Top Security Systems That Will Keep Your Business Safe In 2021

If you run your own business, it’s quite likely that you have put a lot of time, effort, and money into it. You probably spend most of your time running it, thinking about it, and worrying about it! No matter what business you have created or how big it is, there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

One thing that it would be nice to not worry about so much is the security of your business. You don’t want to leave it every night or go on holiday worrying that it’s not secure or unsafe. Ideally, you should be able to lock the door of your business and walk away, knowing that everything is safe and protected. Below, you will find the top security systems that you may need to help keep your business safe.

Security Matters For Every Business

Sometimes people assume that heavy security systems are required for big businesses like banks, financial institutions, or large premises like bars or restaurants. But, even the smallest shop or most simple online business has some level of security needs, regardless of premises size or location. Without any security at all, you leave your business exposed to crime both in person and online.

If you’re running a business, it’s strongly suggested to look up security services in your area. Simply search for security system companies in Perth, for example, and check out the experts near you. These types of specialists will be able to offer everything from keys to cameras, alarms to keypads. They will advise you on what your business needs and prepare quotes to see how much it would cost.

Access Control

One of the most important elements of a business with premises is making sure only those who are needed on-site are ever there. You don’t want random people walking into your office without permission, for everyone’s safety. This is where access control comes in. Sure, the main building may have a traditional lock and key, but there are plenty of extra solutions available too.

Digital card readers, mounted to walls or doors, allow access to those with a specific login on their phone or a physical card. You can have different key cards for different doors, or grant different people access to different areas. This prevents anyone from reaching your office without permission.

Keys and Storage

There’s always going to be the need for traditional keys, too. They are extremely safe and still used for a variety of uses. You might have documents locked in storage, a safe, or a private office that requires extra protection. In this case, look at brands like 3KS plus. These keys are far more complex than your standard front door key, with over 133 billion laser-cut combinations available. You’re not going to have anyone picking that lock in a hurry! For extra security, a key storage box with its own master key can help keep these keys protected from all but a few people who need access.


It almost goes without saying but has to be mentioned regardless. If you own or rent premises with stock, cash, or other valuables on-site, get an alarm. Alarms are so easy to buy, install, or hire these days that there is no excuse. Good alarm systems will be linked to a master company, which will call you and/or the police if your alarm is triggered. This means you can lock up, walk away, and feel safe in the knowledge that if anything does happen, you’ll find out immediately.


Lots of businesses are switching to card-only premises. However, if you still take cash in your store, coffee shop, restaurant, or otherwise, you should consider using a safe. Safes are, well, safe! Usually made of steel and fireproof cement, these devices can keep just about anything protected from burglars, floods, or fires. They can prove invaluable in the storage of contracts, cash, or even weapons. If you’ve got something to protect, get a safe.

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Security Cameras

Alongside your safe and your alarms, you’ll want security cameras. If the alarm sounds, you want to be able to check out what’s going on – or have evidence for the police. Most modern CCTV systems are wifi enabled, meaning you can look at the cameras from your phone at any time of the day. This allows you to have a quick check of your premises, venue, or office any time you wish, especially if the alarm is sounding.

Cyber Security

On a slightly different note, all businesses need to think about cybersecurity. Cybercrime is on the rise, with tens of hundreds of small businesses targeted every day. Yes, even small businesses are being targeted by cybercriminals. All the data you hold on customers, card details, personal files, and more are extremely valuable to hackers. They can sell this data to other companies for big money. You need to be sure you are using adequate firewalls, cloud computing systems, encryption, and more, to make sure that no cybercriminals can access or steal your information.

Parcel Lockers

Finally, there’s the issue of the post! Yes, even in this day and age we all receive some of our business materials, stock, or paperwork through the post. But, what if you’re not in the office or at the warehouse to receive them? Simple – get a parcel locker. They are by far the safest way to send or receive mail.

Amazon has been using these to deliver their parcels for years now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one for your business! It works both ways, you can leave things in there and inform the incoming client of their collection code. Or, you can allow your courier to deliver things to the locker with their code. Either way, you’re saving time and probably money on wasted deliveries and courier fees.

Depending on the size and function of your business, you may choose one or many of these to build your security solutions. Speak to local experts, get their recommendations, then get yourself set up to feel safe and secure at all times. That peace of mind is totally worth it.

Written by Eric

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