Trump’s Tariffs Are The Stumbling Block In Trade Talks With China

Congressional committees want to draw political blood from the Trumpster. One Congressional committee wants six years of his tax returns. Congress wants the IRS to turn over those mysterious documents that Trump claims are under audit. And one Congressional committee wants Trump’s accounting firm to hand over his financial records.

Plus, the Congressional Oversight Committee wants Attorney General Bill Barr to release the full Mueller report without marking through the juicy Mueller information that implicates wrongdoing on Trump’s part during and after the 2016 election. But Trump and his band of legal eagles plan to fight Congress, and there’s a good chance Trump will succeed, according to legal experts.

Congress also wants to know why Trump gave Jared Kushner high-level security clearance. Kushner is his son-in-law and some people think his daughter, Ivanka made the president give Jared enough power to do his personal dirty work while he acted like a special advisor for the president. Several countries know Jared likes money and power and they want to give Kushner what he wants if he gives them something in return.

Stock market investors know there’s a lot of mud in Trump’s economic agenda. The bond market yield curve just flipped, and that hasn’t happened since 2008. Economists still think a recession is on the way, but Trump claims the Federal Reserve Board and Congress are the villains who make investors nervous.

But it’s not Congress or the Feds that slapped tariffs on billions of dollars’ worth of imported products. Trade Talks with China are still at a stalemate thanks to Trump’s refusal to lift the tariffs if China signs the trade deal. Chief U.S. negotiator Bob Lighthizer, and China’s chief Negotiator, Mr. He, were in Washington to seal the deal, but that didn’t happen. But according to the Washington Post, China won’t sign the deal if the tariffs are still in play.

Investors don’t like the sounds coming out of the Trade talks and that has Trump climbing the White House walls. Trump wants to keep the tariffs in place to make sure China lives up to their end of the trade deal. But China says that the tariffs have to disappear before they will let Trump claim trade war victory.

Mr. Trump still wants to know what that Chinese woman had in mind when she got through security at Mar-a-Lago with malware in her thumb drive. This is the second time Chinese nationals found a way to get close to the president, according to the Washington Post.

Written by Eric

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