The Mysterious Case of Verlin Ray Howard

In a chilling turn of events, Verlin Ray Howard, a 41-year-old man from Tulsa, vanished in September 2014. His remains were discovered two years later in May 2016, in Washington County. The investigations led to the arrest of Robert Tyson, who has since been charged with first-degree murder.

1. The Disappearance

1.1 Last Seen

According to a report, Verlin Ray Howard was last seen around 8 a.m on September 4, 2014, by his roommate. He reportedly mentioned that he was leaving for northwest Kansas with a former roommate to collect some furniture. Since that day, there had been no sightings or contact from him.

1.2 Investigation

The Tulsa Police Department launched an investigation into Howard’s disappearance, treating it as a potential homicide case.

2. Discovery of Remains

2.1 Unearthed in Washington County

On May 11, 2016, human remains were discovered in southern Washington County3. The discovery spurred speculation and a flurry of investigative activity.

2.2 Identification

Soon after, the remains were announced to be “likely human”, which led the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to open a homicide investigation. As the investigation progressed, it was revealed that the remains were likely those of Verlin Ray Howard.

3. Suspect: Robert Tyson

3.1 Arrest

Robert Tyson, aged 39, was arrested in Bartlesville as a suspect in Howard’s murder. His arrest was the result of a collaborative effort by the Fugitive Warrant and Homicide Units of the Tulsa Police Department and the Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force.

3.2 Charges

Tyson was bound over for trial on July 3, by Judge William LaFortune, following a short preliminary hearing that involved four witnesses. Tyson was charged with first-degree murder and has remained in the Tulsa County Jail since his arrest.

4. Trial

Robert Tyson’s next court date was set for July 31. The case of Verlin Ray Howard’s death is now in the hands of the judicial system.

5. Conclusion

The mysterious case of Verlin Ray Howard’s disappearance and subsequent murder has gripped the community. As the trial progresses, it is hoped that justice will be served for Verlin Ray Howard and his loved ones.

6. Community Response

The community’s response to Howard’s disappearance and death has been one of shock and grief, as well as a call for justice.

7. Appeal for Information

Tulsa Police have urged anyone with information on the case to contact Tulsa Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.

8. Memorial

A memorial page has been set up for Verlin Ray Howard, providing a space for friends and family to remember him and share their grief.

9. The Aftermath

The discovery of Howard’s remains and the subsequent arrest and trial of Robert Tyson have had a profound impact on the community.

10. Future Implications

The case of Verlin Ray Howard serves as a stark reminder of the need for continued vigilance and the pursuit of justice.

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