Tips on How to Find Vegan CBD Products

CBD has become an easy way to become vegan. Due to its popularity, you can easily buy it from an online CBD store. There is a huge array of CBD products to choose from, but it can be difficult to find a high-quality, vegan CBD oil.

To successfully browse through the incredible yet confusing array of CBD products you will require some technical know-how. If you are considering vegan CBD products, here are some essential tips for becoming vegan.

1. Make sure it’s truly vegan

The main non-vegan ingredient in most CBD products is gelatin. This ingredient provides body and texture to cosmetics and food products. Gelatin comes from collagen, a common ingredient found in animal body parts. Therefore, Gelatin is not exclusive to CBD products but due to its popularity, it may be present in some CBD products, such as CBD gummies, and CBD capsules.

Beeswax is another common non-vegan ingredient in CBD products. Beeswax is produced by honeybees and is often present in most CBD topical products. Therefore, if you are looking for CBD topicals, edibles and other CBD products, ensure it is free from gelatin, beeswax, and other non-vegan ingredients.

2. Get full spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum oils contain all the naturally present cannabinoids in the hemp plant. The presence of other cannabinoids can modify and make CBD more effective. Therefore, full-spectrum CBD products are usually more useful than pure CBD products.

Full-spectrum oils contain other useful cannabis compounds like CBC and CBG. It also contains a huge selection of terpenes, flavonoids, and other natural compounds.

3. CO2 Extracted

CO2 is the primary method to extract cannabinoids from hemp. This extraction process results in a quality product free from any chemical contamination usually found in other extraction methods. Therefore, when buying vegan CBD products, ensure it results from CO2 extraction.

4. 3rd party lab-tested

To ensure that a product is truly vegan, most trustworthy CBD retailers send a sample from a batch to an independent lab. Testing facilities also check for quality, contamination, and cannabinoid profile. Vegan CBD products with available test results rank higher on buyers’ lists than products with no test results.

5. Organic certified

If you are looking to buy 100% vegan CBD oil capsules, ensure to check for the certificate on product packaging of the CBD product.

Products with official organic certifications lack chemicals, contamination, and pesticides. Read the label of the vegan CBD product to have a better idea of what is inside and out. This will help determine whether the product is vegan or not.

Bottom line

CBD oil may serve as a great vegan diet for beginners. However, while there exist many CBD products are on the market, it is hard to find a truly vegan one. When selecting your oil, ensure to check important factors such as extraction method, test part lab tests, type of CBD, and more. Following all the tips mentioned above will help to ensure that you buy a good quality, vegan CBD product.

Written by Eric

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