changes 1

Singles such as “Marry Me” solidified Rhett’s place in the industry, earning accolades and reinforcing his reputation as a leading country artist.

Recent Work and Albums

In recent years, Thomas Rhett has continued to be prolific, releasing Center Point Road in 2019 and Where We Started in 2022. The 2021 album, Country Again: Side A, marked a return to his country roots, reflecting Rhett’s versatility and commitment to the genre. Each new release brings fresh energy to his expanding discography, balancing commercial success with artistic integrity. Rhett’s recent work maintains his status at the forefront of contemporary country music, as he continues to resonate with audiences and steer his musical career forward.

Songwriting and Artistry

Thomas Rhett has emerged as a significant figure in the country music scene, not only for his vocal performances but also for his songwriting prowess. His journey in songwriting began with notable contributions such as co-writing “I Ain’t Ready to Quit” for Jason Aldean’s 2010 album, My Kinda Party. Since then, Rhett has consistently showcased his ability to craft relatable lyrics and catchy melodies. He signed with Big Machine Records’ Valory Music Group in 2011, which solidified his position in the industry.

Notable Works

Rhett’s versatility in songwriting extends to penning tracks for other artists, including Florida Georgia Line. Despite his relative novelty as a recording artist, Rhett’s skills have been recognized with a Grammy nomination, attesting to his impact on the genre.

Key Songwriting Traits:

  • Narrative storytelling: Rhett’s songs often weave personal stories with universal themes, allowing listeners to connect deeply with the music
  • Melodic sensibility: His melodies are memorable and designed to resonate with the country audience

By balancing his roles as both a songwriter and an artist, Thomas Rhett continues to contribute to the tapestry of modern country music. His songwriting tips, which include embracing criticism and striving for discomfort, reveal a commitment to growth and excellence in the craft. Rhett stands as a testament to the vibrant continuity of country music, nurturing its roots while propelling the genre forward.

Collaborations and Tours

Thomas Rhett’s career in the music industry is marked by numerous high-profile collaborations and an active touring schedule that brings his music to fans across various cities and countries.

Notable Collaborations

Thomas Rhett has been known for his dynamic pairings with other artists in the industry. His latest album, “Where We Started,” features collaborations with stars such as Katy Perry, Riley Green, Russell Dickerson, and Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard. These partnerships have typically resonated well with fans and have been integrated into his live performances.

  • “Where We Started” Collaborators
    • Katy Perry
    • Riley Green
    • Russell Dickerson
    • Tyler Hubbard (Florida Georgia Line)


Thomas Rhett maintains a robust presence on the tour circuit, with his concert dates often covering a range of cities and countries, highlighting his global appeal. In 2023, his Home Team Tour 23 reached fans in 40 cities and was produced by Live Nation. Among the notable stops were festivals and major events such as Country Jam and city-specific events in places like Chicago and other major U.S. cities.

  • 2023 Home Team Tour Highlights
    • Over 40 cities
    • Partnered with Live Nation
    • Included major cities like Chicago
    • Appeared at Country Jam

Meanwhile, his 2024 tour dates as seen on his official website confirmed upcoming performances in multiple locations, including in the U.S. and potentially extending to international locales such as the UK and Canada. His touring not only showcases his collaborations but also appeals to a wide fan base by bringing his country music right to their home venues.

  • Upcoming 2024 Tour Locations
    • Laughlin, NV
    • Norco, CA
    • San Diego, CA
    • Conroe, TX
    • North Lawrence, OH

Awards and Recognition

Thomas Rhett, a celebrated figure in country music, has earned substantial recognition throughout his career, marked by numerous awards and nominations. His talent has been repeatedly acknowledged by the Academy of Country Music Awards, and he has a significant presence in other industry honors.

Academy of Country Music Awards

  • Male Artist of the Year: Thomas Rhett has been crowned Male Artist of the Year at the ACM Awards three times
  • Single of the Year: His work has competed for Single of the Year, showcasing his impact on country music

Other Accolades

  • Billboard Awards: Rhett has been recognized in the Billboard Awards, scaling the Top Country Artist category
  • GRAMMY Nominations: He has received four Grammy Award nominations, with two of his albums being nominated for Best Country Album in 2017 and 2019
  • No. 1 Singles: Throughout his career, Thomas Rhett has released a string of No. 1 singles, cementing his status in the industry

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