Tracing The Role Of Birgitte Bonnesen At Swedbank From 1987-2019

Birgitte Bonnesen is an experienced banker and a financial expert who was born in 1956. She has had an illustrious career in various organizations where she has recorded significant success. Recently, Bonnesen stepped down as the Chief Executive Officer of Swedbank and is currently unengaged. She has had tremendous success with the bank in all spheres.

Increasing its capital base way beyond the regulatory requirement might have been one of the highest achievements. However, she has had other significant impacts on the bank such as increase its market share, increasing the number of loans rendered to the customers, and having significant impacts on the operational efficiency of the company.

This article traces the various positions that Birgitte Bonnesen has held before moving up the ladder to become the Chief Executive Officer of one of the leading banks in Europe.

Swedbank Markets

In her fast role in the company, Bonnesen held specific roles in the company that did not have influence or anything significant when it came to the overall financial strategy of the company. Some of the positions she occupied include the head of Swedbank Markets and the head of mature markets. These were specific roles that were created to deal with the money market segment and to trace how the company was performing in the financial markets.

Strategic Business Development

The fast influential position that Birgitte Bonnesen occupied in Swedbank was the strategic business development role. This is a senior management position that includes expanding the operations of the physical business to other regions around the country and other countries as well. This role is also useful in developing various products and services that will help the business to attract a large number of customers. It is important to highlight that customers will always be attracted to the bank based on the suitability of the products on offer.

International Banking Division

After performing exemplary in strategic business development position, Birgitte Bonnesen was promoted to another senior position where she became the head of international banking division. This is a critical role that involves analyzing the performance of the company in the international market. It involves managing the current branches that operate outside the borders of the home country while at the same time looking for other opportunities that can be exploited by the company.

Head of Internal Audit

Before assuming the leadership position at the internal audit department, Bonnesen occupied other positions in the company where she was only required to stabilize operations and enhance operational efficiency. In the internal audit department, Bonnesen played a key role in re-organizing the finances of the company such that much of the funds were used to pay dividends and to improve the capitalization of the company.

Head of Swedish Banking

In 2011, Birgitte Bonnesen became the head of Baltic banking, where she was supposed to oversee the transaction of money in the Scandinavia region. In 2014, she moved to another department where she was managing the local affairs of the bank in the capacity of the head of Swedish banking. In 2016, Bonnesen became the Chief Executive Officer until 2019 when she left the position.

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